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  1. Anybody with the appropriate letters behind their name? I'm being dragged into a civil case (I'm neither party) and have a general procedural "what can I expect" question or two. Hit me around the side, send me a bill.
  2. Aaah, too bad, I have a Red Fang, it was looking for a partner in crime. Have fun.
  3. You should be sick of that Red Fang by now. Drop it off on your way to the show.
  4. A well deserved congratulations and here's to 25 more. You're a monument to the virtues of the small businessman.
  5. Send up a flare, we'll do something.
  6. This discussion puts me in mind of Bachman Turner Overweight's "Takin' Care of Business". Everything's out of tune, it sounds like about the 75th take, but it works.
  7. Hawaya? Damn glad to be here! 12 days in Tornado City was enough! All the little Teriffics are fine although we were only a couple of blocks from disaster. Again, damn glad to be here! Not looking forward to checking my e-mail, though.... 😎
  8. "Two-holer" needs to be worked in there someplace.
  9. Okay, then, mine was at the end of the string then. I thought it was the missing number in the string.
  10. Mine is 748292. Three numbers away. It looks a lot like yours, Gene. IIRC, Bruce919 had 748291 through 748294, except for mine. We got all 4 together at a Midwest Jam one year. Be patient and keep looking, Travis. I sold mine and got it back a few years later out of blind luck and the goodness of the seller's heart.
  11. This is the sore spot on a Duotone Custom/Ultimate. You might contact Greg at BCR Music as he has dealt with this problem more than anyone, probably. When I had the problem it turned out that something (jack housing? solder joint? mojo filter? I dunno) was grounding out against the shielding paint in the control cavity. The solution was to unscrew one end of the jack plate a turn or two. Bang, it started working again and I never touched it after that. By the way, EMG only made that tone control circuit board, nothing else in there.
  12. Minibuckers in that era special are a great idea. I did that to one of mine and it makes it a great grab 'n' go guitar, since you have far fewer worries about hum/buzz infested environments. Actually, i like the "miles off" fluorescent green. I'd do my pasty white folk singer thing with it in a heartbeat.
  13. Definitely worth hunting up a slo-blo. it can most likely be had at a local hardware store. If the problem persists I'd look somewhere in the bias circuit for an obviously toasted resistor or capacitor. It's at that point that you'll likely need professional help. You didn't say where in northern NM, but it might be worth a one-shot drive to Farmington, Santa Fe or even Durango, etc. if you can find someone. Hunt up a schematic on line and bring it with you.
  14. I've made as much money playing bass in the past couple of years as I have playing guitar. Maybe more. Not that it's very much in either case but still....
  15. I keep waiting for somebody to relic a Les Paul by first snapping the headstock off.
  16. Played the daylights out of the Jimster, had an unforeseen emergency and never got it, despite Mike's oh-so-friendly hard sell. Consoled myself with an R-55-12 later on.
  17. I used to sell these. Great amps when they worked. If the EV was too harsh for you, a 12" speaker that is a bit more on the sweet side might be an Eminence Cannabis Rex.
  18. That OP's bass looks like my old one. My 5 string was more multi-color.
  19. Meters only read series resistance and don't figure inductance and capacitance into the equation for overall impedance.
  20. Alternatively, look into an ESP 400 Series from the 80's. Authentic, great build quality and tone. And usually can be had fairly reasonably.
  21. Dang! Pile of bad luck and trouble for one of my top 2 fave jazz guitarists. 😟
  22. My wife had one (it's still around someplace). she accidentally dropped the pointy end of some embroidery scissors through the grill. We agreed that it improved the tone.
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