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Grade this for me please

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I guess since I've met him, I can post this now. I was going to post it when the thread started but didn't when it things got a bit testy. :( Any way, all in fun sonicblue1960!

I had to fix my old link. Mobile me is gone but minty-clean is here to stay!

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Read the whole thing: Wow! Just wow!

Am I allowed to ask: whatever happened to said Destroyer? (apologies to Z if the question is inappropriate).

All ended well for the Destroyer as it quickly found a new home with a cat who had been seeking one for many years.

I can say with absolute honesty that the whole deal, in spite of the obvious differences in grading/valuation of a rare piece, was handled with honor on Rick's part - and the guitar was absolutely devastating if you were after that certain EVH tone. I was really taken aback by the snap and added sparkle with all that Ash and Maple in the mix, and it actually strongly affected my choice to "move it on down the line" as the Rev Willie G would say. It sounded like a big, fat, pissed-off Tele more than anything.

I will also say that the crushing I got when I opened up the case to behold my new "mint and pristine" Destroyer and beheld a well-used road warrior caused me to feel ill every time I picked it up, so I'm glad it was resolved amicably when all was said and done.

I tend to put lots of faith in folks, and even more on my HFC brethren, and it is bound to bite one in the ass on occasion. My huge mistake was to buy an expensive guitar without seeing pics first - it was 100% my fault that it got that far. My faith was restored when Rick and I were able to quickly work out the bugs.

Seems he was off to race motorcycles or something at the time. I wonder if he still has that cool 70's BC Rich bolt-on for sale? I heard THAT one was really nice.


Hey, it was his birthday and he just got a killer vintage Ibanez!

It's all good, and what is it that Gene is fond of saying about life?


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Classy ending, Z!

Glad it was worked out for ya. "Pristine and mint" should have little equivocation room. Lots of good deals here and all the HFCers I've dealt with have been nothing but great. Knock wood.

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Ok....I'm really late but have always wanted to say this "FUCK YOU"

There...to nobody in particular but felt this would be one of the only

opportunity's to do so......so....one more time "FUCK YOU"

Damn that felt good thanks! :P

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