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  1. Man, time is marching on and all of us "38" year olds from the HFC are showing our wear. Jam on Bruce
  2. He was 12 bucks when BBD opened for him. Did he ever win his stupid Grammy?
  3. Cuz he cant sing and he knows it. Also, he came up in a monitor world that just isnt even close. Tell ed to turn down? Have you seen the drum kit? It didnt matter live
  4. Ive got a vintage real deal dano bari I am selling
  5. I love Dave and everything he stands for! Its HIM who understood that Van Halen was the DAD playing swing through the sons w him doing Loius Prima on top. Then he goes and become an NYC emt. Dave is the fuckin man
  6. Waters can really effect me. This was suggested for our Floyd tribute but I cant get through it. Written from the perspective of an airman falling out of a plane. Unreal
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