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  1. It has been a long time since I listened to the Supersuckers.... for the last 2 days, it's been: and
  2. I personally don't care if the guy is a flamer, or soaking wet... I think the band as a a whole needs to work the image... and that would include May losing the white sneakers, lol.
  3. Preach it, brother: I also kinda thought "huh?" when I saw that. The Lambert performances are fine. Their seems to be a need for a meeting of the wardrobes somewhere in between.... and I'm not talking about looking like the above.... something that makes them look more like a band perhaps. ETA: I think the Roy Kahn look would be about right for fronting Queen.... and if Lambert does not pan out, then call Roy himself:
  4. From what I understand, they've sold close to 100 million albums worldwide..... so just for kicks, assume 3 million a year, for 32 years.... that's some nice pocket change. The DC venue was 25,000... 10k in the pavilion, 15k on the lawn... I was in the packed pavilion and recall looking back at the lawn at one point.... everybody was standing, and there were people for as far as you could see in every direction.
  5. Forget the playing! Those shoes in the second video up until 20 seconds.... were those a gift from Cousin Eddie? I gotta get me a pair of those:
  6. I've had a simlar issue on 2 Jazz basses, but the problem is at the 7th fret on both, and only when plugged into a tube Ampeg bass amp. I don't get the same issue trough a solid state Trace amp. Odd harmonic of some kind for sure.
  7. ah, but did you know that dirt is sometimes protected by law, and city ordinances? I kid you not... I had an areaway dug at the back of my house, and was only granted permission, by the County, to remove so many cubic feet of dirt..... the whole time I was thinking... who's gonna check? lol!
  8. Ha... I'm an Emusic addict, and I just about puked when I added how much I've spent over there in the last couple years.... it's not the monthly fees, but the countless booster packs I buy every month. I hope some artist somewhere got a happy meal out of it all.
  9. The means have always been there to rip off music. It's just more convenient today. Anybody who copied an album to casette tape would be a thief right? Even if you owned the album, and made a copy, and that would have been considered "unathorized". Every album I can recall stated that to be a violation of applicable laws.
  10. Nice '73. I picked up a '73 last year, but the neck had a twist, so back it went. They made some changes in 2008, and I've found Fender basses since then to be nice, as well as consistent... only speaking of the US models here... no experience with anything else. I have a Rickenbacker, but unfortunately, I don't think the new ones sound like the old ones... even with that push pull vintage tone pot.
  11. It's also an active bass, with tons of EQ option. I had a nice Stingray last year, and sold it to buy one of the new P bass deluxes.. active/passive, P bass + J bass pickups. Between those 2 I prefer the MM. In '95 I cut a CD, and used a MM... today, I hate the bass tones on that CD, lol.
  12. It took me 30 plus years to understand the P bass simplicity. Like Marshall amps, and Duncan JBs, what you hear noodling around at home, is not what you're gonna hear in a band mix. I've owned all the big name basses, in search of that "sound" that we all interpret as being perfect. Last 2 shows I've played on bass have been on a 2008 P. In a 3 piece live setting, the sound is nothing short of phenominal to me. I use a Trace Elliot amp, and I'm sure that has somehing to do with it. Listening while I was playing, I was amazed at how good the bass sounded.. just a full tone, that was lacking nothing. Also had a guy come up to me, after the show, and tell me how the bass cut through the mix with authority. So there you have it. Simplicity at its best.
  13. always wondered about those... aren't they 55 watts? I used a 30 watt Portaflex on a gig once, and it just did not cut it. I also used to gig an SVT, and it did not really cut it either... Either something was wrong with it, or it really needs the matching 8-10 cabinet to come alive. Best sounding vintage Tube head I've gigged was a Sound City 120. I'd like to try one of these out some day.
  14. "No Peavey.. only name brands" I've owned very few Peavey products since the 70's. The line above was given to me, as a young man, inquiring about Peavey at a local store.
  15. If this were me, I'd sell the guitar, and hope to cover the trade value plus the repair. If you end up taking a loss, chalk it up to experience, and move on.
  16. my son takes drum lessons at a small store that has cheap guitars hanging on the wall. If I'm bored waiting, and feel like pulling one down, I always hand it back to an employee to hang on the wall. I don't trust those hangers. good luck.
  17. I can answer that for you. It's not one of my faves, but... I sat in with some guys (on bass) a few months ago, and we played it. It went over great. I'm not sure that is was because it was the Police, but more for the reason you stated... "uptempo reggae rocker". Some girl kept shouting out "reggae", and this was what we delivered. At least she dug it. If Reggae is what you're looking for, then this would be a good choice.
  18. Unless you can recreate "perfectly" one of the most powerful song openings ever, do not attempt "Message In a Bottle". Nothing pisses me off more than a lame attempt at that... I would add that when I saw the Police play it live '82, or '83 Sting was playing an upright bass on that one, and I was thinking WTF ? I'd take a hard look for cuts from Zenyatta Mondatta.
  19. Haha Ben... nice, but the Union is too large in that example. I thought of a flaw in my requirements..... the dance girls are too busy running around worrying about their performance, so what I really need is to entertain the dance moms, and myself, prior to the show. So let's take the teen girls out of the equation, and see what we can come up with. Danke.
  20. Did think about Queen... also INXS, and may end up going that route. May have to pull up "Kick". It's along the lines of what I'm really looking for.... crunchy guitars, dance beat... great vocalist. Are there no newer bands that pull off something like this?
  21. ah yes... thanks Steve... you are correct. I understand that the kids, and moms, would probably love to hear Gaga or Perry. But the old Turd-O-Rama is not going to be able to stomach that.
  22. let me ask this... .anybody today sound like late 80's INXS? I'm gonna pass on Gaga and Katy Perry. And I'm a dope... I always thought the Black Keys was some kind of piano related band, lol.
  23. Doing some summer outdoor gigs with the Dance Troupe, as sound man. I setup an hour before the show starts, and generally play some Jazz prior to the show. Last week, something got into me, and I played some Michael Jackson. I'm not a fan, but I knew I could get away with it. He appeals to almost everybody, regardless of age, etc. I'd prefer something more electric guitar oriented, with a danceable beat. Im sure I have a lot of bands that would fit this bill, but most are unkown, and may not appeal. I'm looking for something that would appeal to the teen dance girls, and the dance moms too. I gotta like it too, lol Is there any such rock band, or do I have to look at the rockin' side of Country? Let me add that I'd like the band to be current.. not Classic Rock. Suggestions?
  24. (Corrected) It's days like this that make me feel like the 3rd Matthes twin.
  25. +1000 And I would add Steve Perry to that illustrious list.... I saw Journey, pre Steve Perry. They certainly did not need him, but what a phenomenal marketing move. to this day... 35 years later, they are still one of the best live bands I've ever seen. I saw Zeppelin live, and Journey (once again pre Perry) was in the same league. Their recorded stuff was not, but the live performance sure was.
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