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  1. I owned it and put the Dimarzio 36ths in it (came to me with no pickups). It sounded great but the neck was so small as to be translucent. Bridge is one of Hamerhead's works of art. Been refretted at some point. No breaks when I had it.
  2. Wow! It looks great, as as the new owner of the Butchertype, welcome to the tiny club of yellowed frost Proto owners. I was playing mine today, and thinking how nice it is. I was considering replacing the Dunlop pins, as I use D’Addario straps with built-in locks anyway. Did early 80s Haners come with Gibson pins?
  3. Those are nice guitars. I have a '72 Swede (to complement the Swede I married). But man, those pickup rings made from hardened pasta... they crumble if you look at them.
  4. Olive Dares the Darkness. From Charleston, SC. https://youtube.com/@olivedaresthedarkness
  5. I’m impressed that Steve really supports live music - walks the walk. It was an interesting evening. I met a professional domme who bought one of each of our CDs, and the monitors were blown, with buzzing, flapping woofers. Steve’s project of constructing the ultimate southern rock amp sounds like a challenge! Olive Dares the Darkness had a kind of heavy rock disco thing going, distinctive. Really nice folks with an incredibly complex setup which seems like a pain to deal with. The Welcoming are four young cats, polite and soft-spoken, who play a ferocious brand of modern metal. Complex riffs, odd time signatures, occasional blast beats and Cookie Monster growls but usually heavy on harmonies. A bit like Bring Me the Horizon, a little Russian Circles, a little Tomahawk. The guitarists played Les Pauls - a white Studio and a Junior - into Orange heads and 2x12 cabs, lots of crazy time-based and modulation effects. Bassist sounded great, with a Music Man into a David Eden rig with four 10s. Very charismatic, and have an aura of “these guys might really make it” to them. Weird to see an “indie” night of all Gibsons (apart from one Guild) and no Jazzmasters Also unusual to almost break even on a weekend trip, between door and CD sales. We’re old: only play if it looks like fun and since we first met in Asheville 18 years ago, it was a subsidized weekend getaway. Thanks for coming, Steve!
  6. Nice playing there, and a fun collection of songs! Tip of the hat to your sax player, too. Were you and your wide brought together by music, or did it come into your lives as a duo later?
  7. Molly Miller has it in some videos. Archtop offset with Dynasonic pickups and a Bigsby? That is sexy. But I have no idea what it is...
  8. Saturday, 12 November we're playing at the Downtown Festival in Atlanta. It's at Underground Atlanta, and we play 12:50pm to 1:50pm. Sunday, 20 November we play at 27 Club, Asheville NC with Olive Dares the Darkness and The Welcoming. Might bring the Prototype https://iamarocketship.com
  9. Those things are wonderful. I played hundreds of shows with mine.
  10. Can't see the serial number. Looks clean? https://www.musicgoround.com/product/41111-S000081757/used-hamer-doublecut-electric-guitars-honey-burst
  11. That's nuts! I love how the model names on many MIJ guitars are based on the number representing thousands of yen in "list" price (which never seems to be retail price). An LC60 one year might be a "Les Paul Custom) with a list of 60,000 but with inflation the same guitar tin ten years might now be the LC90...
  12. After I returned the Guild Bluesbird with the funky neck, I kept one eye open for another humbucker-y kind of guitar, in a “well, don’t need one but..” way. This came up on Craigslist and I replied… apparently right before a flurry of other replies. A 2011 Tokai Love Rock LS98F (F for flame top) with three tiny nicks on one edge and otherwise immaculate. At a (cough) very nice price. Made in Japan. Top is veneer over solid maple, two-piece mahogany back, one-piece mahogany neck. Bone nut, vintage-style Gotoh tuners, medium frets, big 50s neck. it is awesome. After a week I’m still in love. Very clear low-output pickups, mad low action, just so fun to play, and the nut was cut well enough to stay in tune after crazy bends. October was the best acquisition month ever, between this and the Prototype!
  13. I just got a set... so far very impressed.
  14. Hypothetically it could be re-topped, the screw holes filled, and refinished as a sort of Ace Hamer, but it would mean: a) paying no more than $300 for the husk, and b) someone with mad skills and time on their hands felt like pouring that time into it for no particularly good reason.
  15. All prices are PayPal (freinds 'n' fam preferred) and ground shipping in the CONUS. Ibanez Mini Analog Delay. Barely used. I got an Earthquaker Avalance Run in a trade, so it has replaced my separate delay and reverb pedals. $70 Keely Hooke reverb pedal. Also excellent shape. $110 Livewire ABY switch box. Great shape, I don't use amps any more so it sits unused. $50 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Aged/relic'd Gotoh 6-in-line right-handed vintage-style tuners $40 Gotoh locking vintage-style tuners, LEFT-HANDED, chrome $40 SOLD D'Addario tuner pedal I got as some kind of promo. Already have one on my board: it's terrific. $70 Tele bridge, brass saddles, $25 SOLD
  16. There's one spot I can feel, but the checking LOOKS way more intense than it feels. I honestly don't notice it al all when playing it.
  17. The Prototyoe I bought from Butcher. Impressions: Easy to play, straight "medium C" neck, frets have tons of life, balances pretty well. I had a Phantom A5 a long time ago that I loved except keeping it in tune with that SB vibrato was tough. This Prototype, despite having three coils in one surround, sounds different. Louder, more immediate, more high-mids. It's interesting how different the "neck" (single coil) sounds from the "bridge" (humbucker), despite the two picklups being next to each other. It's more versatile than I expected. Volume and tone pots are silent and smooth, tuners are smooth. Nut seems perfectly cut. It's the best earlier Hamer I've had, better than the '85 Phantom, the '79 Sunburst, the '81 Special, and (sometime in the 80s) Blitz Bass I've owned. The finish is wild. I expect weird finish work on a Hamer. While the Black Crowes Sunburst Archtop had gentle waves of flame maple under the finish, and every last one from the 90s I had suffered from Hameritis, I've never encountered... pearlescent ice leprosy? The (thickly applied) clear coat has cracked and fractured and fallen off over the years while the white underneath looks good. It's kind of cool, and sure gives it a relic vibe, but my '73 Hagstrom and even my 1935 Biltmore archtop have held up better. It's a fun, great-sounding guitar with a cool vibe to it. I just need to get one of those tiny-headed Dunlop screws for one strap button so I can use the strap locks. The one in there has too big a head so it blocks it. Thanks, Butcher!
  18. To a degree, but the issue was that with the bridge about 3mm off its lowest adjustment (totally into the guitar) the action was… okay. But because the neck was at the correct pitch from the neck pickup to where it left the neck pocket… and then tilted a degree or two, staying straight to the nut… …it meant the action was great the first few frets, surprisingly high at the 12th fret, then “normal” again at the 21st. Imagine a bridge over a wide, shallow v-shaped valley. I could have kept it but the other three Bluesbirds I’ve had didn’t have that issue, and while it was totally playable, I’ll wait for one that is more straight.
  19. This one’s going back tonight. It’s lovely but the neck makes a bit of an uphill angle around the 15th fret. It’s not that uncommon, and you can’t fix it with tightening the truss rod: the angle remains, and you just put back-bow on the part of the neck with the first 15 frets. It’s playable of course, but I have to almost bottom out the bridge to get medium action. When you’re in guitar center you tell yourself a setup fixes everything. But not always.
  20. I don't have a Novo but I have a Dennis-built Fano with Supertrons. It's the best guitar I've ever picked up, and I've owned a MotorAve, a Shishkov, a Talladega, and still have a Jason Schroeder. I dunno what Fano did - and I admit the aesthetics are weird - but that thing is awesome. I'd guess he maintains that standard on Novos.
  21. My band, I Am a Rocketship plays at noon. 235 W. Hill Street https://maps.app.goo.gl/Xd5drCtRMpWyfjtPA?g_st=ic https://iamarocketship.com plus 199 other acts, all FREE!
  22. I’ve been going to St Louis a lot for work, and for a break after work I went to GC. Strummed some unremarkable guitars, including a beat-up Chinese Hamer that played GREAT. But in the premium room saw a 90s-2000s-era Guild Bluesbird. I have a bigger weakness for these than anything ever made. I think ‘97 to 2000 they were made in Rhode Island, then when FMIC bought Gulld they were made for a couple years in Corona. I’ve owned one RI Bluesbird and two CA ones. The RI was great, the CA phenomenal. But I sold them because I managed to buy them pretty cheap and could always turn a profit, until prices started going up recently. This one is a 2002, in pretty much new condition EXCEPT for a little-fingernail-sized chunk of clear coat gone on the back edge. But had the plastic on the control cavity, no scuffs, no fret wear, no tarnish. Still had the papers and Fender cable sealed in a bag in the immaculate case. I wonder if the chip happened in a store? Anyway, it’s the usual mahogany chambered goodness, flame top, SD59s, comfy neck and great construction. Just a snapshot when I brought it home. Anyone else dig these?
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