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  1. Message sent on the SCXD. Because... stereo? ðŸĪŠ
  2. Meters only read series resistance and don't figure inductance and capacitance into the equation for overall impedance.
  3. Alternatively, look into an ESP 400 Series from the 80's. Authentic, great build quality and tone. And usually can be had fairly reasonably.
  4. Dang! Pile of bad luck and trouble for one of my top 2 fave jazz guitarists. 😟
  5. My wife had one (it's still around someplace). she accidentally dropped the pointy end of some embroidery scissors through the grill. We agreed that it improved the tone.
  6. Echoplexing my thanks for all your hard work, sorry for the frustration.
  7. In broad strokes, I'm like Travis re: getting along with Strats. Having said that, this one here looks just like my old one that I never, ever should have gotten rid of. To me, it's all about the radius. I didn't make the same mistake with the T-51
  8. I remember this one. Can't solve the S/N mystery but it was special ordered for Stevie Damn Clay of Greg's band. I had inquired about doing the same thing to my Newport Pro but wound up chickening out.
  9. Sleepers, these are. I have accumulated four of them and am causally casting around for a suitable cabinet. I'm thinking an old 1 x 12 or 1 x 15 with a new baffle board might do it. One of these worked miracles in my little Vox Pathfinder 10 shop amp. Took it from "perfectly horrid" to "not bad if you set the controls right."
  10. A few among many others that have graced me with their presence. The one on the right was my first Hamer
  11. I'm in a part-time Irish/Celtic band. I'm not letting anybody else see this.
  12. In this case, since you're going from and to EMG, no additional circuitry swap should be necessary. You can simply wire the new pickups in exactly the way the old ones were. Save the pots, etc. for some place down the road.
  13. I don't need another damn overdrive. I don't need another damn overdrive. I don't need another damn overdrive. I don't need another damn overdrive. Oh well, crap... OK.
  14. I'll be dipped. They were showing as not available a few days ago. No US source, though, huh?
  15. I hadn't, really. I just think the Doozy is sleek, simple and perfect for just a little wiggle, which is all I want. And the adjustable arm is a big plus.
  16. I'm considering a "Les Trem" kind of thing for one of my Stop/Tuna guitars and the Doozy looks good to me. I can't seem to find a stocking mail-order type dealer in the US. Anyone know where to get them other than from Chermany?
  17. 800 Hz. = Honk. Fiddle with that contour control.
  18. It does make me kind of wonder what's under the guard though.
  19. I'm not super picky, but this^^^. All of this^^^
  20. All good here, Ted, and many thanks!!
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