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  1. Interesting to hear. Do they hold up if you get near full volume?
  2. Very true. I've broken a couple. I use a flathead that is the same or barely wider than the bottom of the slot. Or start by sticking it on the side and working upward.
  3. @cmatthes, didn’t Mark Agnesi come out and interview you?
  4. Wow, lot of OBL pickups there. How are those compared to Slammers or a JB?
  5. Sorry to hear that. My FIL has hearing damage from work and gets new aids every few years. Latest ones were like $6k or so. His hearing gets progressively worse. He’s like 76 now, so he may be on his last set.
  6. I once went with a friend to see a Dead tribute band and my thought was repeatedly “They going to finish this song?” I get it’s some folks’ thing, but not mine.
  7. Great stuff. Depending on schedule etc, I’d be in. Also a US HFC gathering/fest would be cool.
  8. It’s funny, I’ve written songs, on my own and with others. It’s good and satisfying, but the reality is few will hear those songs. Friends and family will say it’s nice even if they don’t care. There’s something about playing live for direct reaction from people. I’ve just had poor luck gathering people/joining a group. Going to give it a go again soon. Playing on my own doesn’t appeal that much, especially if it’s a background type of thing.
  9. Great to hear! Even when opinions differ here, it’s always fun and often hilarious. Greatest place on the guitar internet.
  10. I saw them in stores in the 80s in Maryland. MusicLand in Bel Air and Bill’s in Catonsville. once I got Schallers, I didn’t understand why I’d want those.
  11. McDonald’s has more customers than any Michelin starred restaurant…..
  12. I saw a slight lag yesterday or the day before, but today as soon as I hit return, it popped up instantly, possibly faster than ever.
  13. That could simply be marketing people. They run everything now. They're the ones who tell us we need a "personal brand".
  14. I just keep shouting agent (or whatever term they use) and/or hitting 0. Usually that will yield a person at some point. I'm close to a post office, so I'll just go there to ask about things with them. UPS and Fedex have seldom been helpful on the phone.
  15. But then what if you give up on that? 🤣
  16. Hope it goes well. Keyboard out front can be OK. Are there songs where the keyboard moves out of the way and the person just sings and moves around or do they never come out from behind the keys? To me, the better setup if they never leave the keys is to the left or right but still facing front with maybe a slight angle to see the rest of you, then you and the bassist can interact more without having to navigate around. But, that's just me. I don't think people have to jump off risers, but just standing there in their own silo playing isn't a fun show to me. I like to see the performers interact and somebody nodding or raising a hand to end the song etc.
  17. Jake E Lee may take issue with that though. 🤣
  18. Yeah, imagine anything else where they did that and called it "mojo". House, car, motorcycle, computer, cabinets, drywall, etc.
  19. I don't remember who it was, but I saw a photo of a guitar with a spoke wheel with a cover over it. Also, Warmoth has that side adjust one though I've never seen it in person.
  20. Interesting neck joint. It's funny how once I got a guitar with the spoke wheel adjustment, the other styles seemed antiquated and such a pain.
  21. I guess if you can't impress them head to head with the competition, then try to remove the competition. I've said it before, but I think the new management etc. really only improved the marketing. Anderton's has a tour of the factory with Jim DeCola and to me that's the perfect time to say, "Hey what are doing about continuing QC problems?" DeCola did say they've let him implement some "improvements" but no detail on that. The implication was that Henry and possibly even JC didn't let him do the mystery work.
  22. I get that. My guess for Slash though? The amp sounds very similar if not identical to his Marshall.
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