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  1. I think these work better than Snarks, etc. $4 lade in. 204704-reverb-clip-on-tuner-limit-1
  2. http://www.michaelstanley.com/THE_70S.html I have the ones from 72-73,they are both good if you like stuff kinda like that period like maybe some mellow Joe Walsh (some of he and his band), Ian Mathews, a little Van Morrison, Loggins and Messina, Kenny Rankin, Brewer and Shipley. 70s singer songwriter stuff with a rocky and touch of slicker stuff with a beat.The Caribou Studios sound. Certainly not gaggers.
  3. Post Sue's bass pics again, that'll bring 'em out of it!
  4. Thanks for posting the Newport picture above Ben. It was the one i was looking for.
  5. A while back I saw a pic posted of the carve of the back inside the Newport. Can anyone re-post this picture? Thanks.
  6. Dantzig Design must have an extensive dealer channel in Dubai.
  7. It looks like you can pay 3-5 large and you DON'T have to get victory inlays if you want anything other than dots or nothing (if you love 'em, I'll love 'em with you and for you, but I never wanted them). Gunpoint, loaded with pompous bullets.
  8. MC, Spittin' image of Mick Fleetwood! His later days and always a great pop drummer.
  9. Sorry I think I meant to say JVBjr as in Joe and Simon.
  10. Poe, If you are in an area big enough to have GC, you must have a acoustic guitar specialty store. Here in the Twin Cities we have The Podium which has been here longer than Dylan. I say look at the Larrivée line. All solid and GOOD wood. The 03 series are fantasic and they sell for under a grand. Check out the Larrivée site. Also Guitar Adoptions has ton with good pics. Now teach somthin' woodja!
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