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  1. That one was hard to let go of. I had kept it in favor of this one, a very cool blue from BadgerDave with a Pigtail intonatable wraparound a BCR-tweaked Gibson minibuckers: But I hung on to the red one's fraternal twin, it goes out on every gig and covers all the classic electric 12 tones just fine. From the Stevie Damn Clay collection:
  2. "Everything organized and packed in its own box. Headstock is still good but I removed the packing around the headstock, we are packing it too tight blocking the space between the head and the end of the case. Body is tight enough with packing to not let it shift forward. I'll post a picture tomorrow and have it on its way. Plays Great, Looks Great and it was an Honor to have it pass though my hands. " Yep, it was getting pretty cozy in there a couple of months ago! i can only imagine it now!
  3. When I was a kid and trying to learn how to improvise on piano, I voiced a concern to my teacher that I'd come up with stuff that had been done a zillion times before. Charlie explained that that was just part of the process and then said "And besides, screw 'em! Johnny Bach wrote everything. It may be upside-down or backwards, but he wrote it. And his kids filled in the cracks."
  4. Which then raises the question. Is Miss Pamita still doing the Cheap Chick thing?
  5. If 4 or 5 chords in a row are proprietary, fast forward to 4:55 or so (and catch you some kick-ass Duane Allman in the bargain). THAT would be worth squabbling over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTFvAvsHC_Y
  6. The output transformers can be an issue, Rob. I don't know about that bassman circuit in particular, but many a Concert and Super Reverb has been wrecked by changing to a 1 x 12, 2 x 12 or 1 x 15 speaker setup and hooking up an 8 or 16 ohm load to a 3.2 ohm output transformer.
  7. Back when I was bringing teh rawk, I took two guitars. Toward the end of that run it was a Special FM paired with my Frankenstrat with a cobbled together EMG David Gilmour setup and a (gasp) Kahler. Before that it was an Ibanez Studio or something else with humbuckers and that Strat. They pretty much covered anything we did. The best bit was that whatever wasn't being used was placed directly in front of my 1 x 12 combo amp. It's a little-known rule that, no matter where you place an amp like that, it will always be pointed directly at the club owner's (or whoever pays you) head. Having the guitar in front of the amp spread the sound out a little. That reduced the number of complaints and increased our odds of getting paid. These days, my dippy little folk 'n' roll trio covers a lot of ground and musical history, from '30's southern "black people in a little white church" gospel/blues right on up through current Americana/roots rock. Even though I hate it sometimes, I usually take 5 guitars to the gig. To wit: 1: Ovation "longneck" 27" scale, tuned to D or "drop C" for lack of a better description 2: Hamer Duotone Custom. In a pinch I can do most of the show with this one. 3: Martin or Taylor Acoustic. More likely the Martin these days. I'm trying to retire the Taylor. 4: Hamer Eclipse 12 for the poppy, jangly 60's stuff. 5: Some form of straight-ahead electric. It can be a Vanguard, Special with firebird pickups, EMG Strat, Studio Goldtop w/P-90's. etc. Whatever strikes my fancy on the way out the door. It will typically get used for the entire last set, almost regardless of the material. The amp of choice these days is a Fender Super Champ XD head on a Seismic extra deep 1 x 12 cab with an Eminence Red Fang. A Teefus modded Classic 30 (2x12 extension optional) or Music Man 210-65 are also available, depending on the gig.
  8. Whoo-wee! The crown/clown princes of Hamer Badassery, all in one picture!
  9. Happyhappy, Dan. Hope things are good down your way.
  10. Final list was well north of $10K, not sure about the exact number. They started out at $5K, IIRC. What a dumbass way to fill the hole on the pickguard.
  11. Paul's band will most assuredly rawk it up. Those guys really bring it.
  12. Does the General know he has a certifiable lunatic working for him? Not that there's anything wrong with that....
  13. Even among the NR cast and crew when this tune was hot, it was referred to as "Don't Tell Me I'm Ugly".
  14. Play it loud and proud, Jef! By the pic, if it's any worse than when I had it, it's only by the tiniest of smidges.
  15. I don't know how to embed a Facetube video, but here's one of the things the Special did last weekend. Intended to evoke a small church way down south spiritual kinda feel, where the guitar player is going through an amp that is on its last legs because, well, that's what he's got. It's a sneaky protest song, as many of the spirituals of the day were. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203482037625296
  16. It came out to the gig with us and got used on a couple of songs, an original and KWS's Blue on Black. A few observations: I'd have played it a bunch more if it 1) had had 9's on it 2) didn't have such a seriously, seriously skinny neck. As in narrow. I have small hands and don't mind skinny necks, but the Pirate #5 is the smallest neck I've ever met up with. OTOH, it's got attitude for days and what appears to be an old DiMarzio Super Distortion has a great, great tone. A friend shot a bit of video and hopefully I'll get it soon enough to be worth posting. In the meantime there's this. I was trying to do a gnarly face to match the guitar and my shirt, but it mostly came out looking like I was in some sort of gastric distress. The PA speaker proves that it was gigged, though.
  17. There should be some of my personal and HFC picks in there somewhere from when it made the visit through Maryland! Chris, I've got a couple I can throw in there.
  18. And while I wasn't looking, Most Esteemed Redhead, who triples as our drummist and Goddess of Shameless Self-promotion came up with this for the gig where the pirate flag will fly: Awesome.
  19. I was trying to work out a way to give them all big summer-size drink glasses, but I couldn't get the height right. I'll try a Hamer jacket or T-shirt for a background. Now, about the swag pile... I was particularly pleased to see a schedule for the Ashville, NC Tourists Single A baseball team. So I tossed in a set of our Single A Dayton Dragons' baseball cards. Oh, and DavidB put a bunch of download code cards for Spank's newest album (?) I haven't used mine yet but plan to. The first album was great! Thanks, Dave!
  20. Hmmm, it'd be a weekday and four hours driving at the very least. Could be done unless work actually makes me work. Anyway...... Heya, Cuzzin Bill, Come on in! Kick off yer shoes Relax, you're among friends and family. I've got one Sustain Block but it's a Sunburst. They'll probably get acquainted soon enough, but I wanted to keep it as close a family as possible for openers. Rehearsal photos in a few days, and I'm still looking for a decent black background to lay out the swag so far.
  21. It'll be out the door the Monday after my gig, Jef. It should make it there easily.
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