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  1. When you notice wrinkles that weren't there yesterday.
  2. Pick guards should not be mounted on figured wood, no matter the manufacturer.
  3. Sorry; Jimmy and Dave would go; Sammy's too cool. Plus, I hear he makes excellent tequila!
  4. Jimmy Buffet would become the "Cheeseburger in Paradise."
  5. My "Hamer Harem:" 2007 Earthen Maple; 2008 Newport Birdseye; 2007 Studio Custom; 2008 Artist Custom.
  6. He also has a video titled "How many guitars do you really NEED?" Answer: Just one. <sigh>
  7. I installed Phat Cats in my Newport, and I think they sound OK. My Newport has a maple top, so maybe that has an effect on the sound.
  8. I don't see it listed on their website. Has it been discontinued?
  9. I was intrigued by Gibson's new Modern line, so I purchased a 2019 SG Modern. The specs look good on paper (real ebony compound radius fretboard, asymmetrical neck, AA flamed maple top, real MOP inlays, humbucker/single coil switchable), but for me, it didn't work out. It looked good, played and sounded well, but the overall balance was horrible. Even with a wide suede strap, the neck still took a nosedive toward the floor. The locking Grover tuners certainly didn't help in that regard. Plus, they moved the front strap button to behind the upper horn--which made the dive even worse. It also made for an odd angle when holding the guitar: the top of the body was thrust forward, and it made the neck stick out at about a 45-degree angle. I had to stretch to reach the first few frets. I really wanted to like it, but it wasn't any better than the SG Supreme I already have, so back it went. Obligatory pics:
  10. "Surveyed for accuracy." What does that mean?
  11. The video is playing faster than normal. If you look at the people's motions in the background, they seem unnaturally fast. Now, where's my Mel Bay Guitar 101 books?
  12. Currently four, though I might be letting a couple go soon.
  13. I'll be the first to say it: $350.
  14. The mini-hums sound really good! To me, they sound more "open" and "hi-fi" than regular humbuckers. Ever hear the phrase "like taking a blanket off my amplifier"? That's what they sound like to me.
  15. The sale of DaveL's Classic Player Plus has prompted me to sell my Deluxe Player Plus. It just sits in the closet anyway, so i figured I might as well list it here. 2018 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Player Plus--I bought the carcass from "The Stratosphere," and assembled the guitar using only genuine Gibson parts (except for the knobs, which are replicas from Allparts). The mini-humbuckers are from a Gibson SG Special. The only difference between this one and a "real" Gibson is that I assembled it, rather than a disgruntled Gibson employee. 😎 I have installed a "Deluxe" truss rod cover; the original blank one is in the case pocket. Plays and sounds amazing! Mint condition--not a mark on it anywhere. Fast satin neck. Weighs 9 pounds, which is lighter than most others. Includes Gibson hardshell case. $1100 shipped to the lower 48.
  16. The same thing happened to my DSL50 that was repaired recently. Even though new power tubes were installed, the HT fuse kept blowing. The amp tech installed another set of tubes, rebiased the amp, and now it works properly.
  17. I recently sold my 10 lb Les Paul, and I'm definitely not missing the weight! I can't imagine playing anything heaver.
  18. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this "sickness!"
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