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  1. I've run mine into the front of a clean amp and it works hilariously well. I wasn't expecting anything good but the Microcube delivered. Had a Cube 60 for awhile that was very good, too. Heard nothing but good things about the Katana line. Anything with a decent headphone out is good for quiet practicing.
  2. hamerhead


    Just watched the video - the quilt just keeps getting deeper. Fantastic.
  3. Eminence Lil Texas: https://www.eminence.com/speakers/speaker-detail/?model=Lil_Texas Nice and light, sounds pretty amazing in the SuperChamp. ....or talk to bubs. He is all-knowing.
  4. I believe the speed hole models ran from '94 to '96.
  5. It works great. Some guys put a dab of super glue to hold them in place (in the tailpiece). I haven't....yet.
  6. A little wood filler will fix 'er right up. Besides, you don't even use that part of the neck anyways.
  7. Something to consider - it'll leave a mark. If you don't want to scuff a clean tailpiece, use a beater to try it for the first time.
  8. I top wrap my LP and like it a lot, not so much with other guitars I've tried it on. It's a feel thing.
  9. hamerhead


    Time for a replacement. Going from a queen to a king size this time because we want the split/adjustable base. For two old fart side-sleepers with bad backs. What would you recommend?
  10. Eddie. For some reason Randy Rhoads never did anything for me. Great player, but no real interest here. Not sure why.
  11. He's pissing on the door handle.
  12. Flowmeters? Longshot - from Stress Analysis Services?
  13. Stop peeking in my windows, Steve.
  14. That's probably the meanest thing I've heard someone say to another human being.
  15. I already live in the woods, eat more berries 'cuz I'm old, and that pandemic leftover asswipe is close. What's your point?
  16. I was thinking more set-necks, because well....bolt-necks are bolt-necks for that purpose - to make neck swaps easy. I broke the neck off that old '60 ES-330 and glued in an Epiphone unit I found in the pile. It's bitchin'. The idea (for the original question) came from the post about the black 4-digit Standard - with a Sustain Block - for sale somewhere. If not for the tiny neck, it would be the perfect 4-digit. And if - again this is all hypothetical - it were to have had a headstock repair at some point in its life, would it be a bad thing to just re-neck it with something more suitable. Sure, it kills the value, but the hit has already been taken with the headstock break/repair anyways. I was actually thinking about buying it and breaking the neck so i could have it replaced... OK so I'm bored.....
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