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  1. It was definitely good to see an actual rock band on SNL. However, I was a little disappointed that this guy didn't show up this year:
  2. Sorted by quantity, then alphabetical by brand. This includes two basses, but since we're talking about guitars I didn't include my banjo (Gibson), mandolin (Johnson), ukuleles (Gremlin, Lanikai) or my daughter's guitars and ukuleles. And since I never get rid of anything, I still have all of these – including the "unbranded acoustic guitar from JC Penny" my grandmother gave me for Christmas in 1971. I got my first electric in 1973 (a Univox Hi-Flier) and it just kinda grew from there. After my wife died in 2014 I went a little crazy with the guitar buying for a couple of years, but it's since slowed down considerably. In fact, I haven't bought a guitar since March 2022! Twenty-six brands, fifty-eight instruments: 1 – Hamer (21) 2 – Gibson (5) 3 – Fender (3) 4 – Danelectro (2) 5 – E.L. Vandiver (2) 6 – Gordon–Smith (2) 7 – Shishkov (2) 8 – Texas Box Guitars (2) 9 – Univox (2) 10 – Carvin (1) 11 – Celebrity by Ovation (1) 12 – Chandler (1) 13 – Del Rey (1) 14 – Eastwood (1) 15 – Galveston (1) 16 – HardLuck Kings (1) 17 – Hinkler (1) 18 – Jackson (1) 19 – Kimberly (1) 20 – Lone Star (1) 21 – Martin (1) 22 – Peavey (1) 23 – Rogue (1) 24 – Sully (1) 25 – Supro (1) 26 – Unbranded acoustic guitar from JC Penny (1) (The only reason I know this is because I put together a list for insurance purposes a while back – which I highly recommend everyone do.)
  3. As much of a guitar nerd as I am, I had never been to a guitar show before this one. There was just always something else going on: I had a gig, one or both of the kids had something happening, etc. I didn’t buy (or sell) anything, of course, but it was great seeing all the guitars – from the ridiculously expensive to the incredibly weird and everything in between. But the really cool part was getting to meet some of the HFCers in person: Chuck (even though we live in the same ZIP code, we’d never met), Brian, Peter and former HFCer Greg. Thank you all for making a first-timer like me feel welcome! Yes, that's a Heritage I'm holding. 😆 The matching outfits and hand positions were NOT planned! "Can I keep it?" Oh, and I got to see Sully again - the last time I saw him was when I picked up my blue Sparkle 92 from his shop in 2020.
  4. That's a great idea, but I should probably drive myself - when I'm done with the show for the day I'm gonna drive up to Denton to visit my daughter at UNT.
  5. It's only about three hours away from me, but I've never been. However, it's looking like I might actually be able to go this year - although just Saturday, not Sunday. I don't have anything to sell, and - considering how much I just forked over to the University of North Texas - I probably won't be/shouldn't be buying anything*, but it would be cool to look at stuff and possibly meet some of y'all in person if you're gonna be there. https://www.amigoguitarshows.com/guitarlington/ Arlington Convention Center 1200 Ballpark Way Arlington, TX 76011 Saturday, October 21, 2023 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday, October 22, 2023 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM *Unless, well, you know, I come across something I just can't pass up, like a white SG Junior that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, or a blue wraptail Studio...
  6. But Hocus Pocus isn't quite an instrumental, is it? Yodeo da dodeo da dodeo da dodeo da dodeo da dodeo da doh bop bah Yodeo da dodeo da dodeo da dodeo da dodeo da dodeo da doh bop bah Ahhhhhh-aaahhhh-aaaaaa-aaaaAAA Ohhhhhh-ooohhh-oooooo-oooOOO And the chipmunk-gibberish part - and, of course, the whistling. 😆
  7. .022 uF 100V is how I'm reading it too. The 224 could be a batch code or date code - week 22 of a year that ends in a 4 or something like that. Not ceramic, but I agree metal or plastic film - possibly polypropylene
  8. The description on Reverb is written in such a way that leads me to suspect that English may not be the seller's primary language - so that may be part of the problem. But if English is the seller's primary language...yikes.
  9. I was going through the videos on the band's YouTube channel and realized this was TWO years ago. Thought I'd share. Guitar: 1993 Special FM Pickups: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates FX: 1999 Fulltone Full-Drive2, Chandler Stereo Digital Echo Amps: Mesa/Boogie Mark V ("mostly clean" channel), 1953 Magnatone Melodier 110 The line out from the Mesa goes into a delay pedal set for short delay/one repeat, then to the Maggie. In the PA they're panned at about 10:00 and 2:00 (of course you can't hear the stereo split here since the camera was off to one side).
  10. There's a popular local band here where I live that's VERY highly paid; they do a lot of corporate events as well as high-end restaurant/bar gigs. They do note-perfect renditions of hits from the 80s to the present and do it very well. The soccer moms love them (think Nance & Rand from Middle Class Fancy). What you see onstage is a drummer, bass player, guitar player and a singer - and they'll all very good at what they do. No fake wall of amps, so at least there's that. But...the vast majority of what you hear is backing tracks. A couple of years ago I saw them at a July 4th event at a high school football stadium (and this is Texas, so the stadium seats 10,000). They sounded great. When they launched into Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" the packed stadium went nuts. But there were moments when there was basically a full band coming out of the speakers and nobody onstage was doing anything at all. Just standing there. I found it boring, and it struck me as to how boring it must be to be that structured - no opportunity to extend a song if the crowd is into it (or cut it short if they're not). Then again, maybe I'm just envious: those guys probably got paid more for playing along to backing tracks at that one show than I did in a whole year of bar gigs.
  11. Exposed at last! 😆 I have followed that account for quite a while and often wondered who was running it. Nice job! Feel free to borrow any of my pictures any time you want (a large percentage of my Instagram postings are guitars, and a good portion of those are Hamers).
  12. 8 0383 I bought it used from Lake Charles Music, Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 1982. My first Hamer. If I remember correctly, I paid $350 (no kidding!) for it. I still have it, of course.
  13. Last Friday night was the first time back indoors since before COVID started, this time with my other band (The Rhythm Dawgs, est. 1998). Maybe people were just starved for entertainment, but it turned out to be a really good gig. Good audience response, dancers, and a healthy tip jar at the end of the night. Here I'm playing Shishkov Ultimate 0063 (note 0092 and my beloved '81 Special in the background) though my Mesa Mark V; the other guitar player plays a Schecter through a Line 6 Vetta II - I'm Mr. Analog, he's Mr. Digital. The bass player is playing a Lakland Skyline Custom PJ.
  14. Take care of yourself and do what you've gotta do - we can wait. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery! Dana 0063 0092 0139
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