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  1. I wish that you redid the zebra. *Runs and ducks for cover...
  2. I'd like to see pics of the Butcher collection again, vs. Kurt's cavern of consumption.
  3. They are usually around $200 on this side of the pond, mainly due to Zakk. I paid $50 for mine. A dealer is a friend a someone walked in off the street with a bag of 80s BOSS effects from the back of his closet and was hoping just to get rid of them. On the high end, an OD-1 with a metal screw is getting up to $400 for a near mint unit.
  4. Damn, it does make Zakk's, 'Tetanus', look like a Murphy. Hopefully you get a few hundred $ back.
  5. The first chord on 'A Hard Days Night', Ace"s pick slide on, 'Detroit Rock City', and the into to U2s, "I Will Follow"
  6. It was Bob Kulick and yes, he is related to Bruce.
  7. That's impossible...Araya is Chilean! Jorge, he is funny as fuck and was just getting a rise out of you and was laughing his bag off inside.
  8. Au/ schwitz, the mea/ ning of pain, the way that I want you to die! Why do birds sud/ den/ ly ap/ pear, ev/ 'ry time you are ne- ear? Works for me.
  9. This thread has been very edjemacashunul. I learned that Santana invented 'Shaman Rock' to carry his ego. I also learned that it s difficult to choose between sex partners, given the choice of Timberlake or Mayer, though Mayer smells better with Greg's pee. The best thing I learned about John Mayer from any thread bar none, was that there exists a lovely clip on the net of two frolicking damsels called "2girls1cup". (Do *not* google the clip at work!!!)
  10. Hey! I thought super sexy shots were for the outer circle only. I need a cold shower.
  11. They did pretty well with Gretsch and Jackson... and I'd imagine it would be hard to do more damage than Kaman has done. Maybe we'll gt those reissues after all. But they slaughtered Charvel. I would guess that if I ordered a master built Eldred with Fender on the headstock, it would be cheaper and not screwed up.
  12. Excellent... I loves me some Charvies and early Jacksons. (Shots of my prepro/ repro pink polka dotted parts mutt to be coming in January).
  13. I have visions of seeing ads in Guitar Player: A limited editon of 50 bound and crowned Standards and Specials each, done in vintage checkerboard with a certificate of authenticity and checkerboard case, signed by Jol D, Paul H and Rick N will be available, for $11,000 and $9000 respectively. This will include a leather presentation folder with a CDROM documenting the luthier process of your guitar. Wait for it...
  14. Rivera Pubster/ Clubster series: good cleans and does from Ac/DC to 80's hard rock with no pedal required. Some say the sound is sterile, but I disagree. It is a great band for the buck amp. http://www.rivera.com/pubclub.php
  15. ...save for a short scale, single hum Chap, in black, with full boomers.
  16. Dead sexy! All I would personally do is flip the control cover.
  17. Why does my wee wee hurt when I pee?
  18. Haynie for the win! ROTFLMAO in a sad way.
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