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  1. A 'Lil '59 in the bridge and two Strat single coils is my favorite setup in a Strat. Split the humbucker in the bridge/middle position so you still get the Strat in-between sound and full humbucker in the bridge only position. I also have the tone controls wired for the middle and bridge pickups instead of neck and middle.
  2. The Firebird got a little update.
  3. RichF


  4. Saw them in Boston a few weeks ago. Fantastic show from beginning to end.
  5. That is quite an entrance. Welcome.
  6. Sad day. Wishing nothing but the best for all the guys who made the guitars that we all love.
  7. Congratulations! Nice score. Add me to the list of people who didn't know they made electrics.
  8. Rodip nailed it, "one pickup special with p90, with second or HBs as an option (not too hot), like butterscotch, wraptail. 1200 OTD (with Hamer quality touches of the neck and frets)." except for the butterscotch part. At least one color option besides, red, back or TV yellow. All of those are way overdone.
  9. I found a couple pics with the old finish stripped. I did clean up that bit of finish in the control cavity too.
  10. I originally planned on doing all the work myself. Seeing some previous work and some extra glue in the neck pickup rout had me a little worried about things there. So, I took it Jim Mouradian (Boston area luthier/expert) to make sure everything was OK and decided to have him do the woodwork and drill the holes for the bridge. Jim did all the filling and drilling and I did the finish. I'll see what in progress pics I have when I get home later.
  11. Thanks guys. Almost forgot to show off one of my favorite parts of this guitar. Had to keep the ink stamped serial number on the back of the headstock, but didn't want a little window of black in Sea Foam. Decided to do a stinger to blend the black back of the headstock with the green. I'm not a big fan of black and Sea Foam next to each other so I came up with this.
  12. Picked up an 82 Special a while back that had seen some heavy use. It started life with a TOM and stop tail piece then got Kahlerized along with some carving between the pickups and lots or wear. Some of that wear also included some questionable extra "routing" and glue in the neck pickup cavity. I decided to make a few changes. Here are a couple before and after shots. Tone Pros bridge. Manlius Landmark pickup. Always a tough color to photograph correctly, that's Sea Foam Green.
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