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  1. Not to enrage anyone, but I saw this quote on Time Magazine's Twitter account... “Whether it’s enraging milquetoast reply guys by smashing a guitar on live TV or carving out a space as a furious, ethereal prophet, she’s as good as she is singular” 🤪
  2. I like Pheobe, though much of her music is too slow and moody for me to spend too much time with. But this was clearly a gimmick. After it happened Twitter was buzzing, now it is on the HFC. The gimmick worked.
  3. Words can not express how much I miss that basement, and those people, and those guitars...
  4. I wrote and recorded my submission summer 2020 at my cabin with... 2005 IMac with GarageBand straight into the sound card with TascamPorta Studio 4 tracker as mixer. All noises real instruments played by me, no punches, with the most valuable piece of gear being my Hamer Duotone p-90 played through an original Line 6 POD... taking lofi into the 2020s!!! turn it up!!! I love the tracks, great work everyone!!
  5. I once saw someone at a party murder Hallelujah.
  6. My band at the time opened for Robbie at Lee's Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis. He was touring in support of his first album "Country Love Songs". He was super nice, he asked me for a piece of gum, he gave me a copy of his record, I gave him our record, he then proceeded to blow the roof off the joint. I wore the record out and bought more.
  7. mini-bike good luck finding it, but I know a guy if your interested. ?
  8. Here is my submission to songfight that I recorded over the last few days. It has some obvious pandemic references. I did this on my ancient MAC with Garageband. Written, recorded and performed by me. The vocal track was meant to be a scratch but I kept it, recorded quickly as I had a submission deadline. Hamer Cruise Bass and Duotone used in this recording. Not mastered so you have to turn it up!!! If you go the the songfight website don't vote for me, this is just to share as part of this thread, not to pad my vote. ? http://www.songfight.org/music/kissing_contest/shoehornt
  9. Q: what do you do when you don't have a drink to toast Ray for a picture at the 4321? A: put your hand on your heart. Just this morning, as I considered this party coming up on Saturday, my first thought was of Ray.
  10. I remember the first Frozen Jam fondly. Just enough people to form the band. We played for hours. No pictures were taken. Bruce made me watch tennis in the middle of the night to sober me up so he could kick me out (I was still a relative stranger at the time). Boy have things changed. Only the heartiest souls brave the Minnesota winter conditions to attend the Frozen Jam. See you next Saturday!!
  11. Ray had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face that made it very clear talking to you was what he wanted to be doing in that moment. For a long time he was a consistent presence at most every 4321 HFC jam and I had the pleasure of spending many nights chatting with him on the back deck at all hours of the night while the basement rumbled with rock below our feet. He will be missed and remembered.
  12. I urge anyone who doesn't care about the RnR Hall of Fame to do the right thing... and vote for the Replacements. It's the ultimate FU.
  13. My new obsession is "Sweet Child of Vine" brewed by the Fulton Brewery. A bit less hoppy than your normal IPA, I love hoppy but this stuff is like crack... http://www.fultonbeer.com based on the story of how they were founded it also draws some minor comparisons to Hamer??
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