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  1. Orange Micro Terror. I played one through a PC212 (?) and was shocked. $150 out the door.
  2. Not my style for sure, but crap it looks lovely.
  3. I ditched strats a few years back and never thought I would have another. Mainly because of the noise and the thin sound. Now I have 4 because they have given me something I was missing.. 1) Versatility. I generally use a pretty hot bridge pickup and warmer than vintage in the other slots with the bridge pickup wired into the tone. It makes that bridge pickup WAY more usable for lead work. I can get a really nice rock sound out of it and with a treble bleed just turn down the volume and the quack comes back in it's entirety. I have located some really decent hot pickup option that do not brea
  4. Wow, looks great. Unfortunately I do not get along well with othe... telecasters. Luckily I stopped that experiment in the early stages.
  5. Lambert has pipes. Freddy Mercury was one of the greatest front men in classic rock ever..there is no doubt. Check out Queen's Montreal concert on netflex online. It is incredible.
  6. Glad to hear this. Everyone deserves to be happy. Having a younger wife is good for your ego.
  7. I have a peavey predator that I installed actives with the mid boost. High output, very quiet......everyone that has a strat should try actives.
  8. You sucked before and you suck harder now. What a jackass insensitive picture to post. WTF, is wrong with you?
  9. Never quite made it to tele-love. I stopped at strat-lust.
  10. I think I'm cancelling cable TV with this..but it could be such a short time before I reinstate it.
  11. Feynman could pull this off with the appropriate behavior modification. Who am I kidding?
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