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  1. Did the same thing a few years back, got a new Lonestar Strat (usa) from a dealer in Thetford in England,at the time standard usa strat new was £900,the deal I got for the lonestar was £350 and its has the larger Frets which I prefure,spent around £150 on Fender 57-62 Custom pick ups and CTS pots etc. I still have the orginal scratch plate with the PealyGates HB and the Texas Specials Singles ,might put the on a guitar one day.
  2. The Korean Squires were awesome have had mine for years, still love playing it.
  3. Here in England (and Western Europe), a fungal disease also known as Chalara is killing off Ash trees at an alarming rate. Not far from my house there was a wood with over 50 fully grown Ash trees, sadly they were all affected and had to be cut down and burnt, believe me it was a really sad thing to witness.
  4. Its total madness, they could have been given to Schools and youth centres.
  5. The tremolo would but me off at that prices it looks like the B+E strings have been stripped. Easy fix but at a cost.
  6. What a band,Killer.s album is still in my Top 10
  7. Mr Dave Vics done work on loads of my guitars from complete set ups and new pick ups , I highly recommend his work. Dave (Lincsman)
  8. Led Zeppelin 4 not played it for years, still a classic
  9. Excellent congrats buddy.
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