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  1. Miracles DO happen still and here's an example of that. Nice work, bud!
  2. Country of origin nonwithstanding, that's a nice burst and great looking guitar and a killer platform to improve upon. $300?! Sweet!! If I were to buy that right now the first things I'd do: fret level/dress and change out the electronics to quality pots and capacitor. Those 2 things will for sure show you exactly what you're working with. Who knows..you might love the stock pickups and wouldn't it be nice to hear them properly and not getting choked out by crappy pots/wiring? In my opinion, it's a waste of money to spend money on pickups unless you've got the electronics and frets right first. If the plastic nut is cut properly then it's good enough for now. A bone nut and a better bridge would help bring this up to Pro level too. Nice guit! I'd totally rock that.
  3. JGravelin


    Shishkov Guitars : level UP! Congrats because that's incredible.
  4. A small strip of tennis racket grip tape. No need to bust out powertools for this.
  5. I grabbed a Boss Katana 50 Mk2 a few weeks back and am surprised and amazed at how good it sounds every day. Some minor global eq tweaks within the app were all that was required along with playing through it as much as possible to get that speaker moving right. For pickup testing it saves me a boatload of time and is just as revealing as my Carr Hammerhead, Twin, Marshall, Peavey, etc. and all I have to do is press a button and jump to saved bank-presets. Also, plugging a bass in and using the Blackface Deluxe "Clean" patch; with a few adjustments I can get remarkably Showman-esque recorded bass sound for tracking. I'm all about quality tube amps and will never sell the killer ones I own but dang it, I love the Katana! Affordable too.
  6. JGravelin


    Thank you Dana. I love that top (!) and the trans-black really sets it off. Pure class. To clarify, the pickups are pretty much straight up early Di'Hamer clones with a slightly adjusted neck wind to pull out some of the woofy low-mid bloat that is common with some of the original specimens to make it balance better with the bridge pos. Beyond that small tweak tho, it's a dead-on accurate build right down to the brass frames and ferrous steel bobbin mounting screws. Congrats, and rock forth!
  7. I'll second KTBs suggestion of a pressurewound string and the GHS option there is really good at giving a brighter roundwound sound with a smooth feel. Straight out of the pack they have a nice sparkle and will warm up a bit over a month of daily playing. The DAddario Chromes are very bright for a flatwound string and will hold the "zing!" for quite a while. Super smooth feel as well. To split the difference tho, give those GHS Pressurewounds a try. IMHO, as always.
  8. On the cheap I think the DiMarzio Model P and Ultra Jazz bridge combo is pretty great. Having a hum-canceling J bridge position is really nice for P/Js- the best way to go IMHO. Since my name came up: All pickup builders cut their teeth on Fender coils and I'm no exception there an have an incredibly deep well of experience and knowledge with all of those. I've been at it for 20 years now. As for bass pickups, I'm a career bass player/musician myself so when it comes to bass pickups, my ears are especially fine-tuned and focused and since there's no shortage of basses across all makers at my house and over the years.. my bass pickups are killer. I used Bartolini pickups for a long time and in fact, I think I'm still listed as an Artist on their website. Nordstrand also makes nice pickups. Aguilars are good too! Duncan too! Lindy Fralins set is badass. If you want something custom wound to your requirements tho, give me a shout. PS: That's a lovely burst and a killer bass! Do you prefer roundwounds or flats with it?
  9. I just got a new phone and these are the first photos I took with it! Not so bad with the macro-zooms eh? 9.25k
  10. @JGale, your post is so full of Win! You're in a good spot with everything from what I am gathering but man, dropping coin on a custom pickups - as nice as I try to make it - it's still real money and in these times; perhaps I'm imposing my own tight-wad "be careful, bud" ideas - but to try other non-obtrusive options that are low-cost first, this is the stuff that is practical and logical. Play like Whos Next and Live At Leeds. All the time. Every time. ♥ You didn't state it directly but from what I've deduced from your words, you're working with 5 way switch - Vol. -Tone. Try this stack Vol/Tone pot idea!!! Your guitar is a perfect candidate for it and in doing so you'll have full and total control over how the single coils sound as well as the humbucker on it's own. I mean, look - I LOVE MONEY! I WANT ALL THE MONEY! But .. I'm a musician too, know exactly what it's like to be flat broke but wanting that Tone, I have a heart.. and it's part of my job to steer people toward the smart, inexpensive solutions first. It's about ethics and integrity for me, first and foremost. If all else fails, holler at me for a custom set of pickups and I'll fleece you. Kidding. Heh.
  11. Nice guitar, nice price especially with shipping included. I really shouldn't be buying right now and hope someone jumps on this good deal quick!
  12. I appreciate you asking Zen, and not to derail the thread but it's an interesting thing: during the 6 years of doing pickups professionally before I had a website, I built up a reputation as a custom maker who would really take the time to discuss with the customer and build exactly to their needs. 5 years ago, I dropped some serious coin on a guy to build my website (that he never finished and is somewhat of an embarrassment) and I populated it with known winds that sounded great. I've sold exactly 2 sets from my website because people still want to talk to me directly and work out the details just as I had done before! Because of that, I've learned to keep a limited amount of parts in stock and order what I need to suit the customer in the moment. This seems to work the best, at least for now. To make a helpful suggestion straight-away: for an Alder/Maple guitar, likely equipped with a trem unit with a big steel block adding to the brightness: For the single coils I'd use 42AWG coil wire with heavy formvar coating, pack it in with a high turns-per-layer and try to stick 'em at around 6.2k with Alnico 5. Or, to go darker still - 42AWG Plain Enamel coated wire, 6.4k. For the humbucker: 43AWG, single polynylon coated wire, high turns-per-layer resulting in 14k, double screw-style with 1010 unplated steel pole screws, and an unoriented Alnico 5 bar magnet. Still, I keep going back to either pots or a resistor - or both! @JGale, what's the control layout for this beast? Vol/Tone? Or Vol/Vol/Tone? If it's Vol/Tone only, a fella could replace those with V/T stacked pots: 250/250 for the single coils, 500/250 for the humbucker- get more and better control over the pickups individually and solve this problem for low dough. My point with this is why spend more money than one has to?
  13. JGale, I've got a bunch of rough A5 in stock and may have a few roughcast A4s laying around too. Addiction FX has decent magnets - I like their A2 especially! Jeff, ToneKraft is so expensive compared to the other suppliers and most of the time they take F O R E V E R to ship. And yes, horrible communication on all fronts too. I've got some ideas that might help you. Check your PM.
  14. I'm happy to help with pickups of course but before you go spending large monies, have you experimented with using a resistor on the volume controls yet? Most H/S/S guitars use 500k pots and if yours does too, adding a 1meg resistor to tab 1 and 3 (grounded to casing) will give you 242k, make your single coils sound right, and will knock down the icepick treble overall. Cost? Hit up a local electronics repair shop and I bet they'll sell you one for .10. Or, swap to 300k pots. Or 250k. Slightly more expensive than buying one resistor however. Here Again, I'm glad to do a custom set of pickups but either the resistor or new pots would be much more cost effective. Personally, I would try these options before dropping $$$ on pickups.
  15. Update: #3 and #10 have sold. I'm surprised that no one has jumped on #1 and #2 because those are both Hamer-specific pickups that aren't made anymore. Also, #4 and #5 together would be a killer set. I'll be putting an Alnico 2 set of P90s up shortly. $188.50/set, new shiny black covers included, shipping included.
  16. +1 on those inexpensive Yamahas and Alvarez! I was on gig with fellas that had them for the acoustic numbers, ran sound, dialed in channel-specific settings: good stuff on the cheap here! $400 or less!
  17. I have no info on the exact factory spec but does that matter? Happy to walk you through a proper set-up. Bust out a capo, little screw-drivers, a 6" steel ruler that measures to the the 64 of an inch, a tuner ..and your phone. And message me with your # and I'll call.
  18. It's got Strat single coils poking up from the bottom end so I automatically think this is the best phone ever.
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