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  1. That Thing You Do movie is a favorite because (I felt) it nailed the spirit of the era. The music is great. I had no idea he was involved until this morning. What a sad waste. R.I.P.
  2. The Korean-made Echotones were first and pretty nice, the one to get if given a choice.
  3. Sorry. Got excited when I saw 'ended'.
  4. Have any of you had straps made? I'm looking to have one done for an incoming guitar and need some help finding a place to do it. Thanks.
  5. Finally - some good news!! Congrats and good luck to both of you!
  6. Dammit, Mike! Stop spoiling the ending! It is pretty f***ing cool though, right?
  7. I believe those are Haeusseleuiooiiuoio Firebird pickups.
  8. I turned this pile of crap: ...into this pile of crap: The neck is an Allparts with a 12" radius and medium jumbo frets from Fifty Two Guitars. Has a great feel to it. The body is from Rosser Guitars, who did an excellent job. It's still not finished.....
  9. Check here: https://guitarelectronics.com/guitar-wiring-resources/
  10. First thing to do is get a good hygrometer (humidity gauge) so you know where you're at. Then get a humidifier (a bigger one than the space needs), or a whole-house unit that attaches to your furnace. A constant 45%-55% has worked for me. It may take a while to settle in, but the sooner you can do it the better ALL of the wood in your house will be. ETA: Also, a good dehumidifier would be smart for the summer months.
  11. Playing a Les Paul for 40 years will make you do that. And I don't think color will matter. P90s, f-holes and spruce - it's going to be a killer, regardless.
  12. I am a haggler and an asshole, but I never start at 1/2 price. That's just rude. And sometimes guys are just looking to clear sh!t out and you end up with a better deal than expected, just by asking them what they'd take for it.
  13. Is that a Spruce top with the F-hole and P90s? Nice! Love the extra deep cutaway. Yeah - you started something there, Arnie. Classy as hell, I think.
  14. Spiders and Snakes was played so often on so many stations across so many genres it would drive a person to jab pencils in their ears. Good God, twice would have been plenty. Mudshark's post is a 'holy sh!t' moment, for sure. I had no idea he was such a great player.
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