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  1. That's killer looking. Personally, I'd prefer a sick piece of flame maple on the front, but that piece does have character.
  2. Steve - you got any need for single power tubes? I have some neat old stuff but no matching pairs.
  3. Hang in there, Steve. I hope things continue to go well for your family.
  4. I believe that one is owned by "Ego" the mod of one of the KX boards - and a friend of the band. He swears he'll never get rid of it.
  5. Crap. This was on last night? I thought in was a Wed/Thurs show. Hopefully the DVR did its job.
  6. Tell the truth - that's not paint on that picture, is it?
  7. I actually like Brooke - and I don't usually care for the over-enhanced, celebrity skank types like Carmen Electra and Pam Anderson. She looks nice, seems nice and doesn't say anything overly stupid. She's exceeding expectations just by doing that much.
  8. Those were some disappointing choices. Black Crowes dude sounded good but was too damn smiley-happy. That would get annoying. It seemed like that dude who sang Roxanne basically decided to ditch the melody and just focus one one note for the entire song. It really bordered on a monotone performance. Gilby told the truth - it sucked. At least they brought back the house band dummer. That dude kicks ass. Hell, all of them do.
  9. One other thing to consider: I believe the stock Duncan really is a soapbar under a dogear cover, while the Fralin is probably a true dogear. With that being the case, I would expect the soapbar to sound more clean and the dogear to be a little more ruff.
  10. I wouldn't expect the new pickup to sound any tougher or ballsier. I mean "Seymour" isn't a very tough name, but "Lindy" is no better. If you really want a manly pickup, you might want to try something from Bill Lawrance or Larry Dimarzio.
  11. I sent you a PM, Steve. I definitely don't know anything about knifes except how to spread peanut butter. No patent work here, although I know people who do it. Shoot me an email at work if you want me to put you in touch with someone.
  12. Hey Steve - I've got a hot sauce question. How long will that stuff last? I've got one big bottle that I almost used up. There's another unopened bottle I was saving for Rockola Steve but I've decided to keep for myself (sorry Rock). If it has not been opened, how long will it last? Does this stuff need to be refrigerated?
  13. The towel. Damn. It may have been the funniest gag I've seen on this board. It still makes me bust out laughing.
  14. I learned a long time ago not to read any messages posted by Rechts when I'm on business calls. Today I forgot that rule and had to try to explain why I was laughing at really inappropriate times.
  15. You gotta vote for Rechts. But the funniest HFC comment I've read in a while: "no way she could kill a bear "
  16. ........ Jack, you're killing me! Can I be in a band with you guys? Well,............. we don't ordinarily let strangers up on stage with us. But if you'll tune to A440 and don't screw up the lyrics..... then, maybe. Ah, but I'm not a stranger, and 440/remembering stuff is still (just) within my grasp. It won't work without a bass player.
  17. Please tell me Austin is getting banned this time. How many good people does he have to scare away before the mods realize he's a bad seed?
  18. Damn it. I want a real Waterloo speech. Remeber the lessons I taught you...
  19. Dude - are those pick scratches? If so, your aim sucks!
  20. I think I've only heard one song and it was a fairly cheesy ballad - something like "love is on the way." Was that a bad representation of the band?
  21. Classy guitars don't have Floyds. Just trying to stir some shit up with MCC.
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