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  1. 10 years ago, I paid over $50 for the Babys first record on CD. It was the original Chrysalis release, and I'd been looking for years for it. That was a bargain, as it was missing the front cover artwork. At the time, I'd seen it go for over $75. 5 years ago, it was packaged with "Broken Heart", and released on an Indy label. I bought that as well, and then it went out of print, and the price skyrocketed. I think this was "re" released recently. I saw them on TV when they first hit the States, in the 70's. Marshall stacks, Les Pauls.... The impact on me, was probably similar to those that experienced the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, lol.
  2. Final cry out before I chuck it. No HVAC guys here? Anybody want it to stare at, etc?
  3. Carrier 2-05957 Humidifier relay board. I bought this for a Carrier whole house humidifier that was 25 years old. Ended up junking the unit, before putting in this part. Cost me $65. Tried to sell it on Ebay a few times, but nobody was interested. If your an HVAC guy, and want to throw it in your parts bin, you can have it free. Otherwise, I will throw it away. Anybody?
  4. Few years back, I picked up their first two on CD. Still very listenable stuff that I think has aged well.
  5. Which TKL case boys? Remember.. I'm looking for tolex + arch top. Tried a Gator, and the fit was not good. Seemed more like a generic LP style case, which did not really fit my LP. Too much wiggle room. I need it to be tight, lol.
  6. Not wanting to pay the $175 to $200 for a Gib case, who makes a tight fitting, tolex case? I've tried some that are not even close to fitting. Back in the 70's/80's you could buy no name LP or Strat tolex cases, that were fine, yet did not have the big name on them. Where they at today? Should add that I don't want a flat top "Epi" case. Want the arch, like the Historic case, etc.
  7. I think it all depends on the relic job. To me, some look authentic. Others don't. I prefer normal play wear over a relic job. But if it's not overdone, I'd be OK with it.
  8. You gotta go with what speaks to you. There is no definitive Les Paul tone, unless the player is Les Paul. Each is different. I have a '57 and '58 Historic. Fattest sounding guitars I own, but they both sound different. Had a Classic Plus. Great sounding guitar, once I swapped the bridge pickup. I've got a Japanese Epiphone LP Custom. This is a non export model, with correct headstock. It's good quality, and a playable piece. I don't find it to be on par with Gibson. It sounds thin. I've yet to find the right pickup for it. I had a Mexican Fender 70's strat that was a great guitar, but I hated the sound. I now have a Mexican Strat, which is perfect. Zinky Amps... no thanks. My bass player has one. He loves it, I don't. I've got two somewhat identical TopHats. One sounds like butter. The other like margarine. I never owned a bad Hamer, but I'm sure I am the "minority" in that I thought my Phantom smoked my Korina Standard, tone wise.
  9. It's a 25 year old Marshall Channel Switcher. The cab was used on a few of their combos. So if somebody has a beat one, they might buy this. Speaker seems to be a less common but desired Celestion. Chassis probably uses standard JCM800 transformers... so I figured somebody would buy it for parts or experimentation. I'll go through all the tubes one more time to make sure it is not a tube issue. The amp just sounds thin, and low on power to me. Supposed to be 50 watts, but my 20 watter is much louder.
  10. I've got a combo that I'm not too fond of. It probably works fine, and might sound great to the next guy. In a for sale ad, I'd be comfortable stating "Sounds Like Butter"... haha Anyway.. I don't want to sell it via Ebay, and have somebody return it, as they think it sounds like "Sh*t" also. I'm tempted to part out speaker/chassis/cabinet. I figure either way, I'll get the same dough. Can I consider myself a pioneer in the field of parting out amps, or is this common, and I am ignorant in that I've not noticed it?
  11. Don't know the value of your Fender cable, but this is similar. 20 years ago, I owned a '70 Marshall half stack, with what was most likely the original speaker cord. I found the cable after it was in a box for several years. I posted a pic on the HFC, inquiring about it, and some here thought it could be legit. I put it on Ebay stating what I thought it was, but I had no way to validate it. Sold for over $50.
  12. They'd be the perfect house band for this guy..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtQwoClhZ0A
  13. Cool finds ElD. If you can ever find a copy of "The Wolves", you'd probably dig it. Came out about 20 years on Top Records. It's guitar + drummer dude from "Mother May I". It's a raging slab of power pop bliss.
  14. Other way 'round - the vertical inputs are the earlier. yes.. that is what I meant to say. I should not post before 11 am, or 2 cokes... whichever comes first.
  15. I'm fairly certain that the early JCM800 innards were very close to, if not the same as the later 70's JMP heads. This changed in '82 or '83. ETA: If the JCM800 has horizontal inputs and brass handle caps, it is an early one.
  16. Soda??? How un-rock! That is why he is no longer with the band....... Maybe a stupid question, but did it break or just get all bubbly and messy? Chris -- it was messy. That is why he had to storm out, for fear that Dave might've kicked his ass, lol!
  17. If you have the vocals, then get a new drummer, and rock on. We started off as a 5 piece in 2001. 2004 ended with our singer throwing a loaded, uncapped, soda bottle against the wall and storming out. Been a 4 piece ever since, and it has been wonderful.
  18. White Strat, Rosewood neck..... that's the combo right there.
  19. I believe "Fitz" played in the last version of Montrose before they sunk. There's a nickel's worth of trivia for ya.
  20. Coney Hatch, after their original drummer left. Their sound became too big and polished. Perhaps UFO after Paul Raymond left. Schenker was already gone. I think the magic was really lost after Raymond left.
  21. Great condition. 1 ding on side of headstock. See photos. Not sure of the year. No cert, but I have hang tags. This is not a VOS finish. It is glossy. It may be pre cert. Don't really know. $1500 shipped, and I'll include Paypal fees. Would only be interested in trading for a double cut Historic Jr.
  22. Good deal..... did you buy a kit, or source the parts yourself? I'd like to do the same, but some of the kits are more then you can buy a used, assembled, one for. Matter of fact, I just sold a real nice 18 watter... Mercury transformers, Scumback speaker.... $750. I'd like to build a head... thus my question.
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