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  1. Years ago, I saw pictures of a one-off Vector that had, I believe, a red fretboard, along with red-tinted abalone or MOP trap inlays. The description said it was supposed to look like it was on fire. Does anyone know the whereabouts of it? Just curious.
  2. Since I no longer own a Marshall, Guild, or Heritage, I thought someone might want these. When new, they were $25 each; I'm asking $25 for all three, shipping included. All are in nearly-new condition.
  3. I recommend you be prepared for sticker shock; they ain't cheap!
  4. It helps to have really long fingers like these guys have. Mine are just the opposite.
  5. More pictures. The last picture is me jamming with jazz recording artist Vince Lewis at an undisclosed location.
  6. Made in USA; not the imported Tribute model. I bought this new in 2007, and it's seen very little play time. It was mostly a closet queen. No dings or scratches on the body that I can see. Barely, if any, fret wear. There are several very minor dings on the back of the neck, which were there when I bought it. Weighs 8.75 pounds. All original, except for Schaller strap locks (and strings, of course).The passive single coil pickups have a lot of "punch" to them--no batteries needed! Comes with original case, Levy's suede strap, and certificate of authenticity. Asking $1400 shipped & insured to the lower 48.
  7. A cheaper version could consist of aluminum foil. ?
  8. I've got a circa 2009 Apple MacBook Pro that I haven't used since I installed a solid-state drive. It's got a small dent that'll "buff right out!"
  9. I buy shipping labels through Reverb, as their rates are a LOT lower than going through UPS/FedEX themselves.
  10. I've sold a lot of guitars I regret. However, I valued form over function; now, it's the other way around.
  11. The one that got away...1980 Gibson V2. Sounded thin, but looked awesome and played great. I let it go for way too cheap.
  12. I've had as many as 12; now, down to five guitars and one bass. I've got one for sale (SG Supreme), and I'm debating selling my bass (G&L JB-2).
  13. Done! I'd like to keep this in the family; I know someone here wants it! ?
  14. Finally decided to let this one go, as it sits mostly in its case in the corner. Some of the pics are old, but nothing's really changed. I had a "Supreme" TRC made; the original is still in the case. There are a few very minor dings and scratches on the back, along wth some polishing swirl marks. Very little to no fret wear. Ebony board, MOP markers. Knob pointers installed. The switch ring has been removed, and the switch tip is aluminum. Asking $1700 shipped & insured to the lower 48.
  15. The action on mine was really low; not quite the level of an electric, but close. Congrats!
  16. My pair: 2007 SC, now shod with Gravelin bucker-sized mini-hums (not shown). 2007 EM with Gravelin pups
  17. I had a Tacoma C1C Chief. Excellent build quality, loud, and played as easily as an electric. Should have never let that one go.
  18. If you're on a really tight budget--
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