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  1. Down by the Jetty is a fantastic album (in my top 10 for sure), start to finish a great British Blues album.
  2. Agreed its a fantastic album. not a bad track on it
  3. Whoow he makes it look so easy ,agree with Jakeboy the guitar is awesome
  4. Well come to the group I have always been happy with D"Addario 9-46 on My Hamer,s
  5. Im still in shock by this news, he was one of the best drummers ever to walk the earth
  6. Did the same thing a few years back, got a new Lonestar Strat (usa) from a dealer in Thetford in England,at the time standard usa strat new was £900,the deal I got for the lonestar was £350 and its has the larger Frets which I prefure,spent around £150 on Fender 57-62 Custom pick ups and CTS pots etc. I still have the orginal scratch plate with the PealyGates HB and the Texas Specials Singles ,might put the on a guitar one day.
  7. The Korean Squires were awesome have had mine for years, still love playing it.
  8. Here in England (and Western Europe), a fungal disease also known as Chalara is killing off Ash trees at an alarming rate. Not far from my house there was a wood with over 50 fully grown Ash trees, sadly they were all affected and had to be cut down and burnt, believe me it was a really sad thing to witness.
  9. Its total madness, they could have been given to Schools and youth centres.
  10. Led Zeppelin 4 not played it for years, still a classic
  11. lincsman


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