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  1. My '90 Standard bass came with its tolex case, and the '81 has an Anvil road case. The former is huge, and the latter I could probably live in if I needed to... I got this "extra thick padded" gig bag via Amazon as an alternative: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00915JJLQ/ It fits the oversized head of the 4-digit bass (exact same proportions as yours) perfectly, and the newer bass (with FB style head) has growing room. I've been taking gig bags to gigs for years with no prob, but mileage may vary. So failing finding a hard case, that's a workable option. Another path to explore might be the HSC from recent Epiphone long-scale "korina" explorer basses, and also Dean Zs. I imagine those would be easier to find, but have no clue as to the fit.
  2. chromium

    Hamer Explorer bass, need info. please!

    That IS a babe! Very cool bass, and helluva gift. I'm harboring a distant cousin from '90
  3. Hey thank you RB!! Yeah just let me know if he digs one up. Saw one pop up Ebay too - saddles are in good shape, but the plating is pretty rough for what he's asking. I got that corroded bridge limping along after a three day wd40 soak. Saddles are toast, but at least I can adjust the height now. Killer guitar otherwise- really happy with it. Thanks again
  4. Had to drill out one of the bridge pickup ring mounting screws, and barely got the others out. Im amazed the finish held.up... That was some deadly sweat right there!
  5. Yeah - not sure how long he was using this bridge as a stopgap, but I've noticed other specimens with 'em from this timeframe ('79 in this case). I speculate that he probably leveraged the Ibanez connection he mentions in the blog for these bridges once Gibson cut him off. The bridge I removed (in pic below) is currently immersed in wd40. Hoping I can manage to get the bass side stud un-seized and limp along with the sloppy saddles until one surfaces...
  6. They are TOM/Nashville-like, but definitely different. Used on 70s Fujigen stuff... (and Deans briefly, after Gibson stopped supplying bridges) There is one on Ebay, but it has plastic saddles. I'm after one like in the photos below, since a previous owner's acid sweat tore up the metal saddles on mine pretty bad: They will show "LS Bridge Made in Japan" on the underside. Thanks!
  7. Long shot... But if anyone has a spare LS bridge in the parts bin, I would be interested in it. It'll go to a good cause.
  8. chromium

    sub $2K USA Standard?

    Had help from a couple of folks here, actually, that steered me towards the Deviser brands (Bacchus, Momose, Seventy Seven, etc.). Another win for the HFC. Prior to that, I probably would have assumed "Momose" was a mixed drink
  9. chromium

    sub $2K USA Standard?

    FWIW, I wanted a Korina Vector something fierce... but cost of admission is too high for me. I started looking at the Japanese made offerings, and ended up with a Momose MFV. It is an absolue killer. I won't suggest that it achieves Hamer's obsessive levels of perfection, but fit and finish is damn near perfect... and the neck is beautiful. Chunky C w/12" radius and Jescar frets that approximate 6105s. Beautiful player. Momose is sister company to Bacchus, and they have produced some nice looking Explorers as well. Not so easy to find, but worth a look - and I have seen em in the mid 1k range. Also, the old FujiGen stuff is really nice, and so the Greco EX800 series might serve you well in the low 1k range. The FB below is Greco- and fantastic for a sub-1k buy.
  10. That's where I store the Peter.Criss imposters... Actually, my wife has threatened to lock me in there if I dont get off Ebay
  11. Belated thanks for the heads up on this. I was kicking myself for missing the last one to come up a couple years(?) ago (bad timing). It all made sense: a) I used to terrorize Rockin' Robin as a kid (post Wintz, I think), playing everything they would let me put my grubby mitts on - including the Tokai made Robins at that time (always wanted an RV-1 or RH-1), and b) it belongs alongside my other favorite "special run" - the BCR Jr. This thing is a killer. I was actually on the prowl for a pointy Dean, but hey... s*** happens
  12. Thanks! I had bought one from Greg when he had them listed, and yeah short of finding a NOS stash somewhere I'd expect to have to fork over a bit for one. At the time, I didn't yet have that Artist Custom with the 'trons... and originally had the white bat on the goldtop. Wish I had bought two in hindsight. First world problems...
  13. I'd like to find another white tip to use on my goldtop. If anyone has an extra in their stash, please let me know. Cheers!