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  1. Don't forget the stale cigarette smoke and sour beer smells, too! Cat piss costs extra.
  2. HEAVY. I dig it! Here's a link for those too lazy to cut and paste. Liink
  3. The Cure. It's an awesome name and should have been reserved for a great band.
  4. They did it a couple years ago. Not too impressive, if I remember correctly.
  5. Because they are the same people that made the great Gibson Les Pauls of the 1950s, they are continuing The Heritage of great guitar making. The early Gibsons had "The Gibson" on the headstock as well. And also, since these guys are the same guys who made Gibsons back in the '50s, that means they are really, really old. Old people say things like "I'm going to get a fish sandwich and a cup of coffee at the Burger King."
  6. Absolutely. Sounds like they kicked ass. I was shocked to hear that Plant is "only" 59. As I get older, my perception of what is "old" keeps changing. Then again, being a Doug Pinnick fan will do that to you too.
  7. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I can't help but think they are going to suck.
  8. That's awesome, Nick. I'm really happy for you.
  9. An origignal song I wrote called "Touch." I've been trying to get the drums down for the past hour and I'm about to go batshit. I hate this song right about now, but I'll have it running through my head all night. I should know better than to work on music right before bedtime...
  10. Blackie Lawless?!? That's more Chris Robinson than Blackie. Come on, El. Your inner hippie should appreciate that comparison.
  11. That rocks. The singer has a great voice for this kind of stuff. I dig the lead-work, too.
  12. The guitar part in We Will Rock You was probably the first time I really paid attention to the guitar tone. It was just so badass sounding. Still is.
  13. I think she found God and stopped taking her shirt off. A damn shame.
  14. Electronic drums are the master volume amps of the drum world. They may not sound as good as the real thing (although they can sound really good and are easy to record), but if volume is a concern, you should definitely consider them.
  15. I just went looking for the Korn trainwreck. Is this it? While I don't particularly care for the song, they seemed to do a pretty good job with it.
  16. My wife dragged me into some makeup/perfume store this weekend and I noticed that they actually sell Kiss perfume for women. Who actually buys this crap?
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