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  1. Awesome! I think that Slammer in the neck position is probably the nicest neck tone I've ever had. I bet with the JB the whole thing just kills through that RA-100. If I was to get another Mesa, that's the one I'd get for sure.
  2. It sure looks like it. Just do an advanced search for "vector" and my username and you can find out anything you want to know about it. I do understand that the factory Kahler has gone missing from a previous owner after I sold it. Any idea what pickups are in it now?
  3. I don't think that's a KK. It looks a lot more like my old Vector. Does it have a headstock repair, by any chance?
  4. Nah, there's a bunch of filler guys who were never going to buy a guitar anyway. - Unfortunately, you did not say this best. I'm out.
  5. So here's the final result with the original baffle loaded with a Weber 12F150 12" ceramic magnet speaker. I can't recommend Mather enough if you're looking for a replacement cab for an amp. Looks, fit, finish, tolerances... everything is perfect. All the original parts from the old cab moved right over. As mentioned above, in addition to the 12F150 in the original baffle, I've got a Electrovoice EVM-12L for the new 1x12 baffle (the jury is still out on whether I like the EV with my DR), and I also got a 2x10 baffle that I've put a Weber 30w 10A125 and a 25w 10F150-T. I read that combination of speakers is the favorite of one of the guys at Weber, and sure enough, it doesn't disappoint. Just a great combo of sweetness and compression out of the alnico 10A125 and aggressiveness out of the ceramic 10F150-T. I really like the 12" Weber, but I love the 2x10s. Highly recommended. *edit* I forgot to mention that I replaced all the old Mallory cardboard caps with Sprague atoms, replaced and upgraded the bias cap, learned how to bias an amp, and biased it to 70%. I checked it when I swapped the 1x12 and 2x10 baffles and it had drifted up to 75%, so I probably need to check it again sometime soon to make sure it's staying put. I think this amp sounds a bit better at 70%. More sparkle, less bluesy grind.
  6. I'm ready to get marked off the list, but no one will help me out. sigh...
  7. I replied to your PM too, but should have put regular, non-noiseless Strat pickups in my OP. Thanks for the offer though.
  8. Budwah in great shape. No box. I flipped over the bottom plate and installed the Velcro on that side, so when you flip it back it looks stock. My favorite out of any wah I've tried, but I'm not using it for my current band. * All sold and stuff.
  9. I looked at MojoTone, but went with Mather Cab out of Nashville. Great cabs and construction (from what I've read) and they're right next door in TN. I'm also having a 2x10 baffle made so I can swap it out and have a mini Vibrolux Reverb when the feeling hits.
  10. Thanks everyone! When I got there to pick it up I wondered to myself what the hell I was getting into, but when I fired it up Saturday morning all doubts were removed. Of course, it's no where as big sounding of an amp as my Super Reverb is, but turn it up to around 7 with my SG and you really start to hear those 6V6s take off. BadgerDave, With my Super, I normally use an ABY pedal to send my nasty boxes just to the Normal channel, but I just might try pulling V1 on the DR. What about the other trick for more gain - 12ax7 in the PI and disconnecting the tremolo intensity? You ever do those? I'm also thinking of getting a 2x10 baffle made at the same time.
  11. $600 I've been cruising my local Craigslist looking for a smaller amp than either my Super Reverb or my Boogie Mk IV, which I was tired of schlepping around (and had just sold). Due to my budget, I was mainly looking for either a silverface Princeton, Deluxe, or Vibrolux Reverb. I had inquired about a few, but none worked out for one reason or the other. Then last Friday I saw an ad for "66 Deluxe Reverb chassis only". Turns out it was an whole amp, but it had sat in a wet basement for quite a while and the cabinet was rotten, so he was just selling as the chassis. He was going to fix it up and had a cap job recently done, but was opening a new business the next day and needed insurance money right now. I know the guy, so when he told me that it fired up and sounded great I trusted him, so I bought it. The bottom of the cab was so rotten it fell off the cab when the guy first picked it up. The bottom back panel feels like paper, and the speaker was a mold garden. The amp? It had a lamp cord for a plug, which I figured was within my abilities to mod to a three-prong, so I did (Thanks internet!). Lamp cord Post Mod When the cap job was done, the tech had cleaned and re-tensioned the tube sockets, so I knew I was good there. Some light surface rust here and there, but the transformers looked to be in good shape. The speaker is fried, so I swapped in a no name Eminence speaker, hooked up the half-rusted reverb tank, grabbed a Strat and turned it on. Wow So that's a blackface Fender, eh? Now, my '74 SR is a nice sounding Fender in its own right, but this... First of all, other than new EH 6V6s, the rest are a mix of RCA, GE, and Amperex tubes, with the RCAs in V1&2, so I know that has something to do with it, but that big, glassy clean, the bit of 6V6 growl, with that full, loose low-end... Let's just say I'm not sad I sold my Mk IV to buy this rotten, old amp. So, while the tech who did the cap job made it workable, it still needs some TLC. There's reverb bleed through on the normal channel, the tremolo doesn't work, plus there seems to be, to me anyway, some abnormal speaker movement (read: a lot) when you really dig into the lower strings with a little volume. I just ordered another cabinet for it from Mather, but for now I just made a new bottom out of pine board. It works and is mostly invisible. I know I should get the 12k5-6 speaker reconed, but I've read that there a lot better speaker choices for a DR out there, so I'm in no hurry fix the stock one. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. Even with a new cab and an once over by a tech, I should still be in < $1000 for a great amp.
  12. Explain to me WTF that has to do with anything! No wonder the economy is in the crapper... People trying to get by on what they NEED will cripple us as a nation. Lockbody, why do you hate your country? Guitars. I don't want or need any more guitars. Now amps...
  13. FMIC bought Kaman for its distribution network. Everything else, including a guitar company stocked full of craftsmen making guitars hardly anyone bought, was simply baggage. As much as I wanted Hamer to be Fender's "Gibosn killer" I don't imagine Gibson would have taken too kindly to their main competitor making almost exact and upscale copies of their designs, as they did with Hamer. Hamer making Standards was no threat to Explorer sales. Fender making fancy Explorers and putting them in every Guitarget on the planet. Different story.
  14. It would seem Gibson has finally caught on that it's not 2008 any longer and is pricing everything to move. Then, once all the old stock is gone, new, lower-price models take their place. Just like now, when the economy started to suck wind in the 70's, they started to release all these lower-end, no-frills guitars to keep people in Gibsons guitars. Cant' swing that Les Paul? How about a The Paul or a Sonex or maybe a S-1? I think Gibson sees the writing on the wall for the foreseeable future.
  15. Except for my '61 RI SG with lower-output humbuckers, all my other guitars have singles. Three Strats with singles and my '64 SG Jr with one P90. My '84 Squier Strat has Rumpelstiltskin Pre-CBS pickups (my favorite from him), A Classic Player 60s has the stock Custom Shop 69s, and my '75 hardtail has the stock pups with an ancient Dimarzio FS-1 in the bridge. All three sound different, but they all sound like Strats. I used to think Strat bridge pickups were good for nothing except swapping for humbuckers, but since getting a Super Reverb, my thinking on that has changed. Even with the CS-69s, the tones are big, expressive, and hard hitting... no "ice pick" tones to be found. Leo Fender really knew what he was doing. A fender guitar though a Fender amp is truly a thing of beauty. Of course, the SG Jr just murderizes them all. Too bad it just sits in its case these days as I'm not playing anything I can get away using it with.
  16. Yeah, I'm simplifying, too. I just sold my Marshall, I've got my Boogie Mk IV, Thiele, and 4x12 on my local CL, and plan to use just my Super Reverb and a few pedals going forward. Maybe when my Boogie setup gets sold I'll pickup a Deluxe or Princeton Reverb for when I don't feel like schlepping the Super around. My sound is all about clean these days, and for me, nothing does that better than a Fender. When I need dirt, fuzz, or delay its right there at my feet. Of course, this is all made possible because I have a basement jam space where I can pretty much turn up as loud as I want without waking anyone in the house, much less disturb any neighbors. If I was an apartment dweller, then I imagine I'd be all about modelling and the ways to replicate those sounds on stage when needed. I still bet I'd be frustrated when trying to model Strat -> Clean Fender Amp (with or without reverb and/or tremolo).
  17. Something I worry about every time I fire up my chainsaw. The boots I wear, and a couple of pairs of my jeans all have some nicks, etc, from some close calls. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  18. Are you a full-time novelist? Do I have to be for my opinion to count? It's easy not to be concerned with profit from your novel when your ability to put food on the table doesn't depend on it. Ah, yes: some animals are more equal than others. There should be an Orwell equivalent to Godwin's Law. I guess it isn't enough that I aspire to be a full-time novelist, and that I'm aware enough to see that the new digital environment creates opportunities along with the threats to traditional earning models. Not at all, but aspirations are meaningless if you can't sustain yourself in your chosen vocation. If you chose to live on your military pension one day and produced novels merely for the satisifaction of doing so, then profit becomes a secondary concern. Sure, you're a "full-time novelist" and the extra dosh is nice, but you have no worries when it comes to providing for yourself, or your familiy. An artist who depends on sales of his output, no matter what the medium, to put food on the table generally sees profit as a driving motivator.
  19. Are you a full-time novelist? Do I have to be for my opinion to count? It's easy not to be concerned with profit from your novel when your ability to put food on the table doesn't depend on it.
  20. That's a strange way of looking at it. If they've downloaded my music for free, then I'd assume that they would probably give my music away for free as well. I'm not sure how that benefits the musician at all.
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