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  1. I want it, I want it, I want it You caaaaan't have it!
  2. I think it was White Denim at Terminal West in ATL, late November 2019. They KILLED IT!
  3. As I understand it, you can see the grain even more clearly at the edge in one spot recently 😜 (sorry @hamerhead, I couldn't resist).
  4. Here's an interview with Matt Hughes that I found, cool to see he's in North GA. https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/blogs/news/inside-banker-custom-guitars
  5. One other point I forgot to mention is how great of a job @JGravelin did on the pickups. The bridge pickup has two taps activated by a pull pot, when the pot is down it's vintagey 7.7K, when pulled it goes to 9.1, which gives a bump in volume and shifts the upper mid-range a bit, nice for a little gas on leads or big crunchy chords. Thanks, Josh! This one gets all my time these days.
  6. 0091 was originally planned with a 3x3 headstock. Once Mike got the body shape on paper and mocked it up with an existing neck, we both agreed the 6-in-line headstock flowed better with the body. Went from this: to this: and this: I was dying once I saw the pics of the carved top, and the body paired with the neck: Then the paint: Then the reveal:
  7. Seems like I remember that smoke green one being available here for a short while a year or two ago... who owns it now?
  8. I guess if historical accuracy means anything, there's no 'c' in the man's name.
  9. I tried working this up with Bookman Bold Italic font, but whatever variation that @Northfield came up with (with the swirly 'S') is really what should be used for maximum brand tie-in. 😏
  10. Anyone ever played one of these? Looks like 1990-93 or so, short lived production. I ran across this model while researching lesser-known offset double-cut shapes. I don't know what differentiates Prodigy I vs II. Options I've seen are four colors- black, white, LP blue and metallic red. Rosewood or maple boards, regular strat-style or Kahler spyder trems. All appear to me S/S/H. Looks like they also made a P/J config bass model as well. Anyway, love the shape, been thinking about a S/S/H w/Floyd project, may look for a beater one of these.
  11. That Korina special is very similar to my first Hamer, but mine had Tonepros wraptail and tuners (Kluson style). I really fought with that hardware; if mine had grovers like this one I may have kept it. I've searched for years for a Newport 90; would've been gutted missing this one if it weren't for shish 91, which vanquished that GAS, and did so in style. 😎
  12. Best of luck in your recovery!
  13. I've been playing around with trying to make as many out-of-left-field sounds as possible with as few pedals as possible. Settled on this iteration for the time being.
  14. The workmanship is incredible. Possibly my favorite guitar company from a purely ogling perspective. Kinda reminds me of a cross between Scott Walker and Malinoski, but surpassing both in design and execution.
  15. what the fuzz? sounds awesome, Bill. Would love to hear the middle section of SOYCD played on that thing!
  16. Dropped to $1200 shipped CONUS. If you're outside that pls PM for a shipping quote.
  17. I know you're a zendrive fan, Mark- if you haven't checked out barber's Burn Unit and/or Small Fry they're worth a listen as well. The last iteration of it that I tried was the BUSS, gave up the goods too but the unit I had was a bit noisier than early burn units.
  18. Thanks, Bill! Wednesday works better here, will try to make it this week
  19. I, for one, think it's pretty awesome. I suffer the same affliction with favoring opaque guitars. For some reason I don't play the highly figured ones when they spend time at my house.
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