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  1. You are ready for prime time! Whose jokes are those?
  2. Play it! Love it! Play it and love it some more!
  3. A perfect black finish would be nice. If you gotta go 80s, then a reproduction of the striped pattern finish would look good on a Blitz.
  4. When your P-Bass craps out, that really is the best way to go.
  5. Figuring out the model name when buying used is a mess because features may slightly change, but they all look the same. In the end a Fender will be priced on where it was made, USA, Mexico, or Japan. Some people will identify features like different bridges or bridge saddles. Pickups make a difference. The idea of a blanket price like our running joke of $350 really would not be out of line for Fender products.
  6. Just take a hit on your selling price for not having an original case. Let the buyer spend his time chasing down an original case.
  7. The problem with matching the paint is that it can change over time. The red and black were sprayed over a white base coat. The red might have changed a little. The clear lacquer coat on top can turn slightly amber, so if you match the red or black you still have to get the clear coat right to make the finish match. Get the finish as close as possible, but count on being able to see where it was touched up.
  8. Wilcutt's should just list that guitar as having damage.
  9. Thanks. Roxy Roca has tour dates all around my area, one within 15 miles. It should be a fun show and a chance to say hello.
  10. Who is the HFC member in the band Roxy Roca?
  11. This is a lot harder than deciding on Ginger or Mary Ann.
  12. Wow! Time flies!
  13. The cherry finish looks better to me. I wish Hamer had used the tinted finish on the korina Vectors that they did with the korina Standards.
  14. It does not look like there is a line crack going toward the headstock nor a separation of the fretboard. Get more photos. That looks like it is more cosmetic than structural damage.
  15. The Special FM is the one Hamer I always wanted and never got one. The first time I tried one in the store it felt great, and all the rest did too.
  16. "May have to" or "shall have to" is the proper discussion here.
  17. Actually, yes. The people at competing companies have had friendships many times over the last century.
  18. Do the people running Gibson have any friends in the musical instrument industry? Do they have any friends left?
  19. Those might be good if someone else made them because guitar players only want the traditional Gibson models. I would like to try out that new Gibson Modern Double Cut. The only thing wrong is that it is new, so the body looks weird right now.
  20. Not trying to be a joker here... Lately anything with that type of finish has been priced higher than what we are used to seeing. People are asking high prices fishing for buyers.
  21. There were all mahogany Specials, Blitzes, Vectors, Standards, etc., some of which have had the mahogany grain show through the finish, so why would a sinking finish on a carved mahogany top be a problem?
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