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  1. That looks very similar to a '93 I used to have: If yours isn't the same one, it's the only other one I've seen like it. Mine had a scuff on the face (below the pickups) where a microphone hit it. Great guitar. It was my main gigging guitar for 3 or 4 years.
  2. Haven't seen it, but I'm guessing neck swap.
  3. ....and at it's Hamer peak: I only have 4 of those now....and a couple others....
  4. Jim, definitely contact Josh. He will absolutely pull the best out of your guitar that it has to offer. ....and I'm not even a paid shill.
  5. My blonde Norwegian wife yells from the living room: "Rich Little died!" To which I yell back, "What are the odds of him dying on the same day as Little Richard?" For a small older woman, she still packs a pretty good punch.
  6. Damn. When I was a little kid I thought he was just weird. Later on I figured it out and came to appreciate what he did. R.I.P.
  7. Done in crayon? That looks really bad.
  8. There's millions of good album Side 1s . Ted's first is pretty strong. Rush 2112, of course. VH1, Zep II, ZZ Top Tres, etc etc etc. Yes, I'm a dinosaur. Whaddaya got?
  9. I saw that lineup of Bad Company when they opened for Damn Yankees way back when. Some people really hated that version (he was no Paul Rodgers) but for that particular time period, it worked. Always loved the opening riff to Holy Water. R.I.P.
  10. I think he meant except 99.
  11. Thanks, buddy. I was starting to feel left out.
  12. MITCH!! How's it going? The Slammer Series basses work really well and go pretty cheap.
  13. We just went from Frontier at 2.6 mbps to Spectrum at 230 mbps. Everything loads fast now.
  14. He's not a known scotch drinker. I offered him money, babes, and scotch, so I'll go with the Aberfeldy. Thanks Jason! Thanks for the help, guys!
  15. Murkat did a refret on my ebony-boarded Special that you can't tell from factory. Not stainless frets, but a perfect job nonetheless.
  16. hamerhead


    Don't drink the stuff myself, but as a gag I told my nephew I'd get him a bottle for helping me out. Name me a decent Scotch that isn't kerosene that's worthy of gag-giftness.
  17. A Studio Custom is what brought me here - some 20 years ago. F*** I'm old..... You found a great guitar and a great bunch of numbnuts. Congrats!
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