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  1. OK, they've got me interested now. The bastards...
  2. This shit is seriously stuck in my head. The VH boys may know what they're doing after all...
  3. Liked it better the second listen than the first time. It seems like one of those catchy songs that you could burn out on pretty quickly - but it is catchy. Not a bad choice for a first single.
  4. Split the signal if you can, with lows going through your bass rig and distorted highs going through a guitar amp.
  5. Badass! You mentioned that the "brain" has backing vox in it. Were the vox in this video live? They sounded great, as did everything else.
  6. Holy crap! Don't know how I missed this thread. Very cool for your son! I'm glad Ben mentioned Vai in the second post. I wouldn't have realized who that was in the pics.
  7. Effigy, the new single from Urge Overkill. The whole album is great, but this song is particularly incredible.
  8. David, do you guys ever play in Charlotte?
  9. Urge Overkill - Rock and Roll Submarine Supagroup - Hail Hail Rock and Roll Foo Fighters - Wasting Light The Who - Face Dances (I needed The Quiet One. One of my favorite songs ever) The Shazam (debut. Self-titled)
  10. Love the CD. Rosemary rules - especially after seeing Grohl and Bob Mould laying down the vocs in the documentary.
  11. You mean the Gustavsson headstock? Looks like a $20k Samick to me...
  12. Brooks - call me if you want some free advice on how to deal with the insurance company on the injury claim.
  13. Anything to get the good drugs, huh Brooks? Hang in there man.
  14. Coolest Hamer I've seen in years. Wow!
  15. The EMGs sound great through my cymbals. Brooks is pissed because we made him wear clothes.
  16. DavidB thinks Rockola Steve looks sexy in purple.
  17. I finally "discovered" Rush last year and 2112 was the one that blew me away. Love it...
  18. Honeysuckle Blue by drivin n cryin. Saw them play it live before the album came out and immediately recognized it when I eventually heard the album. Very cool, memorable riff.
  19. Where's "rosewood/piezo" on the poll? Duotones rule.
  20. +1 on Mike Mills. He had some tasteful lines. I used to love playing the bass on Radio Free Eurpope in my college band.
  21. Paul Stanley. "We've got ourselves a rock n roll party tonight. Woooo!"
  22. So the first day of NHL free agency is also Canada Day, huh? Sounds like a conspiracy to me.
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