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  1. Just throwing it out there for discussion. No, I haven't bought (or made) a mistake I'm trying to correct. Just seeing what y'all think.
  2. Hypothetical question: Say you bought a relatively rare guitar with a neck that wasn't to your liking and already had a headstock repair. Would it be a bad thing to re-neck it with something that more fit your style/shape/size?
  3. Well that was really fucking stupid, regardless what side of the fence you're on. Most reasonably intelligent people understand protesters and looters are two separate entities, and blasting them as a whole on social media - especially when you rely on the public to feed you - is pretty short-sighted. Having exchanged several emails with Mike in the past, it's not a total surprise - he seemed a bit of a douche. Love that OCD, though.
  4. In the great strap-over-the-front debate, I gotta say it's mighty comfy. And when you're reaching for pedals on the floor, not having the damn guitar flop forwards is pretty handy. I know it's about 'the look', but it is functionally superior in every conceivable way.
  5. Gibson Junior horns seem to curve more right off the neck joint, whereas Hamer's have a slight flat between the neck and the initial curve of the horn. Hamer horns also appear to be just slightly narrower, but being built by hand there's probably a fair amount of variance. If anyone wants to send their '58 or '59 Junior, I'd gladly put it on our CMM at work and see for sure.
  6. Try the Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky set with 9s on top, 10s on the bottom. ETA: I've encountered an occasional Grover tuner that wouldn't hold pitch. Maybe something to look at?
  7. Close: The HFC bought this one to donate to a kid who had his destroyed by a bully. One of the coolest things I've been a part of. I wonder how that kid is doing.......
  8. ^^^ A lot of those sound like factory patches on my old Boss GT-3.
  9. I love the sound of my 414 Taylor, but the mid-'70s Ovation is more fun to play. The round back can be a pain, though. I'd trade them both (and a kidney) for a McPherson. Played like a -insert favorite guitar here- and sounded like a Steinway. It was the first acoustic of any type to truly knock my socks off. https://mcphersonguitars.com/
  10. You know, any Hamer could have that with a good belt sander.....
  11. Good one, right? Whale Blue, black hardware, ebony board, and those pickups. What's not to like? So I sold it. It's still in the family, though.
  12. Damn. I didn't even know Yamaha made a Les Paul. How are the necks on those?
  13. ^^^This. Exactly. At the core they're essentially the same, minus some bling and/or some really drool-worthy custom touches.
  14. I've had a 25th LE and a 30th, and absolutely loved the 30th. I'd like to try the other three of the 4 listed. The Triple Threats have always given me extreme G.A.S. Shawn really didn't help by posting the one from Reverb. Holy crap is that nice! The problem I have with Limited Editions is actually playing them. The first ding or scratch would cause major anxiety/guilt/depression. It's why those two are gone now. Great guitars, but their near-mintyness made me deathly afraid of wear or damage. They spent far more time on the wall or in the case than being used. It was fun for a while, but I'm not a collector. Don't get me wrong - I would be if I could afford to, but reality always gets in the way.
  15. I had #10 for a while. Best Hamer I ever owned. ETA: Correction: it was #10 that I got from Jonathan. Gorgeous guitar. #8 was a 25th LE.
  16. Sustain Block Specials RULE! I had a '58 (or '59, I can't remember) Gibson like this: ...that got sold to pay the rent. 25 years later it led to the making of this: ...and cured my Gibson Junior G.A.S. I've had some cool Specials:
  17. Those might be Gibsons in that picture. I tried everything; Gibsons, DiMarzios, Duncans, etc etc, and ended up sticking with GFS(!) They just sounded better. I'd put Firebirds in it now, though, like yours. I hope you sell it soon - it's too damn tempting.
  18. ^^^The MonEl with the f-hole is especially sweet.
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