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  1. So that TOM setup is a modification, right? I must be tone deaf, since wrappers never bothered me one bit. I had a Korina Jr for a while - a wonderful guitar that dispelled my pre-conceived and unfounded notion that single pickup guitars are one-trick-ponies.
  2. Hey thank you for the reply. I was able to locate one.
  3. If anyone's got a spare they wish to liberate, I am looking for a Floyd Rose FRT-100 (made in Germany) baseplate in chrome. Thanks!
  4. That's one of two model-series/Musikraft mutts that I put together last year. The green one was two years worth of Father Day presents First year was the refinish in lime green (body had a crappy surf green refin when I bought it), and second year was the neck. Took a year to get that body back from the painter, and so I refinished its older MK neck, snagged a model 1a body, cut a custom guard, and built the other guitar around an old Schecter SuperRock pickup that I had in the bin. It was inspired by the Gary Moore Charvels... looks sorta "Yngwie" with that color... and I'm now think
  5. Those are sweet! I still geek out over Zs and Cadillacs. I have a '79 V Standard that needed a little TLC, but I got it playing nicely. Wonderful guitar.
  6. ^^ I like the 'guard on that one! I got this one off Ebay a few years back - love it!
  7. Absolutely. I will get the pics together and share a link, and message me directly anytime if you want to discuss.
  8. Noticed a Robin E-Type (Esquire) up for sale on the FB "Robin Guitars Fans" group. $900 plus shipping. No affiliation. Thought someone here might be interested - these are great guitars. Link: https://m.facebook.com/home.php#!/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTU0NzI3NDg1MzpWSzoxOTU0Nzg3NTQ0NjY5OTQz
  9. That '81 Standard and my '80 B4S (in avatar) were my "white whales". Those have become a couple of my favorite players. The only reason I'd ever consider selling the black Standard above is due to that '81 coming into my life. Hey we could correct history here! Timing is not an issue for me, and I'm only looking to clear what I gave for it... Talk to me if interested.
  10. I am likely going to move a couple basses out this year since I'm not playing out these days... Figured I'd share them here first, and I'll probably be listing on the auction sites over the next month or three. 1990 Hamer Standard Bass - Maple neck, 'hog body (no cap), none more black finish. I installed the X2N and Model G w/passive harness and chrome Hamer/Schaller hardware when I bought it, and it will come with its original black Hamer hardware, EMG pickup rings (its EMG-HBs are long gone), and original harness, knobs, and ginormous OHSC. $3700 shipped. 1982 Dean ML Bass - beaut
  11. Wondering if anyone might know the origin or source of the bar on one of my Floyds. The bar on the gold OFR below (bought used) is taller and has a more pronounced bend than the two chrome OFRs that I've bought new (1984 and regular models). The two chrome bars have a much lower profile, and sit closer to the body. I like the "unknown" bar, and wouldn't mind obtaining one for the metalflake SOCAL below- if anyone knows who made it, what it's called, and/or where to find it. Thank you! Examples: 1) Desired "tall" bar of unknown origin that came used on this gold OFR:
  12. He was a big influence on my bass playing- along with Rocco. Sad seeing the greats leaving us! RIP.
  13. My opinion is: definitely go with your personal preference. My '78 was re-fretted with some Dunlop 6100s, I am also a bend-y player, and I *love* the way it plays with these frets. I can get along with lower profile frets, but for me here and now... these make it a keeper.
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