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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Instead of admiring the look you just play the guitar.
  2. No one would ask to borrow your guitar if you owned the Wangcaster.
  3. Ideally there will be a dealer network where we can try out the new USA Hamers and purchase them. Those with first crack are going to be those carrying the Asian line. There is a good chance a local store in my area will have customers looking for those new USA guitars because the owner sold Hamer before, and he carries the Asian guitars now.
  4. I have only held a couple of Washburn custom shop pieces, and both were very nice. They might be able to make some very nice Hamer guitars. Someone here has to go first, and my finances just won't let me step up for everyone. Sorry.
  5. If all the tooling was trashed when FMIC shut down Hamer that means someone had to recreate everything. So, are these new USA Hamers going to be available only if someone provides an original for the Washburn shop to copy? Is anyone willing to let them get the specs from your Impact Bass?
  6. Remember that time Dave showed up on American Bandstand?
  7. Nitebob has not been around on this board for a while, but a lot us remember him. Podcast with Nitebob
  8. Jorma Kaukonen had a show booked in Asheville in the last month that got cancelled like nearly every other good show. When that show was dropped I did mail order on the merchandise I could not afford when Hot Tuna played last year.
  9. Diver Down was the new album when I finally got to see Van Halen in concert. I can remember the feeling of being blown away by seeing Ed play live on stage.
  10. Crosby was at least honest. He should have known to just be polite and save his opinion for later. I can relate though. My comments about Jerry Garcia at the time of his death were not respectful to his fans who were as dedicated as any EVH fan. I should not have done that. It was not like I hated Garcia, either, just the younger generation of fans that Jerry failed to encourage to take baths. 40 years ago friends who are 10 - 15 years older than me said that CSN was always better when Neil Young was with them.
  11. If someone waits for EVH to die to consider buying some of the gear associated with him, what is the point? Production of Music Man EVH guitars and Peavey 5150 amps ended decades ago. If someone wanted a 1977 Trans Am they should not have waited for Burt Reynolds to die as a reason to get one.
  12. Who owned the gear? Was it Eddie, or was it a business separate from Eddie? That will make a difference with regard to inheritance tax that often requires having to sell off stuff like musical gear or pieces of art the deceased person created. If all of the guitars and amps are legally inventory in a company's possession nothing has to be sold.
  13. I thought the seal and color coats were nitrocellulose lacquer.
  14. I like the black hardware. I have it on my 8 string bass with the same Aztec Gold finish as your Special FM. I would like to suggest black pickup rings.
  15. not looking... not going to go back... nope... not going to try it...
  16. Does Ray Manzarek's voice and demeanor remind anyone of a specific HFC member?
  17. This was a surprise. It is 2020, though.
  18. A dowel rod will be better than toothpicks (I have done that, too.) so you have more solid wood. In another thread Jeff R suggested either placing the dowel rod offset or drilling the new hole offset so that if the glue breaks the new wood will not spin when tightening the screw.
  19. Yes. Affirmative. Absolutely. Dead on. Bingo. Positively. You got it. True. Undoubtedly. Yeah, man. Truly. Correct. Certainly. Exactamundo. On the money. Aye. By all means. Without a doubt. Indubitably. Word. According to Hoyle. Factual. For sure. Amen.
  20. If I should ever be in an 80s cover band, Mullet Over is the name I plan on stealing. Thank you, HamerCustomEr.
  21. "Classic rock" radio stations must have caused someone out there to never want to hear certain Hendrix songs ever again.
  22. You are listening differently. By now we have heard the people influenced by the people who were influenced by Hendrix, and maybe another generation or two. Just listening to Hendrix and comparing him to all the new guys or other good guitar players from our youth is worthwhile. He really did stand out. Like all blues based players, Hendrix would have been pushed aside for a while in the 80s. He would have still been making money, though.
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