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  1. I agree. Blotzer and Croucier are there, but DeMartini was the one to watch.
  2. That's a problem I could live with.
  3. The bass version was cool. I played in a band with someone who had an A-20V which was the same guitar with a Washburn Wonder Bar trem. It was cool guitar.
  4. I logged in and looked for contact info. PayPal does not have anything other than a chat link. Willie, send me information that can be passed to PayPal through a chat link. If you want to type your own message I can put it in for you. A robot is probably reading it initially, but maybe it can be escalated to a human.
  5. I have watched his stuff. It has been this year, but not that recent.
  6. That seller has been running ads like that for years. It may even be the same guitars for years.
  7. I always thought of six string basses. That was what was used on Back In The Saddle. Clint Black's Killin' Time starts off with a lick on a six string bass.
  8. Warmoth offers conversion necks for guitars with 25.5" scale lengths.
  9. Hey! WE are keeping YOUR engineering heritage alive. You know, the sun never set on English measurements and all that rot. Pip pip. Cheerio.
  10. I see the hair ties on basses around the nut often enough.
  11. Wolf Hoffman sold the amp used to get that tone when he was clearing out a bunch of gear on eBay years ago.
  12. I was thinking about an entirely different Tom Jones.
  13. An external hard drive can be bought cheaper every year. Get one for back up of all your files. Get another external hard drive to back up your external hard drive.
  14. The Struts Bowling For Soup Slade Bowling For Soup consider themselves pop/punk. Ignore that. They play pop, and they have a Fountains Of Wayne connection.
  15. Hobby shops and home improvement stores sell dowel rods in tiny sizes. Do the job right.
  16. The first band I saw this year, Eli Yacinthe and his band, played Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone. Eli is a teenager, maybe 20, but he chose that song.
  17. What string did you go with? A wound string would let someone do pick slides as an effect. It would add a little more versatility.
  18. Those older Hamer finishes seem to chip and check worse than other guitars from the time period. It might be that Hamers were more played than other guitars, but I do not see Les Pauls or SGs from that time period with the same finish cracking.
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