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  1. Good thing this does not start for another week. I took delivery of one bass on Wednesday, and bought another today. I have to assume that I can proceed with buying an SVT after the 11th. This is only for guitars and basses, right?
  2. Are they only 90 pounds? lol Kiz - Ampeg makes 3 SVT old school heads.. the weight is actually 80 or 85 depending on which you buy. How do I know this you ask? I'm a dumb ass and am actually considering buying one.... after I believe I said "never again" unless I had a road crew, lol.
  3. You should buy an SVT. I don't know how many gigs I've been too, or watched clips on YouTube, where you can spot an SVT, and no backup. They only weigh something like 90 pounds. Nice, and light.
  4. I don't know who Peter Stroud is, but Pete Droge for sure. Had this cool 90's tune:
  5. Start date is January 11 - you're not out yet. OK... I'm in. I've got 9 days to find the bass, then I think I can make it. This may be harder than giving up smoking.
  6. I might be in... but I'm in the camp of one ordered and paid for last year.. will be delivered today. What's the purgatory ruling? I'm gonna add, and Cmatthes know this, that if I find the right '79 Pbass, I will fall from Grace.
  7. The whole "keeping in the family" angle is complete BS. Anybody who thinks this place is "family" needs to keep in mind that money and family don't mix. Long live Capitalism, and way to go Brent!
  8. So true... and I believe Country of origin means nothing to today's up and coming players. When we were young, Gibson and Fender did not offer any imports. I started with a Japanese Tele copy, but what I really wanted was the Fender name on the headstock! Would I have settled for a Fender import if offered? Maybe, as long as it said Fender on it. I don't think at 13 I would have known the difference in a guitar that played like butter, and one that did not, lol. This past summer, I picked up a '97 Studio from a high school kid. He had this one, and an imported one. He chose to sell the US model, claiming the import played better. Personally, I think it was because the import had binding, and was more appealing to the kid. But they both said "Hamer" on the headstock.
  9. I believe you are very much correct. Fender's are not exactly flying off the shelves either... even with a percieved rise in quality control starting around 2008. Go check prices on the American Vintage '62 reissue P and Jazz basses. You can get either, brand new, for under $1100 right now. That's $300 less than the last few years. They've been making those for 30 years, and with prices less than the American Standard, makes me wonder if that series is on the chopping block also.
  10. Very cool, and nice to see there are still decent stages for bands to play, in your area... they are drying up around here.. Northern Va.
  11. This was played prior to the Rush concert in DC. I have the CD, and had not heard it in a long time prior to Rush show. My entry does not quite come in at 15:00... As a teen, Brand X was my choice for kicking back, and mellowing out, lol. It shows just how versatile Phil Collins really is:
  12. Lick it up! That one reminds me of a lollipop. I had an FM Special in green! That color makes me salivate.
  13. Intersting, as I always thought that record had a bit of a muffled tone to it. On DTK, the drums take on a more lively feel. Now, I'm gonna have to go back and listen to Hotter Than Hell. Kinda like on Pat Travers "Putting It Straight". The drums are very clear, for being a 70's record. Almost hard to imagine that is Nicko McBrain on that one.
  14. I'll second that. It is the best of the early records. Listenable, and quite good, from start to finish.
  15. hah.. that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the song title... Ram Jam's cover, about a year after the original, is pretty good too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNLZT2MCEiU
  16. I've not followed these since the 70's, and here's the reason why: The year is 1979... my band is getting ready to play the high school talent show with me leading off with the most outrageous sounding guitar ever heard, thanks to my new Memory Man.... go to switch it on, and.... NOTHING! Some kind of internal short. Oh well... the thing was cool, when it chose to work.
  17. It's a scam... don't even reply. I should add that some of the names they use these days seems legit... but look at the reply to email, and it usually goes to something other than the originating email. I had one of these the other day for a $100 bass cabinet I was selling... Was almost tempted to remove the speaker, fill the damn thing full of concrete, and tell them to come get it,
  18. I like Tate as a performer. I can only imagine that as the band became more successful, maybe he felt responsible for that success. Probably should have split after Empire if he did not want to do the Metal thing. Guess he needed the band name, and they needed him... thus the long relationship.
  19. The bass tone on "Look Sharp", and "I'm the Man" is phenomenal. The bass in that video appears to be a real Fender. There are other videos, from the same period, where he's using an Ibanez. Has a P bass pickup, closer to the neck than a normal P, a jazz bass pickup at the bridge, and block markers. I'm pretty sure it's what he used on the records.
  20. One of these days, I'll get me an FM Special. very nice looking top on yours.
  21. Revisiting some of the older stuff I have: Lime Spiders: The Brandos:
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