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  1. If I met Pete Townshend, I'd probably act like a starstruck dork. Otherwise, I can't think of anyone I'd bug. As far as I'm concerned, Pete IS rock and roll.
  2. Glad someone pulled the trigger before I did something stupid. I've lusted after that guitar for years.
  3. Hey, this was eight years ago. The Internet was still new and scary. We needed help finding the boobs.
  4. It suggests that he knows people want to hear the heavy shit and not his cabaret act, so he's chasing the money instead of his "artistic vision" (whatever that may be).
  5. I like Cooper's BBQ better than the Pit. Wish I was in that part of the state and could make the gig.
  6. You can't go wrong with those two, Turdus. I've been on a huge Tool kick lately. Can anyone suggest any similar bands - with the same type of art, anger and musical proficiency?
  7. How did Rod play? I'd love to see him live someday.
  8. Wow, what a beauty. She's way out of your league! Congrats, man!
  9. Nope, you're not too old for a V. But shredders look wrong on everyone except the youngsters (and maybe not even then).
  10. Pretty good right up until the chorus. That killed it for me.
  11. Listened to Come Somewhere, the solo album by King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill. Great disc. By the way, he's recovering from what sounds like a pretty bad heart attack. Get well Jerry.
  12. Friday's warm weather had me cranking Rules by Supagroup. Great summertime party music.
  13. I can't get it to work on my iPad for some reason.
  14. "Bank roll. Dave Grohl. All hail those that rock and roll." If he's good enough for Supagroup, he's good enough for me.
  15. Nancy Wilson can still do the high leg kick in Crazy On You. Still love me some Nancy Wilson...
  16. Nothing says "rawk" like pants jacked up - old man style, a button down and a preppy belt!
  17. OK, they've got me interested now. The bastards...
  18. This shit is seriously stuck in my head. The VH boys may know what they're doing after all...
  19. Liked it better the second listen than the first time. It seems like one of those catchy songs that you could burn out on pretty quickly - but it is catchy. Not a bad choice for a first single.
  20. Split the signal if you can, with lows going through your bass rig and distorted highs going through a guitar amp.
  21. Badass! You mentioned that the "brain" has backing vox in it. Were the vox in this video live? They sounded great, as did everything else.
  22. Holy crap! Don't know how I missed this thread. Very cool for your son! I'm glad Ben mentioned Vai in the second post. I wouldn't have realized who that was in the pics.
  23. Effigy, the new single from Urge Overkill. The whole album is great, but this song is particularly incredible.
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