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  1. You're a brave man Haynie. This is a band I would not go see live, even if Matthes said he'd buy the beers, and the tickets were free. Never owned anything by them, and always changed the station if I recognized them. Just being brutally honest here.
  2. Geat minds think alike. Same band, different album for me today. and I am deeply indebted to Chris for kicking me in the seat of the pants on these guys.
  3. To me, this is the last great Aerosmith song right here. The opening chords... brilliant, or mistake? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8m8YGRmps
  4. It won't. Only Aerosmith album I own (and have ever owned) is the Crespo/Dufay release Aside from that album they just never latched onto my pleasure centers. I've said it before.... I think people tend to relate to a band's lineup (and thus tuneage perhaps) based on when they first discovered the band. That's not a bad thing at all. Just seems to be the way it goes. My real introduction was Toys. First full spin of that one, and I was hooked. Rocks is a powerhouse, and perhaps their best in my opinion. It's just the ulimate hard rock record from the mid-late 70's.
  5. Hated Dream On when I first heard it, and still hate it today. However, Toys + Rocks are still in heavy Turdus rotation today. Here's to hoping that the new album sounds like those two.
  6. If this were my band, I'd skip the bar scene, and look for weddings to play. Your singer looks like she'd do fine entertaining that kind of crowd, and there's probably a lot more money in it.
  7. Always liked this one.. feel the power of the guitar when Ronnie hits the opening riff:
  8. Way cool.. That is from the second Gamma record, and their best, if you ask me. Very listenable hard rock from around 1980. One or two cuts keep it from being another Montrose masterpiece.
  9. Bummer... the first Montrose record was the blue print for VH1, preceeding it by 5 years!
  10. people make fun of phil but go back and listen to the brand X stuff it is stellar. Good point Al... but, there are probably not too many out there that have heard of Brand X. It was eccentric stuff, even in the 70's. As far as Phil's vocals, forget all the Genesis post Gabriel hits and Phil solo stuff, and concentrate on Seconds Out. Nothing wrong with that one in my book
  11. Buddy of mine has an 80's LP Custom. He bought it new. The case is not a Gibson, but it is what the dealer sold him with the guitar. Does that make it a OHSC ? One could argue that it is.
  12. "Dudes" is a great song my band used to play live. Zero audience appreciation for that one. Most of them probably never heard it.
  13. There's nothing wrong with Ringo's drumming. Ticket to Ride is the song that comes to mind, when I think of the Beatles. There's a lot going on there, and all the parts sum up perfectly. Ringo changes up the beat in the later verse. Perhaps a mistake, but cool. I've never heard another drummer get it right.
  14. Paperback Writer - before the last gang vocal lines of "Paperback Writer", you can hear some breathing, and somebody practicing the upcoming vocal line. I'm curious to know who that was.
  15. Marc - I'd love to have one of those, but they seem kinda pricey... even used. Do you have to have the external mic to make those work properly?
  16. the Yamaha Club 15's have a Frequency response of 55Hz-16kHz. you guys have any suggestion for where I might initially set the xover?
  17. I should mention that the mains were running straight from the L/R outs on the board into the mains amp. the sub was run from the mono out on the board, into the Peavey sub amp with 150 Hz xover engaged. Trying to decide if it would sound much different if I went L/R into a xover, then sent those signals to main and sub power amps.
  18. This past weekend, I provided sound for a dance troupe in an 800 seat auditorium. I used the following, and the results were very good... plenty of clean power, moderate low end, and no dead/weak spots in the room: mains: 2 Yamaha Club 15's, powered by QSC 1804, 600 watts @ 8 ohms sub: Single EV 18, powered by Peavey 1500. I utilized the Peavey's built in switchable 150 Hz xover. Looking at a rack unit, such as DBX, the xover seems to go as low as 45 Hz. Would there be much benefit in going with something like this, versus the switchable xover in the Peavey amp?
  19. I've got my repair ticket for my '58 Les Paul around here somewhere. Although repair inventory was not to be touched, that should be interesting, and I wonder if folks with items in for repair will ever see those items again.
  20. The bottom right would have been used in guitars such as Electra, from the 70's. I believe they are Matsumuko, and may have some value. I sold one, early 70s, for $35. Look at this auction, especially the neck pickup. Check the bottom plates. the numbers give clues, but you'll have to research that. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-70s-Electr...=item3f0f732ef3 ETA: Research Maxon pickups, and you should find many examples similar to these.
  21. I ordered tons of stuff, via their catalog, 15 + years ago. One of the most interesting was a P bass, advertised as 1960's with original case. When it arrived, there was no case, or gig bag. And, it was a 70's P bass. I called in and asked why they said it was a 60's bass. They told me to check the neck stamp. I did, and somebody had taken a sharpie, and written "1963" at the end of the neck, lol... Nice try. Didn't they stop shipping gear a few years back?
  22. yuuup... a few times. Once with Ed Rechts as a passenger in my car. That was many years ago, and I've still not washed the car since, for fear of losing the mojo.
  23. That's cool... BTW.. have you ever ventured into Angel? Another good 70's hard rockin' band... and from the DC area also. "Helluva Band" is the one, if you've never heard it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRK_yLAypsA
  24. OK.. so did you know that Rex Smith and Michael Lee Smith are brothers? And.. Rex Smith put out a couple of rockin' records in the 70's, with his band "Rex" Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJUtEhc83f8 and another good one....
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