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  1. The only people who can use those LED curtains would be another touring band, and at some point crew members work for different groups or touring companies. One would think that gear would turn up.
  2. That was cool. It sounded like an entirely different song at the end.
  3. You mean like the rock bands that jumped on that as fast as possible?
  4. Yes. The full name is Jolyon. Jol rhymes with roll, knoll, bowl, etc.
  5. Yes, Ovation is good. I was going to suggest looking for a used Takamine. In the 90s Ovation and Takamine were the top two acoustic-electrics.
  6. Fender is going to discontinue using ash in their regular line of instruments.
  7. Those inlays are going to cause cancer.
  8. I remember a report years ago that said one should not listen to music at night in bed because of the ups and downs of the dynamics that would keep someone awake. That was around the time CDs came on the scene, so the report would not have taken into consideration that CDs are mastered to have the levels maxed out and compressed to eliminate any real dynamics.
  9. Sell the guy a bunch of old guitar magazines and let him search for which tuner Dimebag endorsed.
  10. The Tubes never seem to tour south or east of Ohio. If they tour again I will be doing a road trip to see them.
  11. Summer vacation of 1979 was when my friends and I found out about Def Leppard. When school started in the fall we were all telling each other about this new band that had to be checked out. That first Def Leppard album was perfect for the time when it came out, and it is still my favorite Def Leppard album. Seeing Cheap Trick in magazines was my exposure to Hamer. Molly Hatchet was playing them in 1979 when they were the hot new band. There was always a Hamer at a Molly Hatchet show right up to the end of the original band in the mid 80s.
  12. Alice Cooper has done a lot of commercials. Here is one of them. Cheap Trick had a hand in this one. Cheap Trick did a Pepsi radio commercial years ago. KISS was selling Pepsi at one time, too.
  13. Nope. We can use thousands of an inch and be accurate. Are you using metric strings on your Hamers? I'll bet the manufacturer swears the gauges are consistently accurate.
  14. So how much booty did the ol' Pirate take in from its journey?
  15. Bands in commercials have been around for a while. 38 Special was doing quite well with a string of radio hits when they made this. Here is my favorite commercial with a band in it.
  16. I agree. Blotzer and Croucier are there, but DeMartini was the one to watch.
  17. That's a problem I could live with.
  18. The bass version was cool. I played in a band with someone who had an A-20V which was the same guitar with a Washburn Wonder Bar trem. It was cool guitar.
  19. I logged in and looked for contact info. PayPal does not have anything other than a chat link. Willie, send me information that can be passed to PayPal through a chat link. If you want to type your own message I can put it in for you. A robot is probably reading it initially, but maybe it can be escalated to a human.
  20. I have watched his stuff. It has been this year, but not that recent.
  21. That seller has been running ads like that for years. It may even be the same guitars for years.
  22. I always thought of six string basses. That was what was used on Back In The Saddle. Clint Black's Killin' Time starts off with a lick on a six string bass.
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