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  1. Oooh I want a Fender TeleCrow or Jaguar's Half Acre! (The marketing seems familiar for some reason.)
  2. I got a Michael Angelo Batio vibe for some reason. And the weirdest boner.
  3. I don't know Jol except for his apparently carefully constructed public persona, but I wonder which version of him is more authentic, the smug artiste who condescends and panders and writes all that soup Nazi advertising drivel, or the permed mulleted rocksar wannabe in the 1987 factory tour video on youtube? I like his guitars but get embarrassed for him. In that 1987 video he reminds me of a kid at a high school party who wants everyone to notice he's drinking a beer. For someone who acts so "authentic," he doesn't seem very genuine. I don't think I've ever seen anyone doing so much self
  4. Maybe this would be a good separate thread, but I'd like to hear your comments on your live/recording setup, if you use other guitars to record besides the Standard, etc.
  5. I can't wait to hear stories and details about the guitars we love.
  6. I'd love to hear more of the back stories the producer hints at.
  7. The way Jol's vanished from Hamer's site, I wouldn't bet on any future affiliation. Obviously I have no idea though.
  8. If Phantoms count, your challenge is dead in the water.
  9. This is stupid on several levels, whether offensive or not.
  10. I honestly have never thought the 3 x 3 headstocks were ugly, or even thought twice about them. I've also never heard anyone call them ugly anywhere but the internet. To me , they're not much different than a Gibson headstock; they're straightforward and functional. On the other hand, I have spec'd some strange guitars that don't appeal to the world, and my tastes are often not representative of the majority's (I've learned this when I've tried to sell cars, guitars, and houses that were cool to me but a turnoff to many).
  11. I checked them out on youtube. Not too bad, a bit boring, but not bad IMO. Don't know how he does it live, but his low pitched vocals sound very processed. Definitly not crabcore. I think maybe the live experience is different. Live he was mostly shrill, but low some of the time. Not that I liked either.
  12. I just had the most unpleasant concert experience of my life when I saw a band called Suicide Silence opening for Megadeth (along with two other cookie monster bands who weren't good, but were awesome compared to Suicide Silence). I don't know if it counts as crabcore, but the lead singer looks and sounds absolutely ridiculous. I would rather listen to someone blowing a rape whistle for 45 minutes than this guy's "voice", and the guy hops up and down with one arm out and looks like a wounded heron. Megadeth was good though. I'm glad I could get that off my chest.
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