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  1. Love it! Nice mods and perfect thing to do to the finish on most of those Legacy Series
  2. Beautiful! What's the story on the white finish one?
  3. Thanks, Bobby. Ended up snagging one on Ebay - so good for now. Very happy with the outcome!
  4. Get ready to be happy! I'm impressed with mine. Fit and finish (fret work, etc.) is top notch.
  5. Rob - thanks for the heads-up. I was thinking that same thing about the 1984's arm+case, but I did not think to look at the posts. I'm going to stick with the newer OFRs. That gold OFR in the pic is also a newer unit from my other single hum which is off being refinished - and that is want I want in a Floyd. This one came to me with a FR-1000 that was not blowing me away. This is probably fundamentally a lot like the red one you picked up. It's an '08 USA SoCal that was modded a bit, and we landed on a price that I couldn't resist. Someone had refinished it in silver metal flake (really nice job!), swapped the hardware to chrome, and installed a mixed DiMarzio set - DP155 Tone Zone in bridge, and DP158 Evolution in neck. I did the temporary Floyd swap, a fret polish, new strings and setup last night... and it plays smooove! Love the necks on these - my kind of strat!
  6. Oh lord - haha. Yeah, not the price I want I was considering the "1984" model which "captures the vibe and excitement of that era" (lol)... more to try out a brass block. I'm a late bloomer - still pretty new to the FR world.
  7. Thanks, Victor. I'm looking for a chrome unit for this sparkly beast:
  8. Looking for an OFR in chrome (German only), if anyone has something in the parts pile. I'll probably snag a new a new system (FRT100-R3) online tomorrow, but thought I'd check here first... Thanks
  9. Thanks for sharing the acquisition and history. Never knew Glascock had one. I enjoyed his playing w/Tull and Carmen... sad that he was cut short so young.
  10. Congrats - glad to see that one land with someone here! The switch closest to the edge of the body is ganged (aka two switches in one). One half switches on power to the preamp via the 9v, and the other switches on power from the 2xAA battery pack to the flashing LED. The inboard switch is a three position, providing three tone settings... but I have no idea what's happening "under the hood". The preamp itself is buried in a small plastic enclosure filled with epoxy, and consequently I can't really tell how the switching works. I actually do have a loose/NOS preamp and have been tempted to give it an acetone bath to dissolve the epoxy potting and map out the circuit, but the other part of me wants to keep it intact. I'm sure it's something relatively simple- like the old BC Rich preamps. Regardless of all that, they sound pretty freakin' awesome, don't they?! That config works really well with the X2Ns and Model Gs on the coursed string basses.
  11. Ah- thanks! The ones I have feel like 1.2mm(ish) delrin, and so these might be in the ballpark. Failing Sweetwater, I might just grab a few vaguely similar picks and find a close alternate - as I'll certainly lose my 2-3 remaining picks at some.point
  12. Good idea. I've found some similar looking (Jazz III, etc.), but not exact... Thanks
  13. A ways back, a parts order showed up with some promotional stuff - including a few Caparison-branded picks. I really like these and would like to order more, but can't find a match online. Wondering if anyone here might recognize who makes them, based on their shape? Photo below shows a Dunlop next to it for comparison... Thanks!
  14. Our band just started trying to go more towards in ears with modeling amps DI'd. It's a different experience for sure, and I have to admit that old habits die hard. I miss having a big rig (aka glorified stage monitor) behind me pushing air On the other hand, schlepping that stuff around gets old too. I've used hearing protection since young, but developed problems with my eustachian tubes later in life due to TMJ, and so I'm now among others saying "what? huh?" and having my wife tell me I'm talking too loud. Of course, I can always just cite my big loud Italian family heritage with regard to the latter lol.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised. Wish I had rigs like some of these kids when I was that age! I did get a kick out of seeing that old T-40 and Mk4 head
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