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    Sometimes people do you a favor, even when you don't initially realize it.
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    It's just a good thing you didn't show up with a Kammerer!!
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    So, Nathan....long story short.....you joined a band?
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    I suspect it was mostly that you simply aren't the old guitarist. He is used to hearing one thing, and you brought another thing. He may have a long road ahead of him... Might be worth talking to the bassist, as you thought he was on board. Not to vent, but he might be able to offer feedback, ranging from "Singer's a dick, don't lose sleep over it" to "Look, I gotta tell you, this aspect of your playing wasn't working."
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    I’m guessing the “singer” is probly the “rhythm” guitar player. I gigged for over 30 years and around 20 years full time. The biggest issue was ego’s from someone who’s ego was larger that their talent! Just keep working on your playing and stage presence. Don’t let critic’s bring you down!! This is your 1st attempt so take as much from it as you can, it’ll help you with the next gig! If the guy is really being a jerk about things he’s probly pissin everybody off!!! Steal the Bass player and drummer find a singer/player and start your own band. There’s agency’s to help with bookings and guys that own PA’s that they rent and due the FOH sound! You won’t make much till things tighten up and the band is growing a return audience, but you’ll be getting better!!! Just some thoughts from someone who’s been there.
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    Good advice. Sorry this one didn't work out, Nathan, but these sorts of experiences are really valuable not just for getting better at guitar, but also for learning what works and doesn't work for you in terms of band work and communication styles.
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    I hear you. I pulled out of "the band" about 2 years ago. It would be good for my so called abilities to get back into gear, but my life is better for not being tied down with folks that want to show up weekly, unprepared for much beyond beer.....Really? At NOON on Sundays? Up until the last actual gig, we almost seemed to still be moving forward. But that cemented my desire to exit. Life is too short. Based upon your outline of what you had done and the rapid progress, I am sure you can do better. Best of luck.
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    Sometimes singers are a pain in the ass, with criticism, wanting to change your sound, your gear, your contributions; yet so many don’t have a PA system, want other band members to provide it; each and every gig they show up with a microphone in hand after the rest of the band unloads and sets everything up, then they leave with their microphone and leaves the tear-down and loading to everyone else... not all, but too many. You’ll find another band. F*ck that dickcheese. Dang it Man! When you came back to the forum a couple of weeks ago you said that you didn’t have anything left to say
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    It sounds like the singer has some issues. I am SO thankful for my band mates. Eight years and we still enjoy each other. Our rehearsal night is our dart night or bowling league weekly outing, then we go for beer following rehearsal. I'm not sure I would last in a situation that had tension or ego - it's got to be fun.
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    Agree with the vast majority of sentiments expressed thus far. Singer was just looking for any way to shit can you. For what reasons, we will never really know. His balls were apparently in the possession of his wife or GF and he opted for a more douche-y approach. Good riddance, man! You don't need that shit. By way of comparison, I had to let go of my original band's drummer a week back, due to his style being ill-suited to the more er... uh, progressive, dynamic direction emerging in our music. He wasn't a bad drummer by far, just not the best fit for what/where we are heading. But he is a helluva nice guy and was a valuable member whilst in the band. I tried to be respectful, direct and clear when I broke the news. I guess I was successful as he is still willing to work with me on a more 4 on the floor, hard rock project. Makes me grateful as hell to have some decent musicians and human beings in both the originals and the cover band. No egos (yet) and everyone is competent and professional. Hopefully, Nathan, you'll come across a similar bunch soon!
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    You're patient and a hard worker. After the second objection you'd proven to be baseless, I would have just asked why he didn't want me in the band. That said, you got a lot out of the work you put in, advanced your skills and probably had great fun in rehearsals going through 25/28ths of the songs. Best of luck finding the next band!
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    This is exactly why more people simple choose to play at home. People Suck sometimes, and it sucks the fun right out of it.
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    As time is closing in on the gig next week, the singer showed how he is out of touch with reality. If he expects someone to come in knowing 45 songs with key changes and different arrangements all within a week that band is going to have to pull off a miracle.
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    Imma get one for my non-whammys. JUST TO FUCKING HAVE!
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    ATL was cancelled due to Phil being ill. They played here in Clearwater Wed. night and he sounded good. They are on a cruise deal until Monday and then the next dates are in Europe starting in May with other dates scheduled later in the year.
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    Effing Love Andy Summers. Amazing guitarist by all counts and probably the only guy who could have made that band what it was. His autobiography “One Train Later” is amazing.
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    Here’s a neat little device for FR users. It has a magnet on the handle that sticks to a tuner. Stays put and lightweight. Available from fu-tone.com ( no affiliation).
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    Sounds like a shit situation anyway TBH. Why were they losing the old guitarist? Maybe he was tired of their shit too. Then you say if you did well at the first gig, they were going to fire the other guitarist? Hmmm...who would have gotten the blame for that? There were so many red flags in your story the bulls started running in Pamplona. Be grateful you got out early.
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    I'm sorry! I'll try to shut up again!
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    Get a Line 6 FM4 Filter pedal (the four button one), use literally any delay pedal you already have, and a Boss RC20-xl Loop Station. Used on eBay, maybe $250.
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    Sent you an email, I'll take that! G
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    Best ZenDrive ever. Less compressed and more open than the other Zens and it shares some eq topology from the Eternity series. This is by far my fave ZenDrive. I have never seen this one on sale below $125 IIRC. It rarely comes up for sale and is Sean Michael’s fave Zen too. I got mine as a freebie during a sale and will never let it go.. Like the OD11, it works with all my guitars into all my amps but it brings the Zen thing in spades, but more open than the others. Someone buy this.
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    I've seen that picture before, hence my reaction when I looked at the Guitar World cover. "Hey, that's not the red Sunburst, it's a Special. Wait... it's FRETLESS!" It took me decades to notice this.
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    Late breaking update......The McKay departed this morning, along with my PRS Modern Eagle 1. Same person that bought the PRS Private Stock about 2 weeks ago. Kind of a shame to see some really wonderful instruments go, but I have to do it. If anyone has a reasonable offer on the Grantura, let me know! Goita head to the bank with a stack of cash.......
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    Since I put my foot in my mouth and said I need to be selling some gee-tars, I guess I should stop stalling. These are both great guitars that I acquired last year. Each is what I wold consider a boutique level guitar. They are somewhat similar, yet very different. One part of me wants to keep them all, the other knows better. And I am inclined these days to want to play a longer scale..... The McKay Is an obvious tribute to the Gibson ES-335. but built to very exacting standards that are probably superior to any ES I ever laid my hands on. There are relatively few around, but those that have them seem to swear they are the "best ever". The build, the pickups, the sounds are all very much in the traditional mode. The Grantura, OTOH, is much more modern. It is slightly downsized, more in keeping with an ES-339. Same high level of build, with the custom glued up multi-ply construction. It has a korina neck and a pair of glorious ThroBak pickups. While not "high gain", they are more powerful than the more purely vintage Duncans in the McKay. And note the spec sheet.....strung with 11s, but plays great, even for my rapidly aging hands.. And sounds so much stronger and fuller with the heavier gauge. The scoop......I got these at what I think were good prices, the McKay for cach, the Thorn in a trade plus cash for a higher end guitar, courtesy of my SoCal buddy who somehow decided he did not need THREE Granturas. Go figure!. Trying now to recover my costs........ Not to mention freeing up some space around here. In addition to some pictures, here are links to the actual Reverb listings from last year. All costs in to me, roughly $3200 for the McKay, $3800 for the Grantura. (BTW, look at the asking prices for anything else currently offered for sale!) That to include shipping.....CONUS only, please......Add payment fees, if necessary. https://reverb.com/item/24052076-mckay-custom-guitar-sunrise-es-335-serial-number-001-lightburst?show_sold=true https://reverb.com/item/18729840-thorn-grantura-surf-green?show_sold=true Feel free to ask any questions.
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    I had never even seen Firebird gig bag until a Greco Firebird I bought came in this one. The guy I got it from had an Explorer in it so I guess if fits those too. I don't use gig bags, so I'd like to find this one a home for a reasonable offer. Maybe $30? It's a fake leather one. I am willing to ship at your cost but I don't think that would be cost effective. I'd rather find someone I could meet somewhere within an hour or so's drive of Richmond, VA. I also have a brand new nylon acoustic gig bag from a store called Willie's. It seems really nice. Maybe $25 for that one?
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    Copeland here Eberhard Schoener and pre-Police.
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    Just one slight add......It has also been described by someone as the "fattest Les Paul you have ever heard". That largely refers to the ability to roll in the EQ section. FWIW, it is so versatile that I am, gradually, pondering sale of my last remaining Duo-Tone. Not quite there yet..... If you look at the whole rollout of that model with Buckingham, a key element is that, on day one, it replaced his then stable of "vintage" LPs and Strats. The only other guitar i can recall him using any time recently is a Turner Renaissance....Which is also very interesting but clearly much more the "acoustic" voice. The one limitation, for my personal use, is that I do like to play at times above the 15th fret. The Model One is not built for that. Really hard to understand it until you play one. And quite worth trying to track one down. Then dealing with a bit of a learning curve.
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    That's an interesting musical concept, but it drives my audiophile OCD sensibilities insane. "Crap! a scratch! Is the internet connection slow?" Perhaps that's the intent.
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    (text copied from Shark's WTB CD post) April 18 is Record Store Day 2020. An unreleased UFO show from the 1978 "Obsesssion" tour is being released in a 2xLP format. It's from Youngstown, Ohio. IIRC, "Strangers...”, is made up of the Louisville, Cleveland and Chicago shows (excepting, "Mother Mary" and "This Kids”, which were studio tracks with added audience noise). No info if there will be a CD release yet, but keep an eye out!
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    That would be one I would want to try. A more open Zendrive sounds very interesting.
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    Used Lovepedal / Hermida Audio White Mojo Zendrive - 2019 Vanilla. $110 including PP and US shipping to HFC. atomicwash at yah** d*t c*m https://reverb.com/item/32272739-lovepedal-hermida-audio-white-mojo-zendrive-2019-vanilla
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    Coincidence. I came to watch a Sting documentary the other day. Since followed music of the individual Police members. Summers went into Jazz while Copeland became a successful movie score composer. There is a German pre Police recording with all members composed by Eberhard Schoener that sounds really great. „Flashback“
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    Just picked up this beauty from Dave’s guitar shop. Really stoked to get this fine instrument. So to save me the hassle of popping the pickups out of the guitar, I was just wondering if anybody knew what the stock pickups are… Dave had no idea.
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    I don't want to hear your excuses. The amplifier has to be at least...….. three times bigger than this!
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    I have been wondering how many Talladegas there actually are. I know there were 25 in the Earthen Maple Series, but don't have a really good idea of how many Pros and straight Tallies there are. I figure most of the Tallies that exist are in this club. I will start with mine and call it "One", so we know there was at least one Tally made. Feel free to pile on.
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    Useless trivia: When the Andy Griffith Show originally aired on network TV, he had a contract endorsing cigs. "After I get done whupping Opie's ass, I like to sit on the front porch and take a long, cool draw on a Chesterfield..."
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    The moment you pickup it up, you feel the small scale body, expertly crafted neck, delightful looking and feeling fretboard; makes this a very easy guitar to play. You are guaranteed to try new things on this guitar. You will play differently because everything about it, frees you up. When I received it I was not sure what to expect. Well I knew it would be a better Strat clone but it's the details that make it so. Like every guitar I receive, you just tune it up and play it to see how it feels. Then you make whatever adjustment you can make to your playing preference. Plugged it in and no sound so now it's time investigate. No Battery. Easy fix. None in the house to I had to wait a day. Next day. Installed that battery and started playing. Spent 30 minutes just nodding. I realized it came with 8 gauge strings. Well time for a change. Before the new strings went on it, I look under the hood. Nice 3 individual single coil pickup routes with tight wiring so I could not take the whole pickguard off. Pickups are Duncans (probably SSL). Took the back plates off and took off the tremolo. The trem weighs 9.5 oz. Control cavity looks nice and all wiring channeled nicely. Neck pocket and heel are precisely cut and the fit is perfect. I did notice there is a small channel groove between the tremolo post. Not sure the explanation but it is nicely done. Input jack on the back side and upside down so there it ergonomics here so you don't accidentally pull out the plug while playing on stage. Since I am a home player it's really doesn't matter; but a nice touch by Hamer. Now the 10 gauge strings are on the guitar and string spacing is perfect. Tuned it up and some slight tweaks with truss rod and intonation was needed. Started playing, feels good, feels right. Flipped the switch and there is a nice boost. Whoa perfect for opening riffs of any kick ass song and leads. Now this is where I got lost in noodling for the next one hour. Trying to see how I was playing differently than my other Strats, Tele, Gretsch and PRS etc.... The neck - the birdeye are glorious, profile is C shape and even all the way but with the flatter radius of 14 inches it very sublime. Meaning your hand just falls right in and all position are comfortable. The neck heel is contoured so basically it feels familiar everytime you pick it up. No matter what fret you're playing it feels like you've been doing it for a long long time. This is a well playing broken in neck. Now mind you every guitar with it's body shape and neck profile, we all play differently and that's a good thing. Here the same thing; the smaller body and a nice C shape neck with a flatter fretboard you feel free to play things you would not normally. The guitar weighs 7 lbs and 3 oz and this weight also helps as you're making the guitar a part of you. Sure all Strats do that but add in a smaller body, light weight and a superb neck profile, you have a guitar you will enjoy anywhere. I did not miss the tone knob because you just need volume and your switch for boost. I did mess you with the EQ settings on the back and adjusted to different amp to get the best tone. Switched rooms with and without carpet and whatever tweaking I did, you found a tone for the mood you're in at that moment. Summary - versatile and the response from mind to fingers is ultra fast. Future plans -Pickups stay, they are great. I doubt any other pickups will help and with the wiring, it'll be a mess that I don't even want a tech to handle. -Replace saddles with either block Gotohs or Graphtech. right now no issues with rollers saddles. -The pickguard fits perfectly but some warping and I suppose it's due to it being single ply. Maybe a 3 ply in the future Future thoughts - I hope the circuit board hangs in there but as of now it's totally functional. I guess when it craps out, I'll throw in a Clapton Boost. Oh all the glorious pictures are at this link. https://imgur.com/a/ClgMbCQ
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    Over the long term there will an increase in supply as we retire and die, with a simultaneous decrease in demand as playing an instrument is not part of most kids lives anymore.
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    Great Tallies is far. Now, here is mine.
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    I've got this one: LOVE this guitar. It's got WCR Cherrybuckers in it at the moment, but I'm hanging onto the DD's that it came with as well. Only one that I've seen in "Vintage Orange"
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    I picked up that 2007 Talladega from Gruhn's in late 2015 (can't believe it's been that long!!). It's a beautiful guitar, plays and sounds awesome. Now that i'm playing jazz 100% of the time, i don't play it at all but i don't have the heart to sell it. I look at it every time I reach for my jazz boxes though...
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    so much to say but I won't bother Miss you John
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