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  1. The Musician's Gear (Musician's Friend) LP case is decent. I think as a 'Stupid Deal' they go for like $50.
  2. I liked the Phat Cats and never tried anything else in mine. It had a Tele-ish twang that was different than anything else I had at the time and filled that hole. I kinda miss it now.
  3. OK f*** it. I wanted it to be at least a little bit of a surprise when it was done, but it's just coming out so much better than I'd hoped that I gotta share: Sorry for the little picture. It's not letting me upload a bigger one. But it's f***ing cool anyway, right? I love dumb luck. Mike is truly an artist.
  4. Yes! I have one here somewhere, too. It's on my to-do list.
  5. It sure looks like he spent a lot of time on something nobody needs.
  6. As not a fan of Billy Idol, that was THE BEST version of that song I've ever heard.
  7. Well Shawn, we recognize you have special needs, so helping just seems like the right thing to do. This place is actually better than my real-life friends.
  8. hamerhead


    God that's cool.
  9. Tone Press. First thing in the chain (after the tuner). Barely there, just enough to sustain a note a little longer. Very transparent.
  10. I also had an Alvarez Yairi that was an absolute cannon. Sounded amazing and was the loudest acoustic I'd ever played. Those can be had for around $300 (righty).
  11. Ovation. They play great and take a pounding.
  12. That's a reeeally long neck, Joe.
  13. Yeah, and I want to torture that little kick-me son of a bitch.
  14. 24.75 scale. There was a couple reasons for the 24 frets, but mainly for them 'dogs-only' notes.
  15. Guy at work milled his own clear bass body. It sounded great.
  16. It's no longer for my belly - it's for my manboobs.
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