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  1. upgrade? what upgrade? can I download it off the internet? 😜 ha. I always thought Rob would spit on mine if I shipped it in for an upgrade, since I didn't take it on tour after I bought it. It was too big to fit in the car.
  2. Big thanks to the HFC for this thread... I was attending a show at First Avenue this weekend to see another young throwback retro band with my daughter. A random (drunk) stranger started up a conversation with me about the band we were about to see and he brought up Greta Van Fleet. GVF had been on my radar since the record came out but without this thread, and my subsequent dive into GVF's music, I would have not been able to speak so eloquently about them... in front of my daughter no less. ha!!! while I'm here: GVF - meh
  3. Many years ago, when my cheap import Dano bass started breaking down from so much playing (at that time I was playing bass in two bands), I started looking for a big boy bass. I went to many of the guitar/music stores in Mpls and played a bunch of basses. I admit I was looking for a used Fender Precision. I think I played dozens, either Jazz, Precision or other similar brands, but I just could not find “the one”, even among the expensive… I then sent a post out on the HFC wondering about the Cruise and within a day I had a Cruise bass (’94 – 2tek) that literally blew every bass I played away at a ridiculously nice price compared to the basses I was playing in the stores… I played a gig the day I bought it and have never looked back. thanks Badge!!
  4. We recorded the basic tracks for the first Famous Volcanoes record in my basement on an old ADAT with limited isolation options, so I intended my tracks to be scratch only. It was recorded through a Line6Pod and was mostly replaced with real amps on the other songs. On this song the feel was so live that we kept it, two guitars, bass and drums were all live here and I if I remember correctly all Hamers. My P90 Duotone kicks things off on this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euMpr5yMuqY Best intentional tone is also straight in, no mucky muck, through my Valvetech. 😃
  5. I'd say the point of the whole thing was publicity. I saw this on the national news, I'd say it worked pretty well.
  6. I remember is vividly... I had an outdoor day gig with my band that day, so I was warmed up, I walked in the house went straight to the basement, I was given some sort of stringed instrument, and we proceeded to rip it up. They were like some sort of long lost brothers in this basement that felt immediately like home, and the adventure continues... thank you Bruce!!! This date is on my calendar!!!
  7. I think when an old company goes under, smothered by its own weight, it is a good thing. It is the way of the world, much like natural forest fires promote new life. I understand that there are jobs, lives and communities at risk, but it is no different than any other industry/company. Products grow, mature and then decline, unless they change with the times. People have to do the same.
  8. I urge anyone who doesn't care about the RnR Hall of Fame to do the right thing... and vote for the Replacements. It's the ultimate FU.
  9. My new obsession is "Sweet Child of Vine" brewed by the Fulton Brewery. A bit less hoppy than your normal IPA, I love hoppy but this stuff is like crack... http://www.fultonbeer.com based on the story of how they were founded it also draws some minor comparisons to Hamer??
  10. A student forgot their giant heavy backpack in the media center a few yards from my desk and it pisses me off that the first thing I think is to wonder why it is there and what is inside... answer, books and folders.
  11. Maybe I could just send my Kindle and you'all could sign that? Creating problems for the HFC since 1999.
  12. If I download it on my Kindle, can I get it digitally signed? let me know what the postage is for that.
  13. I... just... can't... help.... myself... from computer history website cited above... the year 1990... " Microsoft released Windows amid a $10 million publicity blitz.... ...As a result, PCs moved toward the user-friendly concepts of the Macintosh, making IBM and IBM-compatible computers more popular. " from the Wikipedia page I cited: " Beginning in 1979, started by Steve Jobs and led by Jef Raskin, the Apple Lisa and Macintosh teams at Apple Computer (which included former members of the Xerox PARC group) continued to develop such ideas. The Macintosh, released in 1984, was the first commercially successful product to use a multi-panel window GUI. " Steve Jobs Time Magazine cover 1982 Bill Gates Time Magazine cover 1984 sorry, Gates does not begat Jobs, he took an idea and made it more available, no doubt.
  14. All in good fun. Jobs, Superman, Coke, the Beatles, Chevy and of course Hamer for the win.
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