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  1. That's my initial take on it, Jake. The clean was very good. I need to spend more time with it, though.
  2. Finally. Finally got it out of the box and plugged the Boss GT-3 into it and a single 12 out of it. Not too bad. Definitely serviceable. Then..... I went straight in with a Billy Bo Frankencrap equipped with a Duncan mini bucker, and then a stock 2001 Epiphone Sheraton. Clean, it was big and warm, really Fender-ish. Sounded surprisingly good. But keep the gain below half because after that it's nasty crap. Wooly and fizzy at the same time. Reminded me of an '80s red knob Fender Super 60 I had that never, ever sounded good no matter what you threw at it. I'll try it with different cabinets to see if it gets any better, but as it is, the distortion is....well, not my cup 'o tea. I only messed with it for about 30 minutes. It will work as a backup and maybe a rehearsal rig once it's dialed in. And for something the size of an MXR pedal, the little bastard's got some snort. It would do a small bar pretty easily.
  3. I've had otherwise great guitars get better with the right pickup swap. My Junior was a fantastic, resonant beast with a mediocre stock Duncan P90. Murkat brewed up a replacement by which all others were judged, one that delivered all that resonant awesomeness to the input of the amp. Same with Josh's Cowpie Customs in my LP. I searched for 40 years for those pickups. Your hands are tone, your pickups are translators, and your knobs are sugar.
  4. For me it was more about how Peavey management made promises to their employees and lied through their teeth right up until they yanked the rug out. Pretty heartless.
  5. I did. It was pretty obvious his entitled shitbag stepson and plastic wife are at the core, IMO. Hartley Peavey didn't start the company with that end in mind, but greed and money-grubbing cling-ons will fuck with your head.
  6. ....after fucking over their long-time employees.
  7. ^^^This. After selling the Echotone I - needed - to fill that gap and found a 2001 Sheraton (Samick factory) that is easily one of the best - if not THE best - imports I've ever played. Extremely well-made and the fit-and-finish is far better than expected. An absolutely fantastic guitar that punches waaay above its weight.
  8. Loved mine. Pickups were a bit one-dimensional and the tuners weren't great, but it sounded great through the old Vibrolux. Stick to the 1st-gen Korean-made version.
  9. I have a buddy who's a local legend and knows every guitar player in a four state area. If he spots you in the crowd he'll run out and shove the guitar into your hands and yell whatever key it's in and from there you're on your own. One night I knew it was coming and headed out the door and down the block. The goofy bastard gave chase (best wireless ever, apparently) and caught me about a block away - still playing - handed me the guitar and dragged me back in. My wife says mouths dropped when we came through the door with me playing and him pushing me onto the stage. That one still makes me laugh. He also caught me at Summerfest in Milwaukee when they opened for Frampton. I'm halfway back in a crowd of maybe 4000 people and still don't know how he saw me. "It's in 'A' " he says as he's dropping the guitar in my lap. I got a pretty good cheer and a few slaps on the back, but my hands were shaking so bad when I was done I couldn't even hold my beer. Dammit.
  10. Same sentiment for the past what - 30 years or so? Every year, every new technology: they're 'just not there yet'. In a blind taste test I wouldn't be able to tell you what gear was making what sound. But when it feels right, that's the thing.
  11. My Micro Block got here today, too. Still in the box, though.....
  12. Asked him, 'Why?' He said, 'Beats the shit outta me'.
  13. It's #89, same as the splintered-neck '77 Sunburst BCR Greg resurrected for me a few years back. Just a real weird and very cool coincidence.
  14. That'll be after they hear it.
  15. Goddammit now you got ME looking for stuff in there. I saw an alligator.
  16. Oh thanks a lot for raining on everyone's parade, Jake. Now tell me there's no Santa Claus while you're at it.
  17. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid Interesting.... ETA: Just ordered one.
  18. Yeah, I could do the sitting part, too. I just couldn't remember where I was.
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