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  1. GODDAMMIT!!! I really want a singlecut now. CURSE YOU, DANNY P!! That thing just oozes 'cool'. ETA: OK, gotta ask: Why the cavity cover with no switch?
  2. Spalted Maple top. Some would say I ruined it by putting color on it. We have a new emoji for that: 🖕 (I wanted to use that on Shawn but he hasn't given me a reason.....yet.)
  3. That's just great. The ONE TIME I give an answer that's remotely legit and I get called out on it. Dammit.
  4. That information is apparently only available on a need-to-know basis.
  5. I got stacks of 2'x3'x2" thick Styrofoam that my work was going to pitch, figuring I could insulate my garage or shed with it. I want to glue it end-to-end/edge-to-edge to make bigger sheets for the ceiling. Got any glue recommendations for something like that?
  6. Dammit. The Tone Press is a 'never leave' pedal on my board. Anybody got one for sale?
  7. It'll be wore out by then!
  8. Holy shit. My page is now black (and I didn't do it). ETA: OK, got it. Back to normal..... Thanks, TED!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRL1hGPOUTo Tell me that's not The Electric Mayhem backing him up.
  10. Just heard from him - he's fine but extremely busy with real life. It is great to know everything is going well (or at least that he's alive and kicking!).
  11. Left: UPS/4 days Right: USPS/4 weeks I ordered a weed burner off Amazon and when it didn't show up after 3 weeks I emailed the company. They sent a replacement via UPS and it arrived in 4 days. Three days later the first one - sent USPS - shows up. I offered to return it. They told me to keep it.
  12. Welcome! I had a Stellar 3, which was a nicely-made little guitar. Yours looks nice. But be aware that, although it's a pretty well-done import, it's still just that - an import. Don't go throwing a ton of money at it, because you'll be unlikely to get it back if/when you decide to sell. Will it be a great repair/refurb exercise? Hell yeah! Just be aware that USA Hamers sell for shit, and the imports fair even worse. Sorry if that seems harsh. It was meant to be informative. Hate to see you take a hit on something that sold for like $350 new.
  13. He is suspiciously absent and didn't respond to a PM, which is not like Jamie at all. I hope he's OK.
  14. Tri-Flow. Comes in different forms. Works awesome.
  15. With a backwards hood.
  16. I want some of what he's smoking.
  17. For all the crap I've bought from Shawn over the years his descriptions lean to the conservative side, as his stuff is typically nicer than stated. It's his packing that sucks.
  18. You're onto something there. We never revved the engine, just let it idle. I also learned that when converting from 6 volt to 12 volt, resistors are used so as to not overload the gauges and other electrical stuff. Could have something to do with it as well? I thought we had bypassed all that. Not sure why he didn't switch the generator for an alternator. Could be he got the truck that way and just left it.
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