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  1. My favorite tonewood combination on an acoustic guitar is a cedar top on koa back and sides. Koa is good compromise between the woody-ness of mahogany and the deep full richness of rosewood (more on the rosewood end), and the cedar top works with it to provide an airy top end sparkle. Cedar is not as dynamic as a spruce top, but you don't have to play cedar in for years for it to open up - it sounds great from day one.
  2. Two cable: guitar to GT-1000 to amp. I don’t use the amp emulation in the GT, just use it in place of a pedalboard. I use the amp’s reverb.
  3. I see 10 cables there...not counting power cables. Tried that route, have gone with a multi-effects unit (GT-1000) instead. Not looking back.
  4. I have a bass handy, but no bass GK pickup. A major entry barrier for the SY-1000 is that you need a divided pickup to get the goods (you have access to a small subset of capabilities with a normal pickup).
  5. What? No! Censorship! My right to free speech is under attack! I'm going to sign an Executive Order to clear this up! Or I could just post the thing to SoundCloud... Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Been having fun exploring the Boss SY-1000 guitar synth. https://www.boss.info/global/products/sy-1000/ Cool being able to use the actual guitar signal as an oscillator source for any of the three simultaneous synth instruments (along with a signal path for real guitar tones). Here's a demo of a preset I put together over the weekend. One take, no overdubs.
  7. Messed around with them for a guitar with a pitch-to-midi converter, as they generate fewer overtones to confuse the processing. Hard to bend. A bit dull sounding, but cool for jazz. I have a few sets that I expect I will never use.
  8. I started getting into synths in the 80's, a time when synths were moving from analog to digital. Early in my career after a stint as a defense contractor I designed synth editor/librarian software for MOTU, including for synths like the Korg O1W and Wavestation, Kurzweil K2000, Roland JV1080, the E-Mu Proteus family, Ensoniq, Yamaha, Alesis, and many others. It was a cool job, and I had a brand new synth on my desk every week to mess around with. Some industry guys I worked with went on to be pretty big deals, for example, I worked with Marcus Ryle to develop editors for Alesis when he was wo
  9. Fender purchased Kaman Music, who owned Hamer. Not sure how that gets laid at Jol's feet.
  10. Not yet, but never say never. During my 10 year Hamer obsession I went through: 3 Eclipses (one 12 string) Newport Newport 12 Diablo Korina Artist Daytona Arctop GT Cruisebass 30th Anniversary All of 'em great guitars, none of 'em really for me. If I could have one back it would be the orange Eclipse.
  11. It was because of the sync problems. There’s a lag with video chats, so musicians in different locations can’t play in time. Looks like they played to a pre-recorded click/drum track, so Charlie was air drumming to it. Even so, the timing was all over the place, but pretty good overall given the limitations.
  12. If you like Les Pauls but wish they were better built, lighter, more ergonomic, provided better high fret access, and you could switchably shade the pickups from humbucker toward a P-90 or single coil sound, you should seriously check this out. The 3-D contouring of the body on this (it is arched both around the neck axis and a second axis through the bridge string saddles) is brilliant.
  13. Great guitars. I was playing my Virage DC (small double cut, like an ES-339) version of this very guitar (same color, same inlays) today, and it is outstanding. Good luck!
  14. I was just messing around with a nylon guitar patch on my Boss SY-1000 and started playing "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian, and suddenly remembered that Bucky Pizzerelli did the wonderful guitar work on that song.
  15. I'd start with Utopia Parkway or Welcome Interstate Managers
  16. I saw him perform in a small venue in New Canaan CT when I was a young teen. Great player. It was the first time I’d ever seen a 7 string guitar.
  17. Sounds fun, and not too far from home. Let us know what dates you're thinking about!
  18. Bands are all about chemistry, and it sounds like it wasn’t there. I wouldn’t put too much weight in whatever rationales they presented. When you find or form a band that fits, you’ll feel it.
  19. Score: Vox Virage SC Custom. Simply a brilliant guitar. Fail: Boss GT-1000. Just can't bond with it, which surprised me after great success with the Katana and MS-3.
  20. I was tested about 10 years ago when I was fitted for my musician plugs (which were one of the best investments I ever made). https://www.westone.com/store/music/es49-custom Mine are flesh-toned. The technician said there was physical damage to my ears, and that my hearing scores were higher than my damaged ears are physically capable of hearing because my brain has learned to compensate, but eventually this will catch up to me. I wear my plugs anywhere there will be loudspeakers - movies, lectures, band practices, and of course concerts. Unlike foam plugs which tame the h
  21. I've banged this drum before, but there's no one-size-fits-all rule for strings. I have strings that sound great on one guitar and meh on another. When I get a new guitar, I typically try out several sets of strings (brands, materials, gauges) to see what makes that guitar sing. I was on the fence about selling one guitar for a couple of years before finding a great string fit, and that guitar is a keeper (well so far, since about 1995). It helped to have the original "JustStrings.com" headquarters just a couple of miles from home, and the folks there (back when you could still just walk in) h
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