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  1. I've got a bar that Stonge made that I'm not using. Send me your shipping address and I'll send it your way. I think I have one of the short, "palm" bars, too. If I can find it, I'll throw it in there.
  2. It was my band's name at the time I joined, but the name itself...? If you've ever had waaaaaay too much to drink, then you've more than likely had lockbody.
  3. That kind of attitiude reminds me of a friend who once mentioned he wanted to open a coffee house up that only served the coffee "he" liked to make, which was frankly undrinkable due to how strong he made it. He to this day wonders why all present that day laughed in his face and told him to save his money
  4. Positive vibes sent from Alabama for a speedy recovery.
  5. Man... this thread just has "MEOWRR FTTT FTTT" all over it.
  6. 1 ohm! I knew that, but didn't fact check before I posted.
  7. Can you leave the resistors to ground on, or do you have to take them off every time after you bias the amp? My Mesa DC-10 came with a bias pot installed, and instead of spending the coin on a Bias-Rite when the time comes to replace the power amp tubes, I'm thinking of just doing it with my Fluke instead. I've read that you replace the pins to ground with a 1k resistor, but no where does it say to remove them after you get through. As opposed to releasing the magic smoke, I'd thought I'd ask first.
  8. You're clearly wearing it waaaay to high. You're right! I don't know why I said "sternum". "Gut" would have been a good enough descriptor. Another thing I remember is that you have to watch that lower-horn around the man parts.
  9. No way I remember, sorry. I love the look of Mockingbirds, but hate how that point on the upper-bout digs into my sternum.
  10. The Iommi pickup in my new SG isn't for me, but it could be for you. It appears to be fairly new, and is in great shape with lots of lead left. $50 shipped/PP'd Thanks *oops. I should ad that PMs work well for me, but you can email me @ foolishmusician@gmail dot com, too
  11. Is ITC Bookman closer? http://www.fonts.com/FindFonts/Detail.htm?...amp;SCOPE=Fonts
  12. Wow, what a great thread! Thanks for all your contributions Paul.
  13. The Young Master continues to impress! Great work Greggles!
  14. Very cool! If it had been KISS on tour w/ Ace would there have been a different answer?
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