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  1. Blackstar Series One 10th Anniversary. Ten loud watts powered by a mighty KT88. Digital reverb. This has everything I need in a combo amp.
  2. I bought a DV Mark 50W solid state head a while ago. It sounded good on Youtube, etc., but when I tried it out at home, it didn't have the "punch" I was looking for. So back it went; I don't know if the Quilter would be any different or not.
  3. I'm having the same problem. Edit: It's working now.
  4. I've got a set of '59s that came in my 2007 Studio Custom. Not sure if nickel or chrome.
  5. Rockerverb Mark II driving a Custom Shop 50. They have THE sound I've been chasing for many years.
  6. Roxy Guitar still has some NOS Hamers. Roxy Guitar
  7. I turn mine until it squeaks, then just a little bit more for good measure.
  8. Has almost as many knobs and switches as a Mesa Boogie!
  9. I had one for awhile, but it didn't have the tone I was looking for. It's not for hard/classic rock.
  10. Sadly, I’ve only been to 3 live shows in my life. The first one was AC/DC in Cleveland in the early ‘80s during their “For Those About to Rock” tour. My friends and I had terrible seats—we were off to the side of the stage, and didn’t have a good view of the band. They had several HUGE cannons for that song, and were very LOUD. I think the opening act was Red Ryder, but I can’t remember. In the early ‘90s, I saw Pat Travers and Ted Nugent. The only thing I remember about that concert was Ted played a black & white striped PRS. He also shot an arrow at something, but I don’t recall what it was. i don’t remember the year, but I also saw The Godz when their popularity was beginning to wane. It was just a local nightclub, but it was probably the best show out of the three I saw. It was loud, roudy, and everyone I saw had a good time. By the time the show was over, most of the ceiling tiles were gone.
  11. With the recent sale of my last remaining Les Paul, I don't anticipate selling or buying any more guitars. Four Hamers and an SG are enough for me. I'm set on amps, and I don't use pedals, so I really don't have a need to use Reverb anymore. They have always treated me right, though.
  12. Saw these at Tube Depot--powered by LEDs, so no filament to burn out. 12AX7 and 6AL5 styles. $9.95.
  13. I'd like to have the pickups constantly spin while playing.
  14. If I didn't already own one, I'd snag it. Plus, the top has more figuring on it than mine does. GLWTS!
  15. I think you mean "I don't mind LOSING a few bucks here and THERE. Sorry--it's a sickness.
  16. I purchased Reverb shipping insurance for the Marshall amp I sold a few months ago, and they paid for the repairs when it was damaged. Well worth the $10-$20 fee.
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