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  1. There were only 43 injuries at the festival this year. Maybe the beer companies can turn this into a celebration in the USA like Cinco De Mayo.
  2. Lacquer will not smother your instrument's ability to resonate. The reason lacquer is so popular is because of the way polyurethane finishes were so thick in the 70s. Even polyurethane could be sprayed thinner, and eventually it was. Think about how thin the finish is on your Hamers, no more than the thickness of a light B string. There is no way that is going to smother anything.
  3. Be careful to not compare prices for the all mahogany unbound Standard with those that have maple tops or color finishes and binding. The plain mahogany Standard was available for a short time at a lower price than the regular Standards.
  4. Go with a translucent lacquer finish. When the guitar is done it will look like you have a higher skill level (and you will) when you tell people you made the guitar yourself.
  5. The case, tuners, bridge, knobs, pickups, pots, etc. are worth a hundred bucks. Hold out long enough for the right buyers for all of those items and they might bring in $350.
  6. So, in eBay language you say the lunch box is near mint except for some corrosion and rust.
  7. Check the antique market first. Like crunchee says, that label is something guitar players never see. Somebody was selling new slides made like Coricidin bottles. The real ones get listed on eBay for high prices. If you ain't Duane, that slide still won't make you Duane.
  8. Little Richard was the counterpart to Chuck Berry in showing us what to do. All of his howls and screams are still influencing singers today.
  9. The Indonesian guitars sold as Hamers are nice. You need to try one to make up your mind on them. Kizanski has it right, though. You downsize to keep the better instruments. Just wait for a deal on a USA Hamer with a single pickup.
  10. Is someone trying to sell you a Special with a suspicious logo? There are reproduction logos out there. Someone may have got it wrong.
  11. One of my Chaparral basses has a quilted maple body just like the Chaparral Max, but it has a rosewood fretboard with dots. The maple Hamer used resonates nicely.
  12. I remember the tour back in 1990, but Bad Company was the headliner that night. Brain Howe also sang on Ted Nugent's Penetrator album. This was the single:
  13. It has been years since playing a guitar with flatwounds. I remember them feeling a little stiffer and sounding less bright. For someone playing clean they might be good, but from what I remember they really would not be good for someone playing with a lot of gain.
  14. Yup. Remember the refrigerator sized racks of the 80s?
  15. Someone needs to market 666 tubes for people who play metal.
  16. "Important" and "serious" are a bit humorous when you think about the state of mind of many of those who were creating the music.
  17. A used USA made Peavey bass can be found cheap, and they were good. Look for a Peavey Fury. Lots of bang for the buck, and you will be able to get all your money back if you sell it. If your daughter wants to play around the house a small amp will be fine. If she should be in a band she will need something bigger. If you do not want her to play bass at all, take her to look at an Ampeg SVT with the warning that she is going to have to move it herself.
  18. The slow page loads are happening on some other web sites, too.
  19. There are so many ash bodied guitars out there that they will not be rare. It will be the idea that you have to go with a Fender Custom Shop order to get ash that will make some people start questioning if they can hear a difference, and once they pay their money they will claim they really can hear a difference. I love my StingRay bass with its ash body, but I have played a lot of basses with different woods. Some you just love without knowing what is under the opaque finish.
  20. Only southern rock songs are supposed to last 12 minutes.
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