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  1. Seems to be popular with the younger generation as well. We played an acoustic set to a group of 20 somethings.... Somebody asked for "Country Roads". We don't know it, but jokingly played the first verse, into the chorus. All eyes focused on us, and it was the biggest sing-along of the night.
  2. Man.. he'll pay through the nose for them, and I think I gave away a set, few yeas back. And to think I could've retired on a few pieces of plastic.
  3. I would also pursue the book value on your guitar, and take it up with Fedex corporate. The way I understand it, is that they set the $100 limit, on guitars over 20 years old, as the values may be hard to substantiate. Perhaps a few shippers tried to tell them that 60's dime store guitar, they just destroyed, was worth $10,000. $800 seems reasonable. If you insured it for that, and can prove the value, you might stand a chance.
  4. You mean the guy in the back playing the LP, with the Marshall stack on the side???? The guy playing the early Standard has never posted on this forum. Neither has the "star" from New Jersey, that I am aware of.
  5. local GC has what is most likely a very early Kustom head/cabinet combination. It is black T&R. Has a 2-15" cab, and really looks minty. They are asking about $550 for the set, and it has been there forever. The reason I think it is early is that it says "Kustom By Ross"
  6. All these years later, I still want a LP Deluxe in tobacco, or cherry SB. This is all due to seeing the pics of TH, on the back of "Jailbreak", when I was a teen. Jailbreak is still one of my faves from the 70's. Just my opinion, but I don't think any of their other records were as consistent as that one.
  7. No list is complete without these guys: John Waite Bill Wyman Pete Way Alan Lancaster
  8. Yeah, he's great but that opens up a whole new can of worms. Now we have to add Greg Lake and Chris Squire! All of the players mentioned in this thread are exceptionally talented. What I should say is that "in my opinion" Geddy is more talented. None of the others sang lead, played bass, and used their feet on pedals, all at the same time, lol. At least not that I am aware of.
  9. No doubt that the Ox was great. Geddy Lee would be the best rock bassist ever.
  10. That guitar was awesome... That looks great! If the Fender MIM reissue Esquire had a RW board, I'd have already bought one.
  11. Call up the bar, and see if you are invited back. If you thought you sucked, they probably thought you were great. My band did an acoustic gig earlier this year. While strange for us, the audience appeared to enjoy it. They were our age. We played well, and for the most part, we were well received. We left the club thinking we were kings of the acoustic rocking world. A month went by, and our guy never called the booking agent to reschedule. When he finally did, we were told that the bar thought we sucked, and we would never be back, lol. We are still convinced that they got us mixed up with another acoustic act. But, you never know.
  12. That is the key right there. A few years back, I bought an Explorer, described as mint. When I got it, I thought it was beat... had a huge dent in it, and a skull and cross bones sticker, that had been removed, but melted an image into the clear coat. After emailing the guy, he claimed I was harassing him. I eventually sold the git to Kiz.... I attempted to describe all issues as best as possible. IIRC, when our boy got it, he did not think it was as bad as I thought it was. Am I correct on that one Kizaroo?
  13. Agreed... and for some reason, it is absent from "Queen Rocks"
  14. Mike -- I stopped listening to them around '79. I've got all the early stuff. I picked up a CD called "Queen Rocks". I believe it was assembled by Brian May to show the harder side of the band. In my opinion, he was close, but off by quite a bit, lol.... I've located quite a few cuts that should have made the CD, that did not. Actually... it should have been a double CD release. I'll email Brian, and let him know I've got disc 2, ready to go.
  15. I've recently taken a renewed interest in Queen. Been going through their catalog from about 1980 on to find the hidden hard rock gems. There are so many of them. I've also been reading a lot about the band, and had read that he finished his doctorate. Quite impressive.
  16. I think '98 or '99. I remember creating a temporary message board when this one was down for awhile. Then there was Hamer Bytes. If you remember that, you've been around a long time.
  17. I thought the keyboards sounded tuned up, then I saw this: "First, the original song is in the key of C. But live, they play it in C sharp, up a semitone (bands will often change the key of a song to make it easier to sing every night)" Don't most old guys, myself include, tune down to make it easier to sing?
  18. In the case of Gretsch reissues, I believe the pre Fender models are less desirable. Maybe they'll leave the US line alone, and move import production to Japan.
  19. Early 90's band "The Sighs". Hard driving power pop.... they had it all.... songs, vocals, heavy guitars/bass/drums. One major label release that I am aware of.... then one Indie disc.
  20. Right on. He has a 30 year track record of successful album sales, and people will pay huge money to see him. I can't even generate 3 friends to pay a $5 cover, lol.
  21. I can relate to this. A few years ago, my band settled into Classic Rock... Beatles/Who/Stones. I grew up on late 70's hard rock, and then a healthy dose of post punk in the early 80's. Now, in my mid 40's, one band mate thinks our music is stale, and wants to lean towards modern rock. Another band mate wants to move more towards originals. I sit here and think that there is nothing worse than seeing old dudes play modern rock covers. I also don't think there is going to be a market for rock originals by older dudes either, lol. I used to think that when I hit 50, I'd convert to Country. But now, those performers are getting much younger also. Signed, Perplexed.
  22. And for those of you that don't know it, this is what Hokie would perform:
  23. On each of their first 4 records, there was a member change. Sometimes 2 members. I think "Born In America" is the only album to feature the same lineup, on a follow up record. They are still putting out records today, with Mark Reale being the only original member. And I believe each record they've done, since "BIA" has had a member change. Maybe that explains the length of time they spend in the studio. Although I am sure Mark Reale could handle all guitar duties just fine. The guy friggin' RAWKS!
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