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  1. Bump and a price drop to $105. This is under market price. You can buy and flip if you want. I'm just too lazy to try to sell it elsewhere.
  2. It’s pretty impressive that this is the same cool place it always was, even 6 years after Hamer died.
  3. Killer high gain distortion. This is an early version of the pedal. I bought it new about 10 years ago. Works and sounds great. $115 shipped CONUS.
  4. Holy shit, that’s cool looking!
  5. Damn, I vividly remember that magazine issue and that photo. I’m sure I still have the mag somewhere. Cool guitar!
  6. Ok done. It’s sad. I don’t own any of the same stuff from before.
  7. The exhibit at the Met in NYC has a lot these - Micawber, SRV, EVH, Prince, Springsteen, Blackie, and Page’s LP, double-neck, Tele and Supro. Just amazing.
  8. That sucks. Maybe it’s the nut. All I can say from experience is that the B50 can stay in tune if there’s no binding at the bridge or nut.
  9. I have a Gretsch with a B50 (licensed). It plays, sounds and looks great, but tuning is an issue. I lubed the nut (heh), but realized that wasn’t the problem. The bridge was the problem. It was a tunamatic type, and the strings were binding there. I replaced the bridge this week with an inexpensive roller bridge and the tuning problems went away immediately. Very psyched.
  10. For the $2,400 price of one of these, I’d rather have a real 60s SG Jr. These do look cool, though.
  11. The Blackstar Fly is close to the same price and sounds sooooo much better.
  12. I’m up for jamming with NC folks and visitors anytime.
  13. i have a badass 2003 R7 with full size HBs (Wolfetone Marshallheads) that I'd sell. Never heard of an R7 with minis.
  14. I'm looking to replace the 498T in an SG with something lower output. Anyone have an old Duncan 59 they pulled from a Hamer? Might be interested in a set if you have two. Interested in other options too. What's in your parts drawer? Edit: That was easy! It took all of 5 minutes.
  15. Sorry, man. I would have loved to meet up a Eddie’s. Maybe next week?
  16. I like it! The song has some cool changes. Nothing wrong with some good Cookie Monster metal.
  17. You guys sound great! I don’t know the 2nd song but it got the butts moving.
  18. To be fair to the troll, most of us here are dicks, so I can understand the confusion.
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