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Slippery Knobs



My Shishkov has black tophats that are too slippery for my stupid hands. I'd like to switch them for a low-profile knurled knob or something unique with better grippability.

Whaddaya got?

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^^^ I like those, but in digging around in my shitpile I found a set of black knurled Tele-ish knobs that I bought for something else and never used. I shortened them up a bit (I'm a professional) and they work fine. Not my first choice (I haven't even seen those yet) but they will function until something better blows my dress up.

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6 hours ago, tommy p said:

I thought this was going to be a thread about your new band, Slippery Knobs.  If Ting had posted with that subject line, I would have been reluctant to even open it.

Right! I was just reading this thread and was going to tell Tim I got nothing, can’t get past the thread title!

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