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  1. Hi, all. Anyone have a copy of this manual? I have asked the builder for one (and had it serviced by him) but had no response for some time, so hope someone has copy they would be willing to share, please. Would be most apprecaited. My amp is apparently one of the earlier ones. Shipped to me by a fool who did not pack it remotely well, damaged and mishandled by the shipper, but with a little effort it seems to be working just fine (and as I said all up to date and serviced). For just a few knobs it is pretty complex, lots in there, so a cheat sheet would be helpful. So far kinda just like the basic channel 1 input fairly cranked w the second channel all the way down, but there is a lot more in there. Thanks very much.
  2. Ps somebody buy the d?&$ black PT. MOnaco is fab but the PT is just cool. Buy them, both. There womt be another monaco like that one in a while.
  3. The suoerpro is just magic. it is so magic it is huge. so magic. just so hugely magic. so hagic. Is that a word? it is now. Hagic. You have never seen anything so hagic. No you have not. You couldnt have because i just made it up. there. That outta sell it.
  4. Once I figured out how to see the guitars, yup, The Double cut shishkov is lovely, as is the pseudo-schecter/fackyo. And the Monaco. And….
  5. i assume that schecter - ish thing is not a real one and so kindly offer you 350 - that’s 3.50 - for it. If real S serial, 350 would do it.
  6. I like this https://www.emeraldcityguitars.com/product/1997-fender-american-deluxe-telecaster-plus-v2/ No relation blah blah
  7. (I have ZERO link to this, other than admiring it from afar for the last minute since I stumbled across it) "You know you want me"
  8. A pretty, green Daytona just popped up on Reverb. But looks nice. not related or have interest in any way, shape, or form w the ad. Just sharing.
  9. another option that does have some advantages is to get a 3-pickup telecaster. fixed bridge. More ballsy bridge PU. telecaster ('nuff said).
  10. I love strats. Best thing is you can get a great strat for little money. I found an american std 1987 strat for 600 bucks on CL not too long ago. One of the best playing guitars I have, bar none. I had an avri (sold it) and have a Suhr (very nice, no doubt about it, just sounds good), and 2 old VN Schecters. None are "better" than that 600 dollar strat. But really, if I were shopping for a strat now, I'd probably just look for a good strat plus from the 90s and call it a day. YMMV.
  11. Been listening to Christine “Kingfish” Ingram. Bb king meets Hendrix. Dig his voice, esp for a kid.
  12. Yes on all The Who, my all time favorite band, but... On my TT is the Ray Brown Trio, with Gene Harris, "Soular Energy." I really recommend it to all. Good stuff. Grab a single malt and sit back. You can thank me later.
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