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  1. I looked again. That Monaco III is not near me. They can ship it to the store near me.
  2. Sir, that is blasphemy! I understand, though. Group any three consecutive Rush albums together and you have consistency. Spread out beyond that and the band's music has significantly changed. By the end they sounded nothing at all like they did when they started 40+ years earlier. Fortunately, I still liked Rush.
  3. The price is better. If it drops a little more it could be tempting to buy it and burn it to rid the world of that horror story.
  4. Man, that is cool that you got some CDB gear before the online sale started. There was still an early 80s Mark II combo in black tolex with a 15" speaker in nice shape, a Triaxis with a 2-90 power amp in a flight case, and two coliseum heads in great shape. Charlie bought good stuff for himself and his band members. At least one Marshall head was still available. Does anyone want a purple Soldano half stack? Charlie must have been a closet shredder.
  5. I am one of the Iron Maiden fans that likes Maiden 3.0.
  6. $350,000 for a guitar used in a significant moment in his career... I get it. I am out on this one. Just letting the whole world know. Yep. Gotta pass.
  7. Wow! A Rhodes without cigarette burns! That is a rarity.
  8. Everything about that guitar makes me want to buy it. I cannot buy it right now, but your SG has all the right features. Are you sure you want to part with it?
  9. That is near me and DaveH. One of us needs to go check it out to figure out why someone would return it.
  10. Halestorm went four years between the initial EP and first album. Then another three years went by before another album came out. Their albums are spaced apart by long periods which corresponds to long times to change what they want to play. They can play what they want, and they should play music that reflects how they feel today in a musical sense. My preference for earlier Halestorm music and memories of the "younger" version of the band how I want to see them. They are still worth going to see in concert. They just moved forward in life.
  11. Have fun with that G&L. The deal was not so stupid. It was a good deal for you.
  12. Chris might have one at his store. Give him a call.
  13. Cool. Don't worry about the deets. Nice guitars. Jakeboy is long time member. Are you doing voice to text as you are driving?
  14. This Boogie would be an early Mark II. The serial number is 3552. The other amp has an earlier serial number.
  15. I knew about pieces of Glen's guitar being scattered about and getting them back from different people for the rebuild. Dennis has his basses. Neal sold a drum kit a few years ago. Michael Bruce sold off is guitars years ago before the 90s. His are long gone unless the people who bought them still have them.
  16. Well, you could help out a friend by snagging the guitar before he does.
  17. I would love to help you resist, but it would not be possible to take me serious right now.
  18. This year was not supposed to be a big gear acquisition year. There was a possibility that a nice Mexican made Fender Telecaster could be mine. Those will be made for a while, and they will always be available used. In another thread I asked for opinions on the Marshall Studio series amps. Thank you to everyone for the assessments and suggestions of alternate Marshall amp choices. Maybe, a big maybe, there was going to be a Marshall amp in my house sometime next year. That got cancelled. I bought a Boogie. As teenagers we marveled at the gear our guitar heroes played. We wan
  19. There was a jet that served as tour bus and equipment hauler for the Book Of Souls Tour. It even had all the fan club members' names on a couple of doors underneath. My name was on that plane. Bruce was flying the plane.
  20. Bruce Dickinson is co-owner of an aviation company that retrofits corporate planes and has military service contracts. If there was a mogul rock star it would be Bruce.
  21. The price for tickets before the 2020 was cancelled were expensive. They were selling tickets for football stadium shows. I just want to see Ron Wood do a Faces reunion in a smaller place.
  22. I would love to have it like every other Standard bass. A black Standard guitar has been on my wishlist, but a bass could make me happy too.
  23. Killerteddybear posts have always been fun or helpful. This place is going to be a little less fun now. Rocktuna, your brother will be missed. I hope you will be OK.
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