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  1. Booker T. Jones did a show in Charlotte a few years ago. It was not the same as Booker T. & The MGs, but they played many MGs songs. After the show Booker T. signed autographs for anyone who wanted to wait in line. The setlist.
  2. Being laid up and feeling bad ought to make for some "interesting" posts for the next day or two.
  3. Tell the wife the fastest recovery requires a new guitar!
  4. Busted was OK, but not my favorite Cheap Trick album. Lap Of Luxury came out before it, and Woke Up With A Monster came after it. Both of those were better albums.
  5. States have had laws to address the issue of scalping, but some lawyers must have gotten involved. Let's bring in the whole "buyer's premium" concept from auction houses to ticket sales. The fees are way out of line. Auction houses have been taking bigger cuts from the seller, so Ticketbastard likely has hit promoters or venues with some kind of big hit that takes a chunk of the ticket price without the customer ever seeing that. I go to a LOT of shows every year, and I keep up with ticket prices broken down to the individual fees. I know what I pay. I do not know what the band actually got.
  6. Paul McCartney tickets started at $275 for a stadium show around here. When they went platinum they went up from there. The special package seats (a limited edition print/poster and a bag) were around $1500.
  7. Platinum tickets are Ticketbastard's new way of legal scalping. They are "dynamically priced" which means an algorithm is running up prices on speculation that someone will feel like they have no choice but to pay the price. Those platinum tickets can come down within a day of the show. Quite often platinum tickets show up as double the original price within a couple days of the public on sale date. I am impressed that Joe Bonamassa is his own promoter and show investor. He deserves all of his success.
  8. That one looks beautiful. In 1992 the necks were thin.
  9. Ticketbastard now has "platinum"tickets that are dynamically priced. Usually after tickets go on sale the price doubles. Last year there was a Poison / Cheap Trick show in Alpharetta (Atlanta) with ticket prices making no sense. Row S cost more than Row H, and other inconsistencies. We started noticing the problems with dynamic ticket pricing. This past Sunday I saw ZZ Top / Cheap Trick. A tenth row ticket was going to be $119. The next row forward was $139. By Friday the prices dropped to $115 and $119. On Saturday that tenth row seat was $79.50, and I grabbed it. So, it is possible that the Bonamassa tickets prices have gone up and down with Ticketbastard's new price system.
  10. Bonamassa has been able to market himself outside the guitar nerd world. He plays the local hockey arena when he comes through. It could be just the lower bowl or a half house, but thousands of people show up.
  11. Way to go, Rolling Stone Magazine. Lynyrd Skynyrd's name is big now because of the legend that built around it, and the tribute act using the name. Yes, Larry Junstrom was a Lynyrd Skynyrd band member in the earlier days, but it was 38 Special that brought him success. 38 Special had more hit songs than Lynyrd Skynyrd. Rolling Stone could have focused on those as a tribute to Junstrom. Around the time I was 18 to 20 I got to talk to Larry for a minute or two. It had to do with him switching away from his Kramer bass with the split aluminum headstock. Years later, a customer from the Jacksonville, Florida area said he rode motorcycles with "LJ" every now and then. This was after Larry had to leave 38 Special due to a hand injury.
  12. I missed the last Rush tour because of the ticket prices versus location. Both Metallica and Guns 'N Roses are getting $300 for seats on the side of an arena.
  13. And yet a run of sustain blocks keeps eluding us Hamer nuts.
  14. That tailpiece with the tuners looks like an impossible part to ever find if you need one.
  15. $110.50 is the high bid at the moment. It will be going up for sure. Chaparral basses are nice.
  16. Lap steels are something you collect like baseball cards. There is an Epiphone lap steel in that auction that is listed as being from the 40's. If I remember correctly, it should be from 1938. The three knob version only existed that year. I had one like that, and sort of want it back... to stare at.
  17. Jim Dandy reminded me a lot of Rodney Dangerfield when I saw him a few years ago.
  18. Daryl's thing was tenor guitars, so a mandocello sort of fits in with that.
  19. I get the point. Lzzy Hale has done a good job of being known for putting on a great rock show with a guitar. Metallica still brings in younger fans, and they are probably the biggest rock band going. They still count as 21st Century guitar heroes.
  20. When you are sure there will be no regret, then sell the pedal. If it does not take up much space, just keep it as that souvenir from that part of your life.
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