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  1. A Great loss,I seen him a few times around Anfield on match days he always had time to speak to you, it's sad that due to covid Liverpool play behind closed doors at the moment, but I'm Sure the Kop will pay their respect to him when they return.
  2. What a loss, he was a great player RIP Alexi
  3. Yep I still have the Diablo, plays like a dream.
  4. Down by the Jetty is a fantastic album (in my top 10 for sure), start to finish a great British Blues album.
  5. Agreed its a fantastic album. not a bad track on it
  6. Whoow he makes it look so easy ,agree with Jakeboy the guitar is awesome
  7. Led Zeppelin 4 not played it for years, still a classic
  8. Most Strats have the same problem, I hate the skunk strip for that reason
  9. This is my 57 Strat and Amp, some people tell me there fake I just think the jealous ">http://http://s497.photobucket.com/user/lincsman-photos/media/54Strat.jpg.html'>
  10. I got 2 V picks 18 months back and haven't looked back, want use anything else now
  11. Best wishes Mike its fantasic news:)
  12. Back to the good old days, classic rock at its best
  13. Two of the best guitars I have ever seen,Congrats
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