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  1. Yes, this is a one-piece neck. I believe the three-piece neck was introduced in 1980. Frets have been played but still have decent life yet.
  2. Thank you. Yes, medium sized. Not as big as 2000s-era Hamers, but bigger than mid-90s Hamer necks. It’s a nice in-between size that works for almost everyone.
  3. (NOTE: BOTH ITEMS LISTED BELOW HAVE BEEN SOLD. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE INTEREST!) I am moving from Maryland to South Carolina in late September and will be downsizing my house, which includes significantly downsizing my guitar collection. That is requiring some very difficult decisions about which guitars (out of 30+) to keep – after 40 years of collecting, they are pretty much all killer, no filler. Many have already been sold to family or friends, or via consignment at Ryan Fowler’s Guitar Experience in Towson, MD (great store!) But there are two items that I will be moving along that might be of special interest to the HFC crowd, so I am listing them here. First: Shishkov Ultimate #0025. If you are a member of this board and have read this far, you know what this is – one of the original Ultimates. It is finished in “Cognac”. The neck is “bound and crowned” with an ebony fingerboard. The neck is patterned after Hamer’s “vintage round” shape that was used in the 2000s – approximately 0.900” at the nut - very comfortable! Everything is original, including the Gravelin “Shlabotnik” pickups. This guitar has been played very sparingly and is in 10/10, like-new condition with no flaws, in the original hardshell case. Asking price: $4,000 plus $50 shipping. (SOLD!) (Link to pictures: Shishkov) Second: 1979 Hamer USA Sunburst, serial #9 0850. I am not the original owner of this guitar, but I have owned it since 1980 – over 40 years. The pickups are not original and were changed back in 1980 by George MacPhail at Music Gallery in Highland Park, IL (and George still works there!) The neck pickup is an early Gibson “Pat. Appl. For” reissue, as designed by Tim Shaw (in other words, an original Gibson “Shawbucker”.) The bridge pickup is an early Seymour Duncan “JB” (model SH-4), which went on to become a very famous pickup model in the 80s and 90s but was new on the market back then. It’s a great sounding combination in this guitar and I’ve never once considered changing them again. The other modification from stock is that the 3 controls are topped with Gibson amber “top hat” knobs, rather than the original black “speed knobs” (which I do not have.) With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight I would have left it stock, but at the time (1980) this was not a vintage guitar. The pickups sound great, and the knobs look great. There are no breaks or repairs, and the original Sustain Block bridge is in place. This guitar has been played quite a bit over the years, but never abused. The one-piece veneer top is beautiful with no significant flaws considering the age. There is no belt buckle rash on the back, but there are two spots where the lacquer has chipped down to the bare wood – one by the output jack, and a smaller spot on the lower inside edge (see pictures). Other than that, it’s in very good shape. It has been kept since I purchased it in a molded Gibson Protector “chainsaw” case, which is in very good shape itself (clean inside and out with no broken latches.) If you want that vintage Hamer mojo, this one’s got plenty of it. Asking price: $1,800 plus $50 shipping. (SOLD!) (Link to pictures: Sunburst) Please PM me if you have interest in either of these guitars. Thanks!
  4. As noted above, for a while there in the mid-70s Gibson was using printed stickers (the finish was on top of these stickers.) I always kind of liked that, to be honest. My guess is this was one of those. 25th Anniversary Les Pauls would have been in 1977, so the time frame is right. I don't recall seeing silverburst until a few years later (mostly LP Customs, 1979-1980) but I might be mistaken about that and "silverburst" makes sense for a 25th (Silver) Anniversary. Cool guitar. I bet it's pretty heavy, from that vintage (not that there's anything wrong with that.) That one hasn't spent too much time in the sun...a lot of the original silverbursts have turned greenish. As far as Baltimore music stores (I've lived around here since 1979), your best bets back then were Gordon Miller Music in Towson and Bill's Music House in Catonsville. Gordon Miller is long gone (thanks, GC) but Bill's is still around. Maybe they could help? http://www.billsmusic.com
  5. I'm in for the special run. '50s Burst, bound and crowned (including headstock), and ebony board. Slightly non-traditional, but it's what I like, and it's my guitar!
  6. This news just in from 2003, apparently. You should check out the more recent PRS pickups - the 57/08, 59/09, DGT, and 53/10 pickups are all standard sized and sound great...and the 408 pickups (which are proprietary in size and shape) are fantastic. IMO, YMMV, etc.
  7. That's funny...I heard the same exact story ("deal falling through") and price ($85,000) about a year ago. Not sure if I agree with you about the decrease in the owner's douchiness, however.
  8. Somebody here has got a blue 12-string Duotone Custom with abalone or paua shell purfling that almost made me wet my pants. Can't find a picture, but it's awesome. <EDIT> Found it: Laura P's "Ultimate Duotone 12"...incredible. (oh, and DIBS.)
  9. Love that Cheap Trick version of Cold Turkey - never saw that before. Never saw a Hamer Thunderbolt, either, although I've seen a few Gibson versions. Thanks for posting!
  10. Sold a Standard Custom, bought a Special Korina Jr., working on a custom order with Young Master Greg. 2012 will be cool if they get it done in time...
  11. Been there a few times. Need to get up there again. Came home with these, both killer:
  12. Exactly so. Something/Anything and Hermit of Mink Hollow should be your first two. Then I would probably suggest Back to the Bars and Nearly Human. A Wizard, A True Star is a classic, but may be a little much for a first-timer. Better to work up to that a bit. (IMO.) There are lots of good "best ofs" out there, as well. Probably the best one I've seen is "The Best of Todd Rundgren: Go Ahead, Ignore Me" - it's got everything the casual fan would want. But with Todd, most casual fans seem to become avid fans pretty quickly. Rick Derringer's "Guitars and Women" is indeed one of Todd's best productions, and well worth picking up.
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