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  1. Long time owner of a Maz 18 combo with 2x10's Absolutely my favorite amp for the Daytona's and the T-51. Still haven't sent it back for the reverb upgrade, has anyone done this and is it worth it? Thanks in advance
  2. ... SRV played his last show Friend of mine said we should go, because, as he said to me, "How much longer do you think Clapton's going to keep playing?" Well, 30 years later, he still is, but Stevie's chopper hit a hill that I had gone skiing on since I was a kid. Still sorry we didn't decide to go that night. Give a listen to something like Riviera Paradise why don'tcha.
  3. In an '80's kind of mood today, based on hearing a couple of songs recently that I hadn't heard in a couple hours short of forever. Scratched the itch somewhat by "youtubing" a bunch of Tawny Kitaens' greatest hits, uh, well, I mean Whitesnakes' hits, but then came across one of the few songs of it's genre that I liked back then, and the video is just a masterpiece!. The scene at 2:00 is magic. The equal of anything by Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Bergman or Zeffirelli. The perfect melding of song & subject - a young Jennifer Connelly.
  4. Check out the English band The Strypes....rippin' current rock & roll.

  5. ^^^ Appearing tomorrow in beautiful Wauconda, Illinois & tickets available at the door! www.enuffznuf.com
  6. Pulling out one of my favorite under appreciated bands from long ago, and hey, there's Hamer content too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0Xq4gWHfv0 Seems apropos as yesterday marked one year since Doc Neeson died.
  7. ^^^ FWIW - I believe I saw that Blackberry Smoke will be opening up for ZZ Top at Ravinia this summer, maybe that will be the case wherever the ZZ's go this tour.
  8. I DO NOT want to know how you knew it was dried mouse urine. Also, to the original poster - the New Jersey connection explains it all.
  9. Thankfully, due to my self imposed abstention from listening to KISS, this was my first time hearing this song. Two things occur to me; 1) I will NEVER do that again, and, 2) Ace must have been listening to "Willie and the Hand Jive" a lot at some point.
  10. Even in a self directed IRA/401K? I'm a little surprised if that's the case
  11. This is waaaaaaaaay close to me! At 25 in the late summer of 1983 I gave up radio stations that didn't play a lot of "classic rock". Naked Eyes version of "Always Something There To Remind Me" was one thing, but I couldn't endure the endless barrage of Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Prince (yeah, I know that one goes down hard around here, but when you grow up listening to the Yardbirds, the Who, the Young Rascals and others from the age of 8, Prince just blows!). Listening to the "One Of These Nights" album by the Eagles right now, but then, IT IS Don Henleys birthday today.
  12. So if Hamers' catch phrase was "The Ultimate", would Shishkov be "The Definitive"? "The Uttermost"? "The Paramount"? "The Consummate"? Also, how soon before the book? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcOSwyQkzYo
  13. My first thought. Had to be Don Felder on that part. The other guitar part is 100% Glenn Frey. Just Don, his Les Paul, and a cranked Deluxe! - Good taste from you guys, 'cause that's the best that's been done for my 2 cents.
  14. What's in Scottsdale? I'm thinking one of the large Auction Houses? Fender HQ, and an ex girlfriend of mine. Probably not related to the ex girlfriend.
  15. If you didn't think you could feel worse, they've all become fund managers, and now make 20+ million a year!
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