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  1. My brutha from anutha mutha. ETA: duh. Plus - I always loved the Daytonas, but.....SQUIRREL........wait....where were we?
  2. I had it's heftier twin for many years and let it go. Had 3 others and let them go. This is correcting those mistakes.
  3. I'm with you, Jamie: Crab legs and a movie on the couch, ball drop/smooch at 11:00 (our time), lights out. 'Tis the life. Gigged a few NYEs. Don't really remember any of them......
  4. I hope the new year is better for you, Jamie! 2019 was rough. Not gonna miss it.
  5. Funk #49 is always fun to play. Meadows, Walk Away, Time Out, Turn to Stone.....he's got too many great songs to pick one. Agreed.
  6. That's when you say "This is the guitar PRS wishes it could build".
  7. Almost forgot - it came with this mug, too. New favorite daughter.
  8. Got this one from my daughter on Christmas Eve...... ....and this one from my wife on Christmas: Pretty funny. HoHoHo.
  9. Same to you, Jim. And everybody else, too!
  10. You've seen them 100 times before, but how often do you get to have your favorite guitar company use the parts you made?!? I mean at the time, the kids were small and money was tight and the timing was terrible. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime you-gotta-do-it thing. And something I will always be proud of (it was pretty f***in' cool). Plus, their names are on the headstocks, so I had to do it twice. It's funny because back then it didn't matter to them, but now when I play out, I better use both or I hear about it!
  11. That's funny. Rush is done because Neil can't perform up to HIS standards. But Neil at 1/2 speed is still better than 95% of the drummers out there. It's a little sad they couldn't/wouldn't transition into something a little less demanding, but there's something to be said for going out while still on top of your game. It's OK they're NOT doing endless 'farewell' tours. Personally I think a dialed-back Rush would have kicked ass.
  12. Saw VH during their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tours, and DLR's first solo tour (Vai and Sheehan!). Diamond Dave screamed and ran around a lot, but I don't recall much actual singing. And recent clips are just scary - not only is his voice completely fried but he no longer has 'the look', which makes it.....creepy. And Kiss had about a 6 month window between the first 'Alive' and the release of Rush's 2112. By the time 'Destroyer' came out a few months later I had already moved on. 'Alive' was a great album but nothing after it caught my ear. And that's 45 years ago.
  13. Well he was pretty good at playing out of tune or off pitch.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up, Jonathan. I grabbed another for a stereo micro-rig.
  15. Tough decision, Bob. But they wouldn't be going to a random stranger, right? So there's some comfort in that. If all my crap - guitars, house, wife and kids - would buy a retirement place I'd sell tomorrow, but reality says it's closer to a down payment on an ArrrVeee. Good luck with it and enjoy, whatever you choose.
  16. ^^^That's pretty funny! I have a DD-6 delay on my board, a BF-2 flanger on the shelf that's 40 years old, an old GT-3 that I gigged for about 5 years (and with the little Quilter box, it will see a revival) and a BC-2 Combo Drive that hasn't left the box yet. Never had trouble with any of them. I have a MicroCube and sold a Cube 60, both are/were very good at what they do. The line out of the MicroCube into a bigger amp works surprisingly well. I really want to try a Katana (and the Yamaha THR series) but I'm pretty happy with what I have at the moment. Boss gets slagged pretty bad most of the time, but they work pretty damn good, especially for the money.
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