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  1. In the 90s Peavey was a good company. Things can change over time.
  2. This has to be interesting to other manufacturers. The electronics can be used in other companies' products. Those shop equipment items can be good, too. Over $10M Parts Inventory: to Include, Wood and Plastic Speaker Cabinets, Drum Set Parts, Guitar Cases, Shipping Cases, Speakers and Sub Woofers, Resisters, Capacitors, Cables, Switches, Transister’s, Diode’s & Much More Assets to Include: Saws, Drill Presses, Shapers, Sanders, Stitchers, Presses & Large Qty of Raw Materials to include, Maple, Ash, Walnut and Mahogany.
  3. At one time there were tour riders that said, "NO PEAVEY." Someone who bought a bunch of Mackie stuff laughed at Peavey, but soon riders were saying, "No Peavey / No Mackie." It is easy to understand. Someone asked for a PA system and showed up to find a four channel mixer and two speaker boxes about the size of a small guitar amp. There were mixers made for people who needed something cheap. Peavey did make some high end and expensive PA gear. It was used in big installations. One line of Peavey gear was aimed at the same buyers who bought JBL and QSC products. That Peavey series was good stuff.
  4. A dark and gloomy finish should have been perfect for heavy metal.
  5. It was Iommi, Ward, or Butler who said everyone in Black Sabbath played out of time, but they were out of time together.
  6. I knew there would be Janick bashing. Every Iron Maiden show is like a United Nations meeting. You meet the people who travel to different continents to follow the band around. There was a guy from Italy at the show last night. Another guy in the audience was from England. There were Brazilian flags. One girl brought her Australian flag. It is one thing to know a band has international success, and another thing to experience that international fan community sort of like the way we do here on this message board with members flying around the world and meeting each other.
  7. Last night I did not take many photos. Normally with good stage lights there will be over 300 to get maybe 10 worthwhile photos. Out of about 100 from last night these are the best I got.
  8. I was there on the front row last night. Your friend had to be close to where I was standing.
  9. I stopped sleeping with a night light years ago. The alarm clock and the shelf stereo clock manage to light everything at night.
  10. We have discussed this video before, or it was another video by the same guy.
  11. In one band I hated being the only one setting up the PA system while the other guys were eating and having drinks with friends. At show time I was sweaty and hungry. The other guys could not understand why.
  12. How did they get to be bandmates in the first place?
  13. As you can tell, we are not afraid to dig in on one another here. In the end we do try to help each other when we can. You will get used to us.
  14. I just sent you a message. It worked on my end.
  15. Paragraphs are created with the Enter key. We really like paragraphs here. We are rude about it, but if you want us to read, comprehend, and immerse ourselves in your typewritten thoughts we need paragraphs. We will care about what you have to share with us, but only when we get paragraphs.
  16. Grab it and downsize something else. A 1992 Special will have a thin neck.
  17. He would have spent less time building the guitars if he had been running the company.
  18. Some of my last posts are missing. No big loss.
  19. I think stokesdead had something to do with those back plates.
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