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  1. I’m no PRS fanboi but something about the knob placement on the Knaggs, well, it NAGS! Sorry, I know, not much help but, you know, if ya ask a question ya gotta be prepared for an answer. Just curious, and hope you don’t mind my asking but are these each retailing for >$5 K?
  2. MF = Guitar Sinner.... what kinda non-Floyd is on that thing?
  3. That’s in nice shape. With the Schaller roller bridge and “W. Germany” tuners. Love it! fretsonthenet.com may have your backplate https://www.fretsonthenet.com/Fender/hamer.htm
  4. Very nice! Which one is the favorite? ETA: I’m not teasing now: Does Dr. Z make an amp with a single (one) knob ( volume only)? It would be like an audiophile hifi amp, with tonal coloration by just the amp circuit, tubes, and guitar electronics.
  5. goddam. No mention of base body wood- looks like Korina? The neck dimensions spell BEEF. Wish I could, GLWTS
  6. Here’s a ‘93 tobacco sunburst I found for the same price, shipped.
  7. In taking a closer look at the above photo, the hardware looks a bit worn and the paint reflections near the knobs looks a bit rough. I’m thinking refin but maybe someone got a nice deal on a guitar.
  8. Native son? NJ?? Joe was born in Wichita KS!
  9. I’ve gotten a bit of a late ‘70s LPC itch myself the past few months and as a result have watched more than a few ‘”Trogly” episodes on YouTube. The guy is a bit nerdy but reviews, dismantles, cleans up and weighs numerous LPCs from the late ‘70’s to the mid-‘80’s when the weight relief construction began at Gibson. I don’t think he’s put a LPC on the scale that weighed less than 10 1/2 pounds. There’s another episode touting the ‘good wood’ Gibson used in the late ‘80’s, but I guess those would be weight relieved. Good luck finding the 9 1/2 pounder!
  10. It’s interesting to me that these 3 Floyded Blitz’ all have 6 in line tuners Vs. ‘the paddle’ headstock. Just curious @hamerhead and @guitarzandstuff, are/were your Blitz’ mid ‘80’s? Also, what are/were the neck profile like — skinny or not? Thanks
  11. Guess what? It’s a Duncan “DUCKBUCKER”! No sh!t! @LucSullapegged it from a mile away! https://www.seymourduncan.com/single-product/duckbuckers-strat
  12. N/A. Still a skinny neck in '93? https://salem.craigslist.org/msg/d/keizer-1993-hamer-special-usa/7311118932.html Ad states $100 shipping
  13. N/A. "Kim" engraved on TRC. Hmmmmmmmm..... Keller? https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/msg/d/villa-park-1986-hamer-blitz-guitar/7314164855.html
  14. Yes, I believe that is correct. Just like a silver Vanguard or 25th Anniversary. It’s tempting at that price! I like the black. I guess once purchased the Guitar gets shipped to your closest GC for pickup, not your residence. Anyone know for sure?
  15. Roll the Dice, Dice, baby...... ETA: is that REALLY the Gilbster??
  16. Maybe the seller was just confused and the axe was actually used on the ‘Chinese Democracy’ tour!
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