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  1. Hey Antonyiv! Just a quick howdy and welcome! Feel free to make a thread to say hi, post pictures, or just look around.
  2. Just shows how really rare solid, prolific songwriters are. And how hard solid songs are to come up with. Imagine the price of Paul Simon's catalog. And they're worth every penny.
  3. To Universal. For beaucoup bucks: https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/07/media/bob-dylan-song-catalog/index.html
  4. Max on drums is fine, Oteil Burbridge on bass, and if Paul couldn't make the gig, John5 would be fun. For me.
  5. Heck, save yourself trouble and just buy the one linked! Glad to help.
  6. Ah. Sorry to the two ladies who can kick ass on the guitar!
  7. Looks cool! Maybe chisel out the back to cut down on shipping weight…
  8. Good to know they're still around. I haven't checked out their catalog in a long time.
  9. Okay, at least two owners of this fine Hamer show up, and STILL no pix! 😁
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